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Reams Jumps Off the Stage To Stop Saine From Joining GOP Debate

(Lori Saine wins the debate in 0.5 seconds — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Reams jumps to stop Saine.

Republican Steve Reams, the master of ceremonies at a GOP debate yesterday, leaped off the stage to cut off congressional candidate Lori Saine as she rushed to join the debate.

“I’m Lori Saine, and I accepted the invitation,” announced Saine as she approached her opponents on stage.

But Reams hit the floor and chased Saine to the aisle where she joined the ticket-holding onlookers.

The confrontation occurred after event organizers barred Saine from the debate because, they say, she missed the deadline to RSVP.

Saine says she asked to be included later, and it’s a bad “look” for Republicans to exclude a fellow Republican.

The sideshow got surprisingly little reaction from the audience, despite Reams’ jump from the stage and the pre-debate hullabaloo over whether Republicans should have allowed Saine to join the debate.

But Saine’s brush with civil disobedience was easy to miss. It was over in a blip, and Saine could barely be seen — much less heard — as she was nabbed by Reams in the cave-like Grizzly Rose event center, where the event, organized by the Republican Women of Weld, took place. Reams may have been leaping off the stage to get a note about the program, for all the audience could tell.

Watch here;

So the debate, featuring Saine’s three opponents for Colorado’s new congressional seat went on, uninterrupted.


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“To know that we know what we know, and to know that we do not know what we do not know, that is true knowledge.”


Lori Saine Will Not Be Allowed To Participate in GOP Candidate Debate, Say Event Organizers

(Fear and loathing at the Grizzly Rose — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

UPDATED: This article initially stated that three Republican candidates running against congressional candidate Lori Saine joined other Republicans in deciding to exclude Saine from a GOP debate tomorrow after Saine failed to respond to emails inviting her to attend according to the Republican Women of Weld (RWW), the organization sponsoring Saturday’s debate — billed as the Colorado Republican Rumble — at the Grizzly Rose in North Denver.

In fact, according to an RWW spokeswoman, “The Republican Women of Weld officers took the vote & it was unanimous. The other candidates were not part of the meeting or vote.”

The confusion stemmed from an email posted on the RWW Facebook page.


“We regret to inform you that after talking with the other CD8 candidates and having a Republican Women of Weld officers meeting last night, it is unanimous NOT to allow Lori Saine to participate in our event,” wrote Republican Women of Weld President Gillian K. Smith in an email allegedly sent to Saine May 17 and posted on the RWW Facebook page.

The unanimous vote was taken by RWW officers, not the CD8 candidates.

The email on the RWW Facebook page states there was an April 5 deadline to confirm participation in the event, and all other candidates responded in time.

Saine claims she never saw the invitation emails from the Republican Women of Weld.

Judging from the email, it appears that event organizers didn’t try to reach Saine by phone, possibly due to previous frustrations they claim to have experienced in attempting to reach her by phone for a March event.

On the Chuck and Julie Show on May 19, Saine said she almost “fell off her chair” when she heard that she wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the debate.

“I received an email saying that the other three CD8 candidates voted to not let me debate them on Saturday. That’s not a good look,” Saine told hosts Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden. “That’s the real story. That’s an email I received yesterday, and I almost fell out of my chair. I’m like, ‘You sent this to a congressional campaign.’

“I’m concerned about the look of this,” said Saine on the podcast. “Candidates being allowed to vote someone off the island.”


Who’s Afraid of Lori Saine? Fellow Republicans, That’s Who

We’re monitoring an intraparty spat that exploded into public view today between the Republican candidates running in the primary to compete in November for Colorado’s new CD-8 and their supporters, some of whom are set to meet tomorrow at Denver’s Grizzly Rose for debates featuring most of the big 2022 races called the “Republican Rumble.”

As you can see, all of the candidates for the principal contests this year are represented with what appears to be the sole exception of Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine running in CD-8. From what we can reconstruct externally, it appears that Saine did belatedly request to be included in the CD-8 debate, and her request to be included was supported by Saine’s opponent Jan Kulmann.

