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Unlike Boyles, right-wing Christian radio host Enyart apologizes for being a birther

KHOW talk show host Peter Boyles, you recall, didn’t flinch when Obama released his birth certificate last month, saying he had no intention of backing away from the story.

But Bob Enyart, who hosts “Bob Enyart Live,” weekdays on Colorado “Colorado’s Christian Station,” KLTT 670 AM, gave up on birtherism after the Presidential announcement.

Enyart disagreed with those who said President Obama’s birth certificate was not valid, and he apologized to his audience for his “erroneous thinking.”

Conspiracy theorists should look to Enyart for guidance here. He saw evidence and changed course. How do you like that?

Then, in an admirable piece of self-reflection,  he looked deeper, and he reasons that the entire birther discussion was a distraction from the real issues.

I can’t agree with what he sees as the real issues, but he’s entitled to his view, which is, in part:

In the big picture, I regret that I did not stay more focused on the eternal moral issues, which of course include the fundamental issues of government that God will bring up on Judgment Day….

…[S]ince I cannot believe that God is going to care, neither about where Obama was born or any other leader who has advocated the killing of the innocent, therefore I am going to get beyond this distraction and focus more on what matters eternally!

I think this means we won’t be hearing Enyart talk about birtherism anymore. But his Personhood-Amendment crusade? It doesn’t look like its going away, does it?

Boyles has “no intention to back away from this story”

(Of course not, what would he talk about? – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado is blessed to have a national leader of the birther movement, which is digesting today’s surprise release of Obama’s birth certificate.

That leader would be KHOW talk show host Peter Boyles.

So his response is probably an indicator of where these birther folks will go now.

On his radio show about 15 minutes ago, Boyles said, “I have no intention to back away from this story….I still have made a list of about 20 other things….” (marriage license, divorce records, education documents)

He said this was Obama’s “Nixon moment,” when only a portion of the tapes was released.

So Boyles apparently smells meat: “All this does is feed the lion,” he said.

“Why does he wait so long?…Is this an attempt to shut up the questioners? I think so.”

Boyles compared the feeling in his gut to the feeling he had when John Mark Karr was arrested for the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey.

Karr of course was released.

“It’s not over,” Boyles says, and you can imagine him shaking his head.

And if you listen to Boyles’ show, you know he’s right. That’s the beauty of a conspiracy theory.

Boyles and Post agree that speculating on a suspect’s immigration status is wrong

(Usually I’m bored to death by media covering media stories. But somehow I care more when it’s the media I get.  nice job JS. – promoted by MADCO)

In October, you may recall, Jose Nevarez-Coronado was charged with vehicular homicide in the death of Prof. Yvonne Frye of the Community College of Denver.

On the radio Oct. 8, a couple days after the crash, Peter Boyles, who has little good to say about The Denver Post these days, except about reporter Karen Crummy whom he praises, ripped into the newspaper’s coverage of the crash.

The Post had reported that Nevarez-Coronado had a criminal record showing multiple arrests for theft, and he was on probation for one of them.

Boyles claimed that the suspect, Nevarez-Coronado, “stunk to me” and “used nine different names, three different places of birth, and he has a criminal record that’s really lengthy.”

Boyles went on: “Guess who this guy is, right? Now, The Denver Post isn’t going to tell you who this guy is. The Denver Post actually did an editorial saying Denver is not a sanctuary city. Just Google sanctuary city, and Denver comes up. And they’ve endorsed the sanctuary mayor for governor.  So none of this is surprising.”

But guess what, you Boyles listeners, and there are a lot of you because his program tops the rating charts for Denver radio in the mornings.

Nevarez-Coronado turns out to be an American citizen, born in Albuquerque. He’s not an illegal immigrant. (Boyles’ much-hated Denver Post editorial board got Nevarez-Coronado’s citizenship wrong, too, and posted a correction.)

