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October 02, 2021 09:59 AM UTC

Ron Hanks Will Attack And You Don't Want That

  • by: Colorado Pols
“Raging” Rep. Ron Hanks (R).

As the Colorado Sun’s political tag team Sandra Fish and Jesse Paul report in case you missed the Friday news dump–the Republican Party’s substantial election-denying insurrection-downplaying conspiracy-theorizing Tina Petersdefending civil war-threatening history-mangling wing has a champion entering the ring for the 2022 U.S. Senate race, and you’d better get ready because if you don’t he might…um, well, physically break your neck:

State Rep. Ron Hanks, a controversial Republican who has peddled unfounded claims about the 2020 presidential election being fraudulent, on Friday filed to run for U.S. Senate.

“The U.S. Senate race needs to be shaken up a bit,” Hanks said in a text to The Colorado Sun… [Pols emphasis]

Folks, freshman GOP state Rep. “Raging” Ron Hanks doesn’t “shake up” the U.S. Senate 2022 Republican primary so much as take a sledgehammer to it. In less than a year in office, Hanks has gone from no-name absentee COVIDiot to the volume-11 voice of the hard right in the Colorado House GOP minority. Yes, Hanks’ attempt to remove House Minority Leader Hugh McKean failed. And yes, the “stolen election” Hanks was so sure had happened he thought that foreign intelligence services might swoop in to prevent Joe Biden’s inauguration still is lacking that vital component known as evidence.

But you understand none of that matters, right? At least not to the Republican primary voters Rep. Hanks is targeting his message at. Whatever a majority of Americans outside the conservative media message bubble may know to be factual, Hanks is poised to take advantage of one simple reality: a solid majority of rank-and-file Republicans believe the 2020 elections were stolen from Donald Trump.

As of today, Ron Hanks is the U.S. Senate candidate in Colorado willing to tell them so.

It is not a development we would recommend underestimating.


38 thoughts on “Ron Hanks Will Attack And You Don’t Want That

  1. Am I the only one who thinks this is good news?  If we're going to break the fever we're going to need to get all of these GQPer's to crawl out from under their rocks and into the sunlight of an election. 

    1. Nope. You are not the only one, Michael. 

      Since "Foundation" is soon (or now) in theatres, I thought I might make an analogy.

      For those who know the story, the Empire is like the "Free Market Experiment" establishment. They have been on a path to galactic domination since the 1930s…just like the Empire in Asimovs' brilliant novel.

      Along comes a mutant (the Mule in the book, the Tr**p on our world.) with inexplicable personal power and a devastating army. The Republicans thought they could befriend and work with this army to finally win victory over the hated liberals.

      For a time, it seemed to work flawlessly. But it was like trying to control sodium after you've thrown it in water. They are going to get some severe burns from trying to handle the Orange Destruction.

      1. I am so interested to see how Foundation will work (or not) as a show.  The books are sheer genius.  

        As for Rep. Hanks, well, he is not a genius in any form.


        1. The Foundation trilogy still ranks as my all time favorite sci-fi work. I recognized right away that Google was to become the Encyclopedia Galactica and my cell phone is my gateway to all the knowledge in the universe.

          I understand, by the way, this production of " Dune" is much better than the "Sting" version. I haven't yet seen it.

          1. There is a second Foundation trilogy, written by Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, with approval of the Asimov estate. The Great One himself wrote several more Foundation books and, at the end, tied his fabulous Robot series into the Foundation series.

          2. Foundation  should have its own thread. 
            It is very good, technically more than proficient. The reader lovers will understand far more than the film-only.

            New Dune film is far better than any other attempt. 
            Of course, it is still not the book.  But I expect a sequel. 

        2. I liked the Foundation Trilogy as a kid, but tried to read it recently and found it sorely lacking. I guess I've lost my imagination that mathematics and science could solve social problems.

          There is a lot of good SciFi out there, esp. by female authors, starting of course with Ursula Le Guin. The thing with female authors is that the human and social angles seem to be better developed.

      2. I am less certain re:"severe burns."

        The Republican Party has shown remarkable ability to overlook the icky stuff and forget history, even when the history is in the future.

        Good candidates and the atmosphere of hurry up and trash the other guys appear to help with the amnesia. 

        I do not see Colorado electing Mr Hanks statewide any time soon. But I could see other voters getting there, if he would consider Wisconsin or Michigan. Perhaps if he was a sports start with mental health issues. 

        Perhaps if he stayed in his "home" state, wherever that is. 