And that’s where it gets interesting:

This is one of the “moderators” of event’s debates, longtime local GOP minor celebrity Kelly Maher, irate beyond any rational explanation over the idea that Lori Saine should be allowed to take the stage with the other CD-8 candidates. Anytime a public figure’s over-the-top outrage boils down to “they didn’t RSVP on time,” you can be pretty confident there’s an ulterior motive at work. Kulmann, at least in this moment, is sticking to the high road:

So what’s really going on here? First and foremost, the local GOP establishment is broadcasting their fear of Lori Saine and preference for Barbara Kirkmeyer, who is by far the most establishment-connected of the three candidates. Saine’s fiery conservative rhetoric and inside knowledge of Kirkmeyer’s negatives sharing Weld County home turf pose a major threat, and the best we can figure is that Kulmann’s campaign advisor and wannabe Republican kingmaker Josh Penry sees value in Saine tearing into Kirkmeyer while Kulmann skates above the fray.

Though not without a parting shot from Kulmann’s spox:

No matter what happens at tomorrow’s “Republican Rumble,” Lori Saine has already succeeded in making the event all about her whether she’s allowed to take the stage or not. It wouldn’t surprise us if Saine deliberately kept the organizers of this event waiting for her RSVP in order to precipitate this last-minute drama over including her. Insiders may seethe, but that’s also what’s known as good politics.

As for Jan Kulmann, we’d be very careful about trying to use Lori Saine as either ally or leverage. We understand the theory, but the risk is that Saine takes sufficient advantage of Kulmann’s “sympathy” to actually win the primary. Ask yourself the honest question: who speaks for the Republican base today? The answer is clearly Lori Saine.

In today’s GOP, establishment howling only reinforces the point.

Three Losers Predict Next Winner

Eli Bremer, Greg Moore, and Gino Campana (nobody knows what Greg Moore looks like)

As Ernest Luning reports for the publication formerly known as the Colorado Statesman, Republican Erik Aadland rolled out three new endorsements in his bid to become the GOP nominee for Congress in CO-07:

Three of the Colorado Republicans who unsuccessfully sought this year’s U.S. Senate nomination formally endorsed congressional candidate Erik Aadland on Thursday, calling the West Point graduate the Republicans’ best chance to win the open 7th District seat.

Aadland, who jumped from the U.S. Senate race to the congressional primary in December, announced that former rivals Eli Bremer, Gino Campana and Greg Moore are supporting him ahead of the June 28 primary election. [Pols emphasis]

This story reads like it could be from “The Onion,” but it is nonetheless factually accurate. Three people who couldn’t even make it onto the Primary ballot in the race for U.S. Senate say that Erik Aadland gives Republicans their best chance at winning in CO-07. Because if anyone knows what it takes to win an election, it’s these three guys!

Erik Aadland, thoroughly contemplating.

Naturally, Aadland’s campaign then put all of this in a press release and sent it out to actual reporters.

As you may recall, Aadland started the 2022 election cycle as a candidate for U.S. Senate, a campaign that probably peaked with the endorsement of former Congressman Tom Tancredo last October. Aadland left the Senate race in December to run in CO-07 instead, where he now faces a GOP Primary against Tim “Demon Guy” Reichert and Laurel Imer for the chance to take on Democrat Brittany Pettersen in November.

[SIDE NOTE: Unfortunately for Aadland, Tancredo had already endorsed Imer in CO-07, so he couldn’t keep the Tanc’s endorsement in his new race. Tancredo later endorsed Gino Campana in the U.S. Senate race, because of course he did.]

As Luning writes, Eli Bremer, Gino Campana, and Greg Moore all say they “were impressed with Aadland when they were running against him for the Senate nomination, citing ‘the depths of his intelligence, empathy, and thorough contemplation.'” Reichert and Imer were apparently only capable of moderate contemplation.

The only other question left is this: Should Aadland not win the GOP nomination in C0-07, will the “Three Amigos” enthusiastically endorse Reichert or Imer next?

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Ginni Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, really worked overtime in an effort to overturn the results of the 2020 Presidential election. As The Washington Post reports:

Thomas, the conservative activist and wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, pressed Arizona lawmakers after the 2020 election to set aside Joe Biden’s popular-vote victory and choose “a clean slate of Electors,” according to emails obtained by The Washington Post.

The emails, sent by Ginni Thomas to a pair of lawmakers on Nov. 9, 2020, argued that legislators needed to intervene because the vote had been marred by fraud. Though she did not mention either candidate by name, the context was clear…

…The messages show that Thomas, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, was more deeply involved in the effort to overturn Biden’s win than has been previously reported. In sending the emails, Thomas played a role in the extraordinary scheme to keep Trump in office by substituting the will of legislatures for the will of voters.