But the point of this blog post is not to beat up on Boyles for speculating about Nevarez-Coronado, even though his conjecture, and the hateful way he delivers it on the radio, makes me sick personally, and it should make Boyles himself ill because of the hatred this can whip up toward innocent people.

But, putting that aside, the question is, how can this be avoided next time? How can journalists and talk-show hosts like Boyles report or discuss the news and respect Hispanic citizens?

Last week, I asked Post City Editor Dana Coffield what The Post’s policy is on reporting the citizenship status of criminal suspects.

I had noticed that in its coverage of the Aurora Central High shooting in December, it reported repeatedly that the suspect has an ICE hold and is “believed” to be an illegal immigrant, according to police.

Coffield emailed me:

“We only report a person’s immigration status when it becomes part of and material to the public record. If I recall correctly, Aurora PD made a statement regarding the arrest of Luis Guzman-Rincon that included a mention of the ICE hold pending investigation of his immigration status.

The public records databases that we have access to do not let us know whether a person is a U.S. citizen or not (imagine looking yourself up in ACURINT – you get age, name, voter registration, property ownership, licenses, stuff like that, or the criminal records database, which shows charges and disposition.) I know that police have access to more detailed records that may detail immigration status, but they’re not something we’re allowed to look at.”

I asked Coffield if she thought she’d get more information under the new Secure Communities program, which uses fingerprints to determine if a suspect is a known illegal immigrant. Coffield said she didn’t think this would change anything.

Coffield wrote:

“[It seems inappropriate to presume that anyone is NOT a citizen or legal resident of the U.S. When Weld County deputy Sam Brownlee was killed in Evans in November, people were quick to presume Rueben Reyes was not a citizen (and were wrong). Would they have done the same if the assailant was named Jason Salzman, presuming that a shooter by that name was in the country illegally from Austria, or named Peter Boyles, presuming that a shooter by that name was in the country illegally from Ireland (who had intentionally changed his appearance using plastic surgery to evade identification by police… I joke, but…)?”

I asked Boyles if he thinks The Post should speculate about a suspect’s citizenship status, whether he or she is Hispanic or half Polish like me.

He said no. Boyles does not want The Post to speculate.

“What should they report?” I asked Boyles.

“They ought to say that the suspect has given multiple DOBs [dates of birth] and POBs [places of birth],” he answered.

“It’s easily found out,” Boyles said. “You tell us. Those aren’t tough records. People run those records all the time.”

Coffield wrote that if this information is in the public record, The Post will report it, but she added that this type of information is found in the police databases that are not public.

So, a way forward emerges.

I’m hoping that next time a Hispanic suspect is arrested, Boyles will be more humane and refrain from speculating on the person’s immigration status or accusing The Post of deliberately hiding part of that suspect’s criminal record, if it’s not available in public records.

And if Boyles knows details about a suspect’s criminal history that aren’t publicly available, he will tell us where they came from and how he got them and where, specifically, The Post can find them.

Then before bashing The Post, he might ask someone there why something was left out.

Dan Caplis vs. Peter Boyles: Battle of the Clear Channel A-Holes

Is Dan or Peter the bigger a-hole? Hard to say. They both are so utterly consumed by their hatred of Barack Obama – not just disagreement with his policies, but outright frothing hatred for the man – that they consistently go off the deep end.

Cases in point: Peter Boyles seems to be the last man in America other than those two whores Jerome Corsi and Orly Taitz to be beating the “birther” gong. He devotes hours and hours of radio time to wacky conspiracy theories which totally ignore the facts.

Meanwhile, Dan Caplis willfully distorts the truth, arguing that the TSA scanners (which Caplis calls the “nude machines”) are part of some Obama attempt to exalt government over the individual: totally ignoring the fact that these scanners were procured and purchased during the BUSH administration and, until the recent media feeding frenzy, were viewed as a necessary measure to deal with new terrorist tactics.

Which is the bigger a-hole? I think it’s Caplis, because Boyles, God help him, is simply a nutcase about certain things: Tancredo, birthers… He’s like your harmless, slightly annoying old grand-dad if he had about $20K to spend on plastic surgery.

