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June 25, 2024 07:00 PM UTC

Primary Election Results Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE (8:00): El Paso County finally releases their initial results, with Dave Williams getting beaten like a rented mule in the CO-05 primary by Jeff Crank despite turning the Colorado GOP into his personal piggy bank:

And in the CO-08 primary, Gabe Evans is taking Donald Trump’s endorsement to the bank.


UPDATE (7:28): Here’s Taylor Rhodes of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners with both the saddest and most hilarious take of the evening:

First off, Rhodes and RMGO had NOTHING to do with the outcome of these races. Like, zero.

But we are getting a good chuckle out of RMGO falling so far in the last few years that the organization’s executive director is now trying to claim scalps in a Democratic Primary in Denver.



UPDATE (7:25 pm): Congresswoman Lauren Boebert will retain her title, as expected. National outlets are rightfully calling the race for Boebert.


UPDATE (7:11 pm):

Denver is the first county to report a substantial number of votes:

Incumbent Democratic Rep. Elisabeth Epps looks like she’ll be the first notable name to fall. Epps trails 65-35 with 10,682 votes returned. She still has time to recover — there were more than 17,000 total votes cast in the 2022 Democratic Primary in HD-6 — but she’ll have to carry the majority of the rest of the ballots to have a shot.


30 thoughts on “Primary Election Results Open Thread

        1. Republican Boebert vs Nazi-Socialist-Communist-Demoncrat ANYONE is sadly going to elect Boebert in that district. I think it's even more R-leaning now than it was when Musgrave was ousted, and voters weren't as rabidly partisan back then.

  1. Sanity has broken out in the Democratic Party in NY and CO.

    George Latimer has forced an early retirement for the foul-mouthed, anti-Semetic Squad member, Jamaal Bowman. One down, one more (Cori Bush) to go.

    And closer to home, Tim Hernandez and Elisbeth Epps are on their way out.


      1. When are the Republicans going to vote the racists out of their party?

        Oh…that's right. All that's left are racists, so I guess it will remain the party of "haters".

        Are you still a Republican, Elliot?

        1. Holding Israel and Jews to a harsher standard than other countries or peoples is a form of antisemitism which is a form of racism.

          Here I’ve lost count of how many times these two repeated baseless blood libels about a non-existent “genocide” by Israel.

          1. They love to use that term "genocide" because it makes for a nice sound bite for the hard left and it allows for the folks in Gaza to claim victimhood.

            The problem is that they overstate their position. They actually had some good arguments before overstating their case by screaming genocide.

            Has Israel used excessive force in defending itself for the October 7 attack? Probably, especially when you see the ratio of dead Palestinians in Gaza to the dead (or kidnapped and presumably dead) Israelis. More surgical strikes would have been morally preferrable and easier to defend as a matter of international law.

            Is the Israeli government comprised of corrupt pols and theocratic assholes who have remained in office well past its sell-by date? Absolutely. No argument that Bibi and his ultra-Orthodox crackpots cronies need to go. (I liked the Israeli Supreme Court's decision taking away military exemptions for the ultra-Orthodox Jewish students. My prediction:  another attempt to neuter the Supreme Court by the Netanyahu government combined with a massive outbreak of bone spurs in the ultra-Orthodox yeshivas.)

            But the hard left have to toss around the "genocide" term because it makes for a nice soundbite. Why is it that other Arab countries have been able to make peace with Israel (e.g., Egypt, Jordan, UAE, and even Saudi Arabia) but the Hamas-run government of Gaza cannot?

            And why is it that when the Hamas-run government enables a Hamas attack on Israel, Israel's self-defense becomes genocide. If it truly was genocide, one would think that Israel would be targeting all Arabs, not just those enabling Hamas.

            Here is the solution:  Next year, President Trump will appoint his son in law as special ambassador to resolve the issue of Gaza. Jared Kushner will broker an agreement between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to transfer control over Gaza to SA and UAE. SA and UAE will then finance the reconstruction of Gaza into an upscale Mediterranean resort which will bring in lots of $$$ and lift the people of Gaza out of the squalor, destitution and misery in which they've been living.

            By the way, when Gaza is developed economically, the Palestinians living there will have no need to give aid and comfort to Hamas.

            In the meantime, I expect the remaining Squad members to lament the fall of their foul-mouth, racist colleague who only lost because a lot of Jewish money was spent in NY-16 taking him out.

  2. So, third time was the charm for Crank.

    I guess this means Dave "Brandon" Williams will be free to keep his gig as state GOP chair. Unless Trump appoints him to a cabinet post next January. 

    1. I won't be surprised if Williams quits the chair position. It now seems obvious that he only wanted the gig to boost his campaign. now that he's out of the race, he doesn't need it, and I can't think of anyone who'd be sorry to see him go.

  3. Denver county's "in person" voting is showing as 883.  — split among 12 Voter Service Polling Centers, Group Residential Facilities, Jail visits, and the Voter Coach. Out of a reported 77,953, that would be 1.1%

    Colorado's "in person" voting *reported at 4 pm*  was 5.200 — split among 155 voting centers and efforts similar to Denver County.  Out of 838,526 votes at 3 pm, that works out to about 0.6%.

    Colorado appears to have adopted mail ballots going out and ballots coming in by mail, drop boxes, and drive-up voting.


    1. I feel sorry for the election judges who spent the day doing crossword puzzles and playing other games to keep each other awake. I've worked elections this slow and it's a drag. 


    1. Boring is probably going to win in November, and will go on to be another undistinguishable establishment Republican rep in the fine tradition of Scott Tipton. 

      But unlike Tipton, I suspect that Hurd will not fall asleep at the switch and get caught off guard by the next crackpot MAGAt who comes along with an empty head and a loud mouth screaming "uniparty." 

      Unfortunately, our chance to make the CO delegation 6 to 2 instead of 5 to 3 went out the window when Ken Buck created an opportunity for Boebert to move into CD-4.

  4. The Taylor Rhodes' claim is hillarious. I know there is a changing-of-the-lightbulb joke in there somewhere.

    How many ammosexuals does it take to flip the outcome of a Democratic primary in an urban legislative district?

    Maybe Negev can provide us with the answer.

  5. An unmentioned big loser is Rino Watch (rinowatch dot com, I think). They endorsed "true American patriots" for Congress: Hanks in CD 3, Boebert in CD 4, Williams in CD 5, Joshi in CD 8. They got one of four.

    Not disappointed either to see ultra progressives Epps, Hernandez, DeGruy-Kennedy get bounced. 


    1. Add to that list, CHB, the hard left candidate running to replace Rachel Zenzinger in what is a swing district. (Remember, those folks elected Laura Waters Woods once upon a time.)

      Trump had a mixed evening in CO. His endorsements carried in CD-4 and CD-8 but flopped in CD-3 and CD-5.

      So much winning!

  6. I would like to point out Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland will NOT be defending her seat in November. J.J. Fletcher has prevailed in the primary. This kicks one leg from under the GOP/GOB network stool. If Tom Acker can unseat Cody Davis in November, the OilyBoyz/Realtor/ Developer cabal  will no longer be in complete control of Mesa County politics.

    Go Tom!



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