        1. His home state is California, and they soundly rejected Loren (Ron) Hanks in 2010, despite him spending $109,000.  

          Hanks has no future as a national or statewide candidate. His home turf of Canon City in Fremont County will soon be represented by a Democrat, Ed Perlmutter, in Congress. His state House District 60 will change boundaries slightly, but demographics won’t change much. ( still 40% R, 39.5% UAF, 18% D);We’ve gotten rid of nutcases like Hanks before ( Pat Neville, Lori Saine), and maybe if the Dems run a good candidate that sppeals to rural UAFs we can pull it off again. 

    1. I’ll use the only ballot that I receive, which is Republican, of course.

      It will be tempting to vote for Hamhead Hanks. But there is the old proverb….be careful what you wish for, you may get it.

      There is the scenario that Hanks is the nominee; the Dems go to sleep thinking it’s in the bag for Bennet, just like Hillary in 2016; and Hanks ekes out a 6,000 vote win.

        1. Yes, but beware of unintended consequences. "President" Clinton still rues the decision not to campaign in-person, in WI, MI, and PA.

      1. There is also the scenario that Hanks is the nominee and THEN the stories of his grandiose efforts on behalf of the "Stop the Steal" forces come to light.

        1. Sadly, I’m afraid so. We thought the Dan Maes fiasco was the last time the GOP would risk exposing itself in a statewide race at becoming a minor party. What brave #freedumbfighter is going to step up and play the role of Tanc in 2022 for a redux?

  2. This is priceless…..

    Has anyone asked his prospective running mate, Tangled Ganahl, whether she is taking a position on his candidacy or will that be yet another divisive issue on which she has no opinion?

    And is Eli Bremer prepared to be trashed as a squishy RINO? Has Hanks made the sacred pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago to kiss the ring?

    At least Ed Perlmutter can sleep soundly at night knowing that he won’t be facing this nut case in CD 7.

    1. Has Hanks made the sacred pilgrimage to Mar-A-Lago to kiss the ring?

      There is soooooo much grifting to be had. You think this raging whack-a-doodle is going to let PewPew monopolize the fleecing of the rubes? 

      I guess this means Mrs. Fluffy is a hard no

  3. Thanks to Trump, the entire GOP has become about as credible as the WWF. The macho bravado is just BS, and most of the hits are fake. but their base sure eats it up.`Maybe Bo-Bo's dad should enter the ring?


    1. So. Much. Winning. 

      Trump University

      Trump Vodka

      Trump Airlines

      Trump Beverages

      Donald Trump: The Fragrance

      Trump Mattress (porn star approved)

      Trump: The Game

      Trump Casinos

      Trump magazine

      Trump Mortgage

      Trump Steaks

      Trump's travel site

      Trump's comm company

      Trump Tower Tampa


    2. I think you mean WWE, since they lost a trademark dispute with the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) some years ago.

      There is a big difference, however. The large majority of WWE performers are gifted athletes who work hard at their sport. 

      The only thing the Trump-heads “work hard” at is grifting and the con.

  4. I see Colorado Pols is on the ball, and has already shaken up the Big Line with the Hanks in the Senate race news.   Seeing him as the equal of Eli Bremer, there is a starting position of 20%.

    I figure it is going to be an interesting test of Republican sentiments.  Will they prefer the "stirred" of a scion of a Colorado political family or the "shaken" approach of Hanks? And will either of them be a major draw as a Lincoln Dinner speaker?


  5. I can’t reply to comments on my phone (only make new comments strangely), but Ron Hanks is not somebody I am going to be defending.  Don’t believe I know him and I don’t care to know him.

      1. I disagree with how the IEC conducted. A person should be told the elements of the offense they are charged with and not left to guess what portions of dozens or hundreds of pages that an unelected agency will utilize in a proceeding. Such a process mocks notice.

  6. As an inveterate Gessler watcher, he seems to me to be deteriorating rapidly. He’s taking on clients like Tina Peters and Brenda Knisely ( at the same time!)  when they each have a vested interest in testifying against the other. He has lost any pretense at professional, lawyerly behavior.

    And his behavior at the Green Mountain Water District hearings, where he called two people of color “cockroaches”’ and called the female lawyer he replaced on a day’s notice “petty”…..he really looks like a dry or wet drunk, randomly lashing out at folks, and whining about how people are mean to him. He’s also missed filing deadlines, putting the developers in position to win their appeal against the water district for denying their poop pipe privileges. Anybody know whether the Money Badger has a drinking problemo? 

    Video here

  7. It’s amazing (and depressing and exasperating) that Hanks’ antics get zero attention from what passes for the press in HD-60. He’d still get 75% of the vote no matter what because that’s just how the district is, but the biggest paper in the district (Daily Record) and local radio (KSTY, etc.) never spend a single minute or a drop of ink pointing out that the local representative is a violent stark raving lunatic (although that does fit with the district in itself).

    Thanks for nothing, Prairie Mountain Publishing/Digital First.

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