Caplis, on the other hand, is sleaze personified: quiet, sanctimonious pronouncements that “certainly” everyone must agree with him that Barack Obama is out to destroy our individual freedoms. However, Caplis would instantly be out to crucify Obama had he chosen NOT to install the scanning machines, and had some terrorist managed to sneak a weapon or explosive on board a plane as a result.

Caplis knows full well that these machines were procured during the BUSH administration, but he purposely chooses to distort the facts.

So congratulations, Dan Caplis: Clear Channel A-Hole Number One!

Peter Boyles, with King and Tancredo on air with him, rips Cory Gardner

(A few swift kicks to the groin of Cory Gardner – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Emotions have been building all week since congressional candidate Cory Gardner canceled a fundraiser that would have featured Iowa Rep. Steve King, and the subsequent decision by the Northern Colorado Tea Party to disinvite King from a rally.

But things went over the top Friday morning on Peter Boyles’ talk show on KHOW-630 AM. Boyles was joined by King and former Congressman Tom Tancredo and spent an hour hammering Gardner and the Northern Colorado Tea Party.

“Pussies is the correct word I think we’re looking for here, and a bunch of punk-ass that think they’re going to run for and make a difference,” Boyles said of Gardner and the tea party group.

(Note: this originally was published at here: Listen to the full audio here:…

Among other highlights, Boyles, King and Tancredo called Gardner’s campaign headquarters to invite him to an alternative rally that was set up for Saturday in Loveland after King got blackballed from the others.

“I’m sure Cory would love to show up and meet the guys,” Boyles said.

Colorado radio listeners got treated to an hour of a prominent conservative talk show host, a sitting Republican member of Congress and a former GOP member of Congress bashing one of the party’s most touted candidates for the fall. Gardner is challenging freshman Democrat Betsy Markey.

“I still hope that Cory Gardner wins the general election, but I’m telling you I hope that when he wins this thing, I hope he shows more spine in Congress than he does in this particular case,” Tancredo said.


King said: “It’s interesting that there’s only one Republican in America who’s distanced himself from me that’s either elected office or nominated to office, only one.”

That’s not quite true. When the Northern Colorado Tea Party disinvited King, a spokesman for Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck (a tea party favorite) said: “”His (King’s) comments do not represent the tea party.”

The sentiment on Gardner’s decision to cancel the King fundraiser is far from unanimous. Jon Nicholas, a conservative radio talk show host in Estes Park, had a column in the Estes Park Trail-Gazette saluting Gardner’s decision.

“The decision by Gardner and the Northern Colorado Tea Party group demonstrates that Colorado conservatives aren`t interested in playing the game of racial divide. There are major policy differences dividing President Obama from conservatives. King`s statements simply distract from the real issues. Conservatives can ill afford to re-argue the merits of the ‘beer summit’ with the economy at stake. The health care bill, cap & trade, expanding federal control of education, the Gulf oil spill response, foreign policy issues — the list goes on and on. King goes on and on about race.”

UPDATE: NoCo Tea Party Director Lesley Hollywood responds to the criticism being aimed at her:

Boyles lets McInnis off the hook on AZ law

Pseudo-journalistic entities like talk-radio shows have to pin political candidates down when they make vague, chest-thumping pronouncements.

This is especially critical when they’re talking to candidates, like Scott McInnis, who’s

refusing to be interviewed by serious journalistic entities like The Denver Post.

We’ve seen over and over how talk-radio hosts let their favored candidates off the hook, and we suffer for it.

The latest example came this morning on KHOW’s Peter Boyles show.

Boyles let gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis rant about illegal immigration, and make it sound like he supports Arizona’s new law, but he didn’t bother to pin him down on what specifically he’d do and what he favors.

Instead, Boyles just listened and said stuff like “Yeah,” “hmm,” and “Oh,” and agreed with McInnis.

Yet McInnis didn’t say much that was meaningful, stating of the Arizona law, “I’d do something very similar.”

