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Boyles continues to deny that Hudak-recall leader called Tom Mauser a Nazi

(Kind of ridiculous – promoted by Colorado Pols) KNUS talk-radio host Peter Boyles has yet to acknowledge that a leader of the Hudak-recall effort, Mike McAlpine, during an appearance on Boyles' show, referred to pro-Hudak protesters as Nazis. Boyles even attacked gun-safety activist Tom Mauser for saying, correctly, that McAlpine called Mauser a Nazi. I […]

Fuck You, Peter Boyles

A couple of months ago, we called out a conservative blog here in Colorado after they misused a particular photo of President Barack Obama embracing Gov. John Hickenlooper in a pejorative context. The photo in question, by Chip Somodevilla and distributed via Getty Images, was in fact taken in the immediate aftermath of the July […]

With Boyles’ encouragement, Tancredo says he’s “not sorry” for flipping off anti-recall protesters

On Sunday, ColoradoPols posted a video of GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo flipping off protesters gathered in opposition to the recall of State Sen. Evie Hudak. Tancredo discussed the video on KNUS' Peter Boyles show this morning, and so Boyles had the chance to encourage his friend Tancredo to apologize for un-gubernatorial behavior. Instead, Boyles […]

Boyles bullies Mauser and comes out a fool (again)

Image courtesy Colorado Ceasefire In an editorial Monday, The Denver Post slammed Mike McAlpine, a leader of the Evie-Hudak-recall campaign, for calling pro-Hudak protesters Nazi "Brownshirts," which, The Post pointed out, is "particularly ill-suited because Hudak is Jewish." Gun-safety activist Tom Mauser, who lost a child at Columbine, was one of those protesters, and, appearing […]

Recall leader calls Hudak supporters Nazis, and Boyles responds with, “Yeah!”

​Image courtesy Colorado Ceasefire Speaking on a radio show yesterday, Mike McAlpine, one of the leaders of the effort to recall Democratic Sen. Evie Hudak, called Hudak supporters Nazis. "I mean, these people – the Brownshirts — have been doing it for decades and decades," McAlpine told KNUS' Peter Boyles yesterday morning, referring to Hudak […]

“Give it a shot” is Boyles’ response to a caller who asks if he should commit voter fraud

(Where does it end? – Promoted by Colorado Pols) Operating in a reality that few people understand, during a typical one-sided pile-on in support of the recall of Sen. John Morse, talk-radio host Peter Boyles takes calls from "Ray" and "Tom" on KNUS radio today. Both are contemplating voter fraud. And, in case you wonder […]

Gessler agrees with Boyles that Hick delayed Dunlap execution because of what would’ve been said at NYC cocktail parties

Appearing on KNUS’ Peter Boyles show yesterday, Scott Gessler lit into top Colorado Democrats, saying he thinks Senate President John Morse said “stuff like, people who own guns are a mental sickness.” Gessler also agreed with Boyles, when he said Gov. Hick delayed the killing of murderer Nathan Dunlap because Hick couldn’t have gone to […]

Post Publisher Singleton and Talker Boyles Enjoy On-Air Love Fest

(Why do people like Boyles keep coming back? Because our “civic leaders” let them – promoted by Colorado Pols) If I’m Post Publisher Dean Singleton, it’s hard to bear hug Peter Boyles. Since Boyles began his downward spiral with the paranoid right, he’s done more than his share to mindlessly trash The Denver Post and […]

Bye, Boyles

The least surprising news of the week (okay, it's only Monday) comes from KHOW, where controversial hard-right radio host Peter Boyles has been fired, according to 9News. Boyles was recently said to be involved in a "heated physical altercation" with producer Greg Hollenback. Multiple sources reported that red marks were seen on Hollenback's neck following […]

What to Make of Peter Boyles’ Violent Meltdown?

9NEWS reports in the aftermath of Tom Tancredo's announcement yesterday that he will run for governor in 2014, which took place on the KHOW 630AM talk show hosted by longtime Denver radio personality Peter Boyles: Peter Boyles, a well-known and sometimes-controversial radio host in Denver for 630 KHOW, will be off the air Friday after a […]


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