Tuesday Open Thread

“Bury your mistakes.”

–Rupert Murdoch

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Realist: What time of the day is it?

    And what's that stench?

    • unnamed says:

      It is the 8:00 am hour.  And the stench is Trump.

      Stay upwind my friends

    • itlduso says:

      Hey, V.  Re: your S&P 500 investment.  

      Here’s a stock tip:    “Feel the market.  Don’t just go by meaningless numbers”.  DJ Trump’s tweet today

      • JohnInDenver says:

        Or, the Trump "guess by gut" market system.  Bound to be a winner every time.  /s

      • Voyageur says:

        I'm pretty safe, thanks to the long runup under Obama, which nearly tripled my investment.  I am now required to make annual withdrawals.  I don't try to market-time, just made monthly buy s on a steady basis, held them, and let the rising market create a reserve fund for me.  I am fortunate to have a modest pension from the Denver Post as well as Social Security.  So the Sand P is mostly a rainy day fund.  Hopefully it will outlive me and pay off my kids' mountain of student debt.

  2. 2Jung2Die says:

    It's especially pungent this morning. Sure it's not T plus a few dozen of his closest friends who are entering guilty pleas, facing indictment, or being forced to resign?

  3. RepealAndReplace says:

    Who appointed Judge Emmett Sullivan to the bench?  

    • notaskinnycook says:

      I'll bet they have a fit at him over it. Not that anyone other than an NRA or RMGO member will care.

    • mamajama55 says:

      The NRA has  a gap in their armor big enough to drive an M1 tank through – NRA leadership pretty much singlehandedly  -and traitorously – invited the Russians to come in and propagandize the conservative gun-owning base, to "fix" the 2016 elections for Trump, and to undermine democracy in the United States. Sold out for Russian cash.

      That's what Maria Butina is  singing to Mueller about.

      Negev and Pear, are you happy to be promoting treason? Is this what the second amendment to the Constitution means now? Is this what veterans fought and died for, so that Putin could make our country into his little satellite state, with mindless Trumpbots cheering him on?

      • RepealAndReplace says:

        So true. Butina and her boyfriend, Paul Erickson, have left the ammosexuals with one hell of a public relations mess. BTW, is Paul Erickson related in any way to Eric Erickson?

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Apparently the bump-stock manufacturers weren’t staying up-to-date on their Mar a Lago membership dues???

  4. Negev says:

    Ah, RUSSIA!  Good thing the Russians came in to sway the gun owning base towards Trump! God only knows how many ammosexuals would have voted for Hillary and her support of gun rights had they not undermined the election…

    If you actually believed what you say you would realize now is the best time ever to support the 2nd….




    • Diogenesdemar says:

      I agree . . .

      . . . guns for the National Guard, and its active service members!!

    • mamajama55 says:

      Just to save time, let's ignore the obvious "Squirrel!!" distraction of your Hillary – as – friend – of Putin nonsense.  Thanks for playing, though.

      So on your "All gun owners love Trump anyway, but if he's colluding with Russians aren't you glad that there's more guns available in case he really is selling us out"mental black hole, let's pick that apart a little.

      First of all, gun owners are not a monolithic group.  Some of your Mad Libz on here, including me, enjoy sport shooting. We just don't worship nor fetishize shooting or the equipment required to shoot.

      Second, gun owners as a whole are a pretty moderate group.  83% support the dreaded "red flag"  policy  of taking guns away from mentally ill or dangerous people- according to this  March 2018 Yougov survey. They also support a minimum age for gun purchases, banning bump stocks,  background checks, and several other middle of the road safety measures that you and NRA members get hysterical about.

      But trying to follow your logic, you claim gun owners were somehow inclined to favor Trump and distrust Hillary, because of policy. If that were true, then the Russian effort to elect Trump, which certainly happened, would not have needed to target the NRA or gun owners since they were already on his side.

      So why did John Bolton, Maria Butina, Alex Torshin, the Colorado media conglomerate KSE and its Outdoor Sports Group, invest millions of dollars to influence NRA members to vote for Trump and to be more friendly towards Russia?  Were they all just fools wasting their money and time?

      But following your "logic",  posit that a. NRA members loved Trump. b. Torshin et all spent $30 million to propagandize the NRA because NRA members loved Trump. c. If Trump really is colluding with Russia, then you need more guns to protect yourself against….Russia? Is Red Dawn imminent now?

      When a criminal gang says that people better give up some dollars and invest in protection against said criminal gang….that is called extortion. Is that what you say that the NRA is guilty of ?


  5. Conserv. Head Banger says:

    MJ: read Article III, Section 3, for the constitutional definition of "treason." Said definition does not seem to apply in the NRA/Butina scandal.

    Having said that, I don't think current trends bode well for the NRA. Where did they get the $30 million that was contributed by the NRA to the Trump campaign?

    Oh, and that's the National Rifle Association, not one of the other NRAs that are trade or professional associations. 

    • mamajama55 says:

      Read it again. So the NRA isn't "waging war against" the United States. Nor was General Flynn, Paul Manafort, and all the rest of the 33 indicted members of the President's cabinet , campaign staff and associated legal or media pros. I think that there's a "12 days of Christmas" parody in there, but  I'll leave it to V's musical parody talents.

      However, I think that there is a growing body of evidence that Donald Trump, and all of the 33 people named in the article, plus all the ones yet to fall this year, were

      adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

      What is denying the will of Congress to enforce economic sanctions on Russia, if not "aid and comfort"?  What is looking the other way while Putin aggressively moves to annex the Ukraine, if not "adhering to our enemies, and giving them aid and comfort"?

      On another front, what is ignoring the verdict of one's own security agaencies that a political murder of a journalist was ordered by the head of the Saudi state, if not

      "adhering to our enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort"?

      There are also smart  counter-terrorism folks saying that the cyberattacks on Democratic databases, the coordinated propaganda attack on millions of social media accounts, were in fact an act of war, and that aiding and abetting this war was in fact an act of treason.


      • Conserv. Head Banger says:

        Constitutional law cases that I've read about suggest that treason applies only in times of Congressionally declared war. The last time the USA had a Congressional declaration of war was in December, 1941.

        Are Trump and his minions actively working against the USA; or working on behalf of Putin; answer is a definite yes to the second part. We should leave it to courts to decide on a further definition of treason. While such a decision is waited for, concerned citizens should be planning on how to counteract the dark money machine that will work for Trump's re-election.

        • Voyageur says:

          While CHb is correct about the technical definition of treason, the term traitor is used more loosely to cover other crimes.  Flynn's judge, who surely knows the law, suggested he might be guilty of treason.  The Rosenbergs were executed for espionage — does anyone doubt they were traitors?  I have often accused Bradley Manning of treason and stand by that — he didn't get 32 years in prison just for wearing ugly wigs, though maybe he should have.  In common use, treason and traitor are broad and understandable terms.

      • Voyageur says:

        Now you've done it, you wretch!  I barely got "Trump fills up our senses,, like a night in a cess pool" out of my mind.  Now I'm wrestling with

        Five hundred round round magazines.

        Four Glock 17s

        Three French stiletto blades

        Two full auto conversion kits

        And an AR 15 with a bump stock!

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