What does McInnis mean? We have no idea, because Boyles, who’s presents himself as Mr. Immigration-detail-guy, didn’t bother to ask.

Here’s the exchange this morning, 7 am hour at 35 min. 20 seconds on the podcast.

Boyles: Now, Jan Brewer in Arizona. I’m going to wave the magic wand. You’re governor.

McInnis: Yes.

Boyles: What would you do?

McInnis: I’d do something very similar. I’ll tell you the situation. The federal government has refused to act and finally some governor stood up and said we’re stopping the retreat, no more retreat. Federal government, if you’re not going to do it, we are going to do it because it has impacts to all of the parties involved in the state of Arizona. Now I’ve looked at a lot of material that’s come out in the last 24 hours on that, and by the way, if a person has a driver’s license or a  government ID there’s a presumption of citizenship. That’s not the issue. The issue is, the government refuses to acknowledge that illegal means illegal.

Boyles: hmm.

And here’s a governor that stood up to it and said, Look if you have a system that’s going to work you have to have some kind of repercussions or some kind of circumstances or consequences when somebody steps outside the system illegally.

Boyles: Yeah.

McInnis: And so I think this governor, I know she’s catching all kinds of flack,

Boyles: Oh.

McInnis: Most of it is unfair, most of it is race guard. Most of it is all this kind of stuff, but the fact is somebody finally stood up and said the federal government needs to do what they are required to do. And the federal government is just not doing it. And I think, what, they have a poll just yesterday that said 75 percent of the people in Arizona said it’s about time somebody and said, “come on government.” Get this taken care of.

Boyles: Overwhelming. Greater than 70 percent. So that would mean a lot of Democrats. A lot of Latinos. I mean, Al Sharpton rallying from New York.

McInnis: People want a system that works, and people understand that if you let people go outside the system or you kind of become politically correct, and that’s what’s entered this whole picture. It’s too much political correctness. Let’s just kind of turn our eyes the other way. And the states can’t take it because they’re the ones that get stuck with the burden of it. They’re the ones that have the costs, the communities, etc, etc, etc. So I think the governor stood up and a lot of people said it’s about time we stopped the retreat. Federal government, do what you are supposed to do.

Boyles: Alright.

Hosting Philip Berg, KHOW’s Boyles and Martino allowed falsehoods about Obama’s birth certificate

On the October 22 broadcast of The
and the October 23 broadcast of The
Peter Boyles Show
, 630

KHOW-AM’s Peter
and Tom Martino, respectively, uncritically allowed Pennsylvania attorney Philip J.
Berg to repeat the discredited smear that Sen. Barack Obama has not released a
valid birth certificate establishing he was born in the United States and
therefore could be ineligible to run for president. Berg further claimed on
both broadcasts that the copy of Obama’s certification of live birth posted on his campaign website is a
“forgery.” As Media Matters for America repeatedly has documented, the Obama campaign has posted
a copy of Obama’s birth certificate

on its “Fight the Smears” website and reportedly
provided the original document to, whose staff concluded in an August 21 post that it “meets all of the requirements from the
State Department for proving U.S. citizenship.” A Hawaii Health Department
official also reportedly confirmed to that Obama’s birth certificate
is valid.

Also on Boyles’ October 23 program, Berg claimed that
“about a month ago” Obama “admitted to dual citizenship with Kenya and the United States, according to their campaign website.” Boyles
did not point out that, in fact, Obama’s Fight
the Smears
website states, citing,
that Obama’s father, born in Kenya, “was a British subject whose
citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That
same act governed the status of Obama Sr.’s children. Since Sen. Obama
has neither renounced his U.S.
citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship
automatically expired on Aug. 4, 1982.” noted the expiration
occurred “auto

On October 22, explaining to Martino
why he filed his lawsuit asking a federal court rule
that Obama is not a natural-born U.S. citizen, Berg characterized Obama’s
campaign for president
as “a fraud on the American public” and “a disgrace by
Obama,” whom he labeled
“a fraud” and “a phony.” Martino then asked him,
“Are they taking your lawsuit seriously? Is that the real reason —
people are saying that’s the real reason he [Obama] went to Hawaii,” to which
Berg replied, “I don’t believe that, because I think it’s too late. He
can’t come up with a birth certificate from Hawaii. If he had it, he would have had it already.” When
Martino asked, “Does he have a birth certificate?” Berg said,
“I’m sure he has one, but where’s it from? I believe
it’s from Kenya.”

