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  1. Awen says:

    Hey guys – thanks for the h/t on Wadhams but could you ID me as a freelance reporter? I'm a freelancer for the Statesman, not fulltime staff.



  2. Urban Snowshoer says:

    Could you add an edit function to the comments: i.e. allow comments to be edited after they've been posted? The current setup inevitably results in typos and errors that can't be fixed.

  3. flatiron says:

    Check out
    re new Jeffco communications/propaganda chief. An interesting read

  4. natemarshall303 says:

    You may want to ask House about why he was using prostitutes from Denver Sugar at the sametime Judge Nottingham was and continued to use them from Denver Ladies after Scotty Ewing was busted. I was the source for 9 news when they took Nottingham down. House is as dirty as they come. The blackbook is full of GOP!

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Please add some categories to the diary menu:racism, islamophobia, alt-right, white supremacist, civil rights, voting rights would be a good start. Thanks, mj

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