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June 12, 2021 04:23 AM MDT

"Recall Polis 2021" Sets Sights On Double #Fail

  • by: Colorado Pols

Checking in as we periodically do on what’s promised to be a third recall campaign against Gov. Jared Polis, there’s a lot of chatter suggesting that another petition drive is in the offing at the end of the month. Readers will recall that the Recall Polis 2021 campaign has promised a 400% bigger effort than the 2020 recall campaign, which is good because Recall Polis 2020 was much less successful than the Recall Polis 2019 campaign was and…well, the math gets complicated but you get the idea. There’s just not much reason at this point to take any of this seriously.

Especially now that their “400% bigger operation” just doubled their workload:

That’s right, folks! Rather than waiting for the general election at its regular allotted interval in November of 2022, this is now apparently a campaign to recall both Gov. Jared Polis and Secretary of State Jena Griswold. We haven’t seen the campaign’s list of grievances against Griswold specifically as of this writing, presumably Scott Gessler is still writing that up at his billable rate of $450 an hour. But to be clear, the signature requirement to qualify a recall question for the ballot against a sitting Secretary of State is the same as recalling Gov. Polis–and the previous two petition campaigns against Gov. Polis came nowhere close to the 630,000+ valid voter signatures required for a recall to move forward. We’ll never even know how far short the second effort fell because they never turned in their signatures to be verified.

As for why they decided to add Secretary of State Griswold, greatly increasing the logistical hurdle they’ve never once come close to successfully reaching for the much higher profile governor himself?

In the timeless words of Forrest Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”


12 thoughts on ““Recall Polis 2021” Sets Sights On Double #Fail

  1. They’re the equivalent of a business with negative EBITDA. Ain’t nobody buyin’ at a multiple; smart investors are looking elsewhere. At one time not so far in the past, most Republicans could comprehend that mathematical equation. Here’s an idea: how about coming up with some brand spanking new ideas and get elected on a platform that interests the majority of Coloradans?

  2. Actually, crooked is as crooked goes.

    Con the rubes for big bucks to recall them socialist gun- grabbing baby killers.  Pay yourselves huge salaries.  Spend an hour on the mall gathering signatures. Fail.  Cry all the way to the bank.


    It's called "The Producers"

  3. But just think of what people learn from the effort to recall Democrats.

    Slate Magazine did a dive into the phrases around the concept "You know, Facebook’s free. If something’s free, that means you’re the product.” They labeled it a "dangerous idea."  So, what sort of "product" comes from a petition drive?  Petitions require Record keeping – both for those circulating AND for those signing.  Even at pennies a name, the revenue possibilities of the list are substantial.

    1. Yup….it’s all about the list generating, and the fearmongering fundraising.

      In the case of a recall against Secretary Griswold, it’s also about perpetuating the Big Lie.

      1. Yes, but one more thing which is keeping the troops whipped up in a frenzy.

        The grift PLUS the fear and fervor have been mixed together ever since Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and the Koch-Tea-Party. 

        Trumpism in the US and in Colorado existed before Trump, and I'm guessing it will outlast him. What I don't understand is why they keep beating that same dead horse in Colorado instead of looking for a more moderate, winning message. 

        1. Just guessing here, but I’m going with fear and greed.

          I am quite sure that things look much different from INSIDE that clown car than it does from out here.

          It takes courage and moral humility to do the right thing. Both of those attributes are practically gone from the GOP.

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