Thomas’s actions also underline concerns about potential conflicts of interest that her husband has already faced — and may face in the future — in deciding cases related to attempts to overturn the 2020 election. Those questions intensified in March, when The Post and CBS News obtained text messages that Thomas sent in late 2020 to Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows, pressing him to help reverse the election.


As The Colorado Sun reports for its “Unaffiliated” newsletter, Governor Jared Polis says he may push lawmakers to further delay implementation of a new gas tax depending on the state of the economy.


The District Attorney who covers Mesa County — Republican Dan Rubenstein said on Thursday that election conspiracy theories promoted by Mesa County Clerk and Recorder (and Secretary of State candidate) Tina Peters are complete nonsense and without merit. In fact, as The Associated Press reports:

There was “extensive evidence” that Peters’ conclusions were false and no proof found of outside election interference, Rubinstein wrote in a summary to commissioners.

Unfortunately, this probably won’t stop Peters from continuing to issue her “reports.” Her “report #4” is right around the corner.


Republicans in Colorado’s Congressional delegation talk a big game about the need to increase production of baby formula, but when it comes time to vote…they vanish. Republicans Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck, and Doug Lamborn voted NO on a $28 million funding bill to increase production. Boebert was also one of only NINE REPUBLICANS TOTAL who voted against legislation intended to make it easier for low-income families to purchase baby formula.

As Denver7 reports:

When asked Thursday why Boebert voted against both measures – despite chastising the administration in a tweet about the formula shortage on May 12 – she claimed the Biden administration and Democrats created the issue. Abbott has maintained no evidence shows its formula and plant caused the death of the infants, but the FDA investigation is ongoing.

“Increasing salaries for FDA bureaucrats without addressing the production and supply chain issues isn’t going to solve the shortage,” Boebert said in a statement. “Democrats should be shamed for offering false hope messaging bills, and not real solutions for moms and dads trying to feed their children.”

Nobody is preventing Boebert from offering up her own solution or legislation.


We made a small, but significant, adjustment to “The Big Line” on Thursday. For the first time this cycle, we moved Greg Lopez ahead of Hiedi Heidi Ganahl in the race for Governor. Neither Lopez nor Ganahl are likely to defeat incumbent Democrat Jared Polis, but it’s looking like Lopez might have a better chance of winning the GOP nomination on June 28.

Speaking of Lopez, he has a (not cool) idea for destroying Democracy in order to give Republicans an advantage in Colorado that even they couldn’t screw up.


Click below to keep learning things…



Friday Open Thread

“If you stand on a soapbox and trade rhetoric with a dictator you never win.”

–Mel Brooks

Boebert-Blessed GOP Prosecutor Debunks Peters’ Conspiracy Theory

GOP Secretary of State candidate Tina Peters (R).

AP’s Colleen Slevin reports on the release of new information from Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, a Republican, who as part of his criminal investigation into Clerk Tina Peters’ alleged breach of election system security did his due diligence investigating the election fraud claims made by Peters with help from a gaggle of election conspiracy theorists in the orbit of Mike “MyPillow Guy” Lindell–in particular that evidence exists in that stolen data that the 2020 presidential election was in some manner compromised.

The answer, which should come as no surprise, is a resounding no:

Prosecutors in a western Colorado county said Thursday they found no evidence of tampering in the 2020 presidential election as alleged by a clerk who has become a prominent voice among those promoting former President Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen election.

The Mesa County District Attorney’s Office presented its findings to county commissioners after investigating claims by Clerk Tina Peters, who is under indictment for providing unauthorized access to county voting equipment, a breach that led to a public release of sensitive information.

Peters, who is running for the Republican nomination to become the state’s chief election official, had issued a report in March claiming to have found evidence of “potentially unauthorized and illegal manipulation of tabulated vote data” during the 2020 presidential election and 2021 city elections…

There was “extensive evidence” that Peters’ conclusions were false and no proof found of outside election interference, Rubinstein wrote in a summary to commissioners. [Pols emphasis]

Last fall before Peters’ indictment by a grand jury, freshman GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert held a meeting with DA Rubinstein to discuss the investigation into Clerk Peters, and issued a statement afterward affirming her confidence in Rubinstein’s office to prosecute the case fairly. Taking the time and effort to debunk Tina Peters’ claims of election fraud is an important step, or should be, in helping set the record straight about the 2020 elections as a whole.