Near the end of the interview,
Martino told Berg, “People are very upset with me that I even have you on
the air. They think it’s some kind of heresy, or — it’s more of a religious thing than
anything. It sounds so weird to me.” Martino then addressed his
listeners: “Listen folks, I have all kinds of people on my show. This guy
deserves to be heard. He’s filing a lawsuit that has not been dismissed.”
Martino later added:

And I
think — I have to tell Philip Berg this; I don’t think Philip Berg is a
nut. I think he has a valid lawsuit and deserves to be heard. However, I
personally believe that Barack Obama is a citizen based on the certificate of
live birth. And I think that he is not insane, and he would not try to pull
this off. That’s just my gut. The guy seems like an intelligent guy, and
he seems — I don’t think he would do it. I don’t think at this
level you do something that stupid. Philip, that’s just my feeling.

made similar remarks the following day on Boyles’ show,
saying, “[R]ight now,
I feel Obama is trying to step on our constitution,” and adding that he
is “100 percent” certain Obama is not a natural-born citizen:
“If he is a natural born-citizen, why hasn’t he done
the simple thing and put up his birth certificate?” Berg also told Boyles
that “[i]n June 2008, a certification of live birth” was “placed onto the Obama campaign’s website. Not by me,
not by anybody that works for me, but by Obama’s people. And that
document is a forgery. It’s been
altered.” Boyles did not ask Berg to substantiate his assertion that the birth certificate posted on the Obama
campaign’s website has been forged and later in his
broadcast stated, “I don’t know what the truth is. I have no clue.”

But as Colorado Media Matters noted
after Berg’s appearance on Boyles’ October 9 program, the Hawaii Department of
Health has confirmed
that the birth certificate the Obama campaign posted
on its website is “a valid Hawaii state birth certificate,” and a
department spokeswoman has called
the speculation about Obama’s citizenship “pretty ridiculous.”
Indeed, even the right-wing website WorldNetDaily reported
on August 23 that a “WND investigation into Obama’s birth certificate
utilizing forgery experts also found the document to be authentic”:

The investigation also
revealed methods used by some of the bloggers to determine the document was
fake involved forgeries, in that a few bloggers added text and images to the
certificate scan that weren’t originally there.

As Colorado
Media Matters
has noted, on his
October 6 broadcast Martino claimed
without noting contradictory evidence that former Fannie
executives Franklin Raines and Tim Howard — whom he blamed for the
current financial crisis — now serve as “chief” economic advisers to
Obama’s presidential campaign. On
his October 17 broadcast, Martino acknowledged that the assertion was false,
but claimed that he made the inaccurate claim intentionally as part of an
“experiment, as Colorado Media Matters also


more at

Boyles Crosses the Line… Again

Republicans were salivating over the immigration issue in this election.  Hoping to win one more election cycle with fear.

I guess they were wrong.

But our very own demagogue, Peter Boyles, hasn’t gotten the message.

During an appearance on Boyles, guest Terry Anderson said of an illegal immigrant who was trying to avoid deportation by seeking sanctuary in her church, “I’d drag this broad out of there by her hair.”

Cindy Rodriguez’s blog has a response worth reading.

If you are as outraged as I am, don’t just sit there, sign a petition asking Boyles to apologize for ignoring the truth.

Ganahl Flat-Out Refuses To Renounce The “Big Lie”

Heidi Ganahl, with now-indicted Clerk Tina Peters.

