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March 07, 2022 02:23 PM UTC

How Is "Recall Polis 4.0" Going, You Ask?

  • by: Colorado Pols

You probably didn’t ask, but as readers know the 2022 iteration of the cottage industry pretending to be on a campaign to recall Gov. Jared Polis for cash and prizes, depending on your reckoning either the third or fourth such campaign since Polis’ election in 2018, is in the field once again–and hard up against a pressing daily requirement to gather at least 10,500 valid Colorado voter signatures on two separate petitions to stay on track for the required 630,000+ each for Polis and Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

By now, if this campaign were to have even the slightest chance at succeeding, we would need to see recall petition gatherers on every street corner–a much larger effort than what’s required to put a statewide ballot initiative up for a vote even under the state’s new restrictive ballot measure petition requirements. For a campaign that hasn’t raised enough money to cover the physical cost of printing petitions, that’s a level of organization that nobody rationally expects.

So are there any signs of life out there? Well…

Last Saturday, if you ventured into the depths of the Englewood Civic Center’s parking garage and found this older model Dodge Durango, you could be one of the lucky few to sign Recall Polis/Griswold 2022 petitions. Can you think of more inviting space in which to hand over your personal information? You may have needed to explain to an Englewood cop either coming or going that you weren’t there to buy drugs.

If you’ve already written off the governor’s race, then maybe you don’t care. But if the goal is actually to compete against Polis in the regular election that is already coming up in November, every moment spent on attempting to recall Polis before then is wasted. For a campaign starting off down double digits in polling, this is a distraction Republicans can’t afford.

Best case scenario for both sides: Recall Polis 4.0 stays a black-market product traded in parking garages.


4 thoughts on “How Is “Recall Polis 4.0” Going, You Ask?

  1. And that website …. I think it offers additional clarity, making this more than recall 4.0…. though I'm not certain how "the only recall campaign" fits with the following list.

    ***Recall Polis-Griswold 2022’ is the only recall campaign of Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

    ‘Recall Polis-Griswold 2022’ is not affiliated with:

    • Official Recall Polis 
    • RecallPolis
    • (fraudulently collecting donations)
    • Coloradans Against Jared Polis
    • Friends of Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis
    • Recall Jared Polis 2020
    • Recall Jared Polis 2021


    1. Obviously, they turned signatures in to the Republican voter-preference database as well as the Republican grift machine.

      Notice that the Republican political campaign is running full-time, even in the off-season. They are busy building micro-targetting databases, whipping up outrage, taking on school boards.

      The Democratic political machine consists of advertising strategists who make money as a percentage of TV ads they can place. They go off-line and off-duty whenever it isn't a political season. No micro-targetting strategy, no voter registration drives (from higher up in the organization). 

  2. Polis was in Gilpin County Friday for the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Monarch Casino.  He didn't really show any stress over this recall campaign.  He was actually rather ebullient about getting Pre through K funding done.  It is a huge savings to families who otherwise would need to send their child to daycare.  He also said that the goal of having the power grid using 100% renewable energy by 2040 is on target and it looks like it will be at 80% by 2029 or 2030.  The guy gets stuff done.  Instead of getting recalled, he is just as likely to run up the score in November and have huge coattails.

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