The problem, of course, is a majority of Republicans don’t want the record set straight. Unless something big has changed we’re not aware of, that includes Lauren Boebert and a whole slew of Colorado Republican candidates.

It’s a glaring contradiction that has to be resolved.

Big Line Update: Governor

Small hat, big dreams.

We made a slight, but significant, adjustment to “The Big Line” today.

For the first time, we have Republican Greg Lopez as a slight favorite over Hiedi Heidi Ganahl in the Republican Primary for Governor.

A lot of things can, and probably will, change in the coming weeks as June 28 draws nearer, but the buzz right now is that Lopez seems to be doing better than Ganahl in attracting GOP support. Ganahl, meanwhile, is trying to dispute reports that she has been largely absent on the campaign trail lately.

There is even a persistent rumor going around that Lopez is currently polling better than Ganahl; we can’t confirm or deny this rumor, but we’ve heard it enough times — from enough different people — that there may be some truth to the idea.

Whatever happens in the GOP Primary won’t change much for the General Election. Both Lopez and Ganahl would be HEAVY underdogs against incumbent Democratic Gov. Jared Polis in November.

Lopez and Ganahl might flip back and forth in the coming weeks, but for today, this is how we see the Primary shaking out.

Cawthorn’s Muckrakers Coming To Rake Boebert’s Muck

Reps. Madison Cawthorn and Lauren Boebert (R).

As the Fox News Channel’s Ronn Blitzer reports:

The group that targeted Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., posting a nude video of him online, says they are next going to target another outspoken Republican member of Congress, Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo.

American Muckrakers PAC relentlessly went after Cawthorn ahead of North Carolina GOP primary election that Cawthorn ultimately lost.

“I think we’re gonna go after Lauren Boebert in Colorado in a similar way,” the group’s co-founder, David B. Wheeler, told Insider. “I think we’re gonna engage in that race pretty quickly.”

We know what you’re thinking, given the nature of the photos of Rep. Madison Cawthorn that leaked ahead of his primary, but apparently the goods that American Muckrakers PAC has to deliver on Rep. Lauren Boebert are not of a similarly salacious variety. From Business Insider’s original story:

Wheeler said he’s received “interesting information” about the Republican firebrand, whose primary against GOP state Sen. Don Coram is on June 28. The information is “certainly not as salacious as some of the Cawthorn stuff.” It deals, instead, with financial matters, he said, declining to disclose more details…

Our readers are certainly familiar with Rep. Boebert’s lengthy record of questionable financial dealings related to her business, her husband’s business, and her perpetually sloppy campaign finance accounting–all of which would be helpful to Boebert’s primary opponent Don Coram to spend money talking about.

Or something we haven’t heard yet? It will take effort to outdo Cawthorn’s family-friendly erotica, but we’ll be watching.

Who Needs Democracy, Anyway?

Perennial GOP gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez (R).

9NEWS’ Kyle Clark reports on an audio recording of Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez, speaking a few days ago to Republicans in the remote mining town of Silverton about his plan to put a stop of the GOP’s terminal slide in recent Colorado elections. The plan is simple, and we’ve heard variations of it proposed in Colorado before: making rural votes worth more than urban votes.

Lopez outlined his proposal at a May 15 campaign stop in Silverton. An audio recording of the event made by a political tracker was provided to 9NEWS.

“One of the things that I’m going to do, and I’ve already put this plan together, is, as governor, I’m going to introduce a conversation about doing away with the popular vote for statewide elected officials and doing an electoral college vote for statewide elected officials,” Lopez said.

Lopez said his electoral college plan would weight counties’ votes based on their voter turnout percentage to encourage turnout.

“I’ve already got the plan in place,” Lopez said. “The most that any county can get is 11 electoral college votes. The least that a county can get is three.”

Back in 2019, failed attorney general candidate turned AM radio host George Brauchler proposed changing one chamber of the legislature, presumably the state senate, into a body representing the state’s 64 counties “equally” instead of districts divided equally by population. The numerical superiority of conservative rural counties would instantly flip the chamber to permanent Republican control, requiring only the democratic peculiarity of San Juan County’s 646 people having as much representative say as Denver’s 715,878.

And the people of Denver would somehow, you know, vote for this.

Similarly, 9NEWS did the math with Greg Lopez’s proposal for an “electoral college” for statewide races and found that, sure enough, dirt would triumph over people once again and elect Republicans even with a clear majority of Colorado voters voting against Republican candidates! After watching Donald Trump stake his claim to the presidency twice despite losing the popular vote by millions, Lopez is happily conceding that Colorado Republicans can’t win a majority of Colorado voters either and offering the GOP faithful who, let’s be honest, aren’t big fans of democracy these days anyway, a “solution.”

In reality, applying the inherent inequality of the federal Electoral College to the antiquated political geography of Colorado’s 64 rural counties makes a compelling argument against both the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate’s “equal representation of states.” The absurd results generated on our smaller scale application tell a much bigger story. It’s also a hell of a thing to admit to voters ahead of an election.

Maybe not in San Juan County, but everywhere people are.

Ganahl Disputes Claim She’s Earning the Nickname ‘Hiding Heidi’

(The best way to avoid gaffes is to stop showing up — promoted by Colorado Pols)

NOCO Ladies for Liberty hosts monthly meetings featuring Republican candidates

Some grassroots conservatives say Heidi Ganahl, a Republican candidate for governor, is avoiding events where she would have to share a stage with other candidates — a claim Ganahl’s campaign disputes.

In addition to her primary opponent Greg Lopez claiming Ganahl won’t do any televised debates, Mickie Nuffer, a Loveland grandmother who founded Northern Colorado Ladies for Liberty, says Ganahl backed out of a May 5 event upon learning Lopez would be there.

Nuffer, who founded the NOCO Ladies for Liberty in February of this year, says she was inspired to hold the gubernatorial event after hearing then-Republican candidate Danielle Neuschwanger speak in Fort Collins that same month Nuffer launched her group. Initially, Nuffer said, she planned to invite just Neuschwanger and Ganahl and have the event focus solely on women candidates, but that by the end of February her group decided a forum with the other main candidate Lopez made the most sense. When Neuschwanger failed to make the ballot via assembly, that left Ganahl and Lopez for the event.

“I confirmed all three and it was always with the understanding that it depended on what happened at our State Assembly,” said Nuffer. “So we knew that, Danielle, because of [the assembly vote], was not going to be on the GOP ballot.
“And so at that point, it was going to be Heidi and Greg. We started selling tickets for our event and I’ve been in constant contact with both of the campaigns because because of our rapid growth and we actually at one point had to switch venues.
“So we finally settled on May 5th at the Sweetheart Winery, and I get a call from Heidi’s campaign and they told me that they were not going to be able to make the event. They said they had gotten a copy of the Eventbrite [invitation] and saw that we had listed it as a forum, and that’s not what they agreed to. And I said, Well, the only thing that has changed from all of our conversations is that Danielle is not going to be there any because she was knocked off the GOP ballot. So that’s the only thing that changed. And they said, well, they had decided back — and I don’t know how how far back — but they decided that they were not going to do any more debates or forums and that’s why they were not going to join us.
“And so I said, ‘We are in the beginning stages of planning this evening. What kind of event would it have to be for Heidi to still come and join us? And they said that she would not come if there were any other candidates present. And what I was told is — basically in quotes — that ‘she did not want to get into a wild horse race with another candidate.’ So I certainly was not going to un-invite Greg at this point and so that’s where we’re at. I just thanked him for his time.
“Heidi is going around the state saying her message resonates with women, grandmothers, moms in the trenches, and I thought, well? It’s kind of interesting to me since here we are, a group of women, grandmothers…and yet obviously we were not her brand of women. I know today it’s hard to define what a woman is but obviously we didn’t qualify for her brand of woman.”

Greg Lopez is telling a similar story at recent campaign events. At the opening last month of his campaign headquarters in Parker, Lopez said that 9News and CBS Channel 4 each proposed televised debates to both campaigns, but that the Ganahl campaign refused them all…



The Half-Hearted Effort to Prop Up Joe O’Dea

We’re gonna need a whole case of this.

Little-known businessman Joe O’Dea has been picking up Republican establishment endorsements lately as he tries to defeat State Rep. Ron Hanks in the June 28 Republican Primary for U.S. Senate.

Smart Republicans know that O’Dea gives the GOP its only chance against incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, so they’re doing what they can to smooth the road ahead. Recently, former Republican Gov. Bill Owens announced his endorsement of O’Dea. And when O’Dea makes the rounds on right wing radio shows, he generally gets nothing but softball questions.

The editorial board of the right-wing newspaper The Colorado Springs Gazette joined the movement today with its endorsement of O’Dea over Hanks. The logic may be tortured, but the message is clear: The broader GOP establishment is very nervous about the 2022 election in Colorado.

The Gazette editorial is full of ridiculous hyperbole and head-scratching statements, which has basically been the standard format under Editorial Board Editor Wayne Laugesen. As you may recall, Laugesen makes no effort to hide his personal and political biases; he and his wife, Dede Laugesen (herself a Republican political consultant) were unabashed supporters of former President Donald Trump and were both in Washington D.C. during the Jan. 6 insurrection (more on this in a moment). When the Gazette makes an endorsement ahead of an election, it is essentially Laugesen and a few Republican friends who are making that decision; then they lock Wayne inside his office with a 2-liter of Mountain Dew and let him bang away at his keyboard for a few hours.

Here’s how the Gazette opens its endorsement editorial:

Senate candidate Joe O’Dea poses the Republican Party’s best chance of winning at least one statewide office in November. [Pols emphasis] Republican voters would be smart to give him a landslide victory over his primary opponent, State Rep. Ron Hanks, in the June 28 primary.

Oof. That sound you hear is GOP gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl trying to sneak out of the room and make a run for it.

In the general election, O’Dea would provide voters with a stark contrast to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet.

O’Dea and Bennet are both quiet, rich white guys who live in Denver. O’Dea even donated to Bennet’s 2010 Senate campaign, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the definition of “stark contrast.” Nevertheless, the Gazette strains to explain a “contrast” by noting that Bennet attended “elite schools” while O’Dea went to Colorado State University. Also, O’Dea has a beard and Bennet is clean-shaven (the Gazette didn’t write this, but they might as well have).

Republican Senate candidates Ron Hanks and Joe O’Dea.


Let’s continue with the editorial:

A blue-collar millionaire, O’Dea donated more than a half-million dollars to his primary campaign and worked his way onto the ballot one signature at a time.

This is completely true…if by saying O’Dea “worked his way onto the ballot one signature at a time,” you mean to say that O’Dea spent hundreds of thousands of dollars paying a consulting firm to collect signatures for him.

And what does O’Dea bring to the race that others do not? Well…

In a conversation with The Gazette, O’Dea displayed an unusual level of economic erudition. He knows that inflation cripples middle-class and low-income households and small businesses. He understands that inflation is more than rising prices, and includes scarcities of goods, services, and commodities relative to the volume and velocity of currency. He knows we need surpluses of oil and gas to produce enough to counter inflation and bring down prices. We often get blank stares when discussing these concepts with traditional politicians with elite diplomas.

O’Dea apparently has a decent understanding of basic economic concepts. Send him to the Senate!

Near the end of the editorial, logic just gets discarded altogether:

The Gazette’s editorial board did not meet with O’Dea’s primary opponent, Rep. Hanks. We did not need to after learning of his plans to run by relitigating the 2020 election. [Pols emphasis] People don’t vote to overturn the past. They vote to ensure a better future.


As we mentioned earlier, Laugesen and his wife WERE AT THE INSURRECTION on January 6, 2021 (as was Hanks). Wayne Laugesen even suggested that the insurrectionist crowd was actually Antifa dressed up in MAGA costumes. Laugesen doesn’t believe that it is wrong to “relitigate” the 2020 election — he just understands that it’s not a great political strategy in 2022.

The Gazette concludes its editorial with a curiously-generic statement about O’Dea:

In trying times, good people step up to fight for stability. They want what’s right for society, not extreme revolutionary agendas. Fortunately for Colorado, O’Dea has come to fight for what’s right. Republicans and unaffiliated voters will help themselves by making O’Dea a nominee for the U.S. Senate.

Support Joe O’Dea because he’s not Michael Bennet and he’s probably more electable than Ron Hanks. That’s the entire endorsement in a nutshell.

It’s clear that the Republican establishment in Colorado is rallying, to whatever degree it still can, behind O’Dea in the Senate race. Perhaps the more important question is this: Does the Republican establishment in Colorado really have the pulse of GOP voters?

The last time Bennet sought re-election to the U.S. Senate was in 2016. In that cycle, Owens endorsed Jon Keyser for the GOP Senate nomination. The Gazette endorsed Robert Blaha.

And Darryl Glenn won the Republican Primary Election.