In today’s Unaffiliated newsletter from the Colorado Sun, an interview Wednesday by former DA-turned AM radio host George Brauchler of Republican candidate for governor Heidi Ganahl represents the latest attempt to get Ganahl definitively on the record answering what should be a simple question: whether she believes the 2020 president election was rightfully decided in favor of Joe Biden. Over six months after the original launch of Ganahl’s campaign in which this question became a damaging stumbling block, we see that Ganahl still hasn’t improved on the answer no one found acceptable last September:

BRAUCHLER: “Was the election stolen?”

GANAHL: “You know, Joe Biden is our president. Unfortunately, right now, he’s the guy in the White House. We’ve got to do everything we can to change that.”

BRAUCHLER: “But do you believe it was stolen? Do you not believe it was stolen? Is that too tough of a question?”

GANAHL: “I think there’s a lot of questions about what happened in the election. And for four years the Democrats yelled ‘Russia! Russia! Russia!’ And, for the last couple years, we had some questions about what happened. I don’t understand why they’re so averse to transparency and people asking questions and gaining confidence again.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Brauchler then asked Ganahl how she planned to handle questions about Tina Peters, the Mesa County Clerk facing felony charges for tampering with election equipment in a failed quest to prove the “Big Lie”:

“I’m not going to get caught up in influencing or telling voters what is OK or what is not OK,” Ganahl said. “That’s their choice.”

As you can see, Ganahl won’t even go as far as the Colorado Republican Party’s own chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown has and distance from Tina Peters. It’s one thing to weasel her way around the broader question about the 2020 election, which most Republican candidates petrified of their own base are finding themselves forced to do to varying degrees, but refusing to even agree that a candidate under felony indictment should step aside for the good of everyone on the ticket (including Ganahl) tells us that Ganahl in her heart might really believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump.

We took note back in February when Brauchler’s colleague at 710 KNUS talk radio Peter Boyles ripped into former state House Minority Leader Patrick Neville for continuing to push the “Big Lie” past the tolerance of even some conservative voters, not to mention the state’s unaffiliated plurality, at the risk of undoing any advantage Republicans might have going into the 2022 midterms.

For once, Denver’s right-wing AM radio talking heads are right. But the Republican candidates they need to persuade, whether out of fear of the base or their own conviction, do not appear to be listening.

Republicans Realizing The Depth of Their “Big Lie” Problem

Ron Hanks is pushing a narrative that is right on target for the GOP base in 2022.

We’ve written at length in this space about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Hanks — specifically that he is the “center of gravity” in the large GOP field vying for the opportunity to challenge incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in November. It seems that Colorado Republicans are finally coming around to the fact that Hanks is a very real problem for them in 2022…yet at the same time, they remain so terrified of the GOP base that they can’t help but admire Hanks’s dedication to the gospel of the “Big Lie.”

Last weekend’s county assembly meetings in Colorado proved — again — that the Republican base in Colorado is still more interested in conspiracy theories and “owning the liberals” than it is in selecting candidates who can win in a General Election. Even House Minority Leader Hugh McKean couldn’t get enough support to make the Primary ballot via the assembly process.

Reality is irrelevant for the GOP base. If you can come up with a cute slogan that employs a clever trigger word, then you have everything you need to win a Republican Primary in 2022. Consider Dr. Rae Ann Weber, an unknown Republican who took TOP LINE at the El Paso County GOP assembly by promising to be a “constitutional coroner” and pledging to fight back against mask and vaccine mandates (for dead people?) What, exactly, is a “constitutional coroner”? Your guess is as good as ours.

The power of the Republican base was a major topic of discussion following the assemblies. On Monday, former District Attorney George Brauchler was filling in for Peter Boyles on “The Peter Boyles Show” on KNUS radio, with former Republican Party Chair Dick Wadhams participating as a guest, when the topic turned to Hanks:


BRAUCHLER: And I also see, I’m guessing here, Ron Hanks. I see Ron Hanks pulling out the lion’s share of whatever vote can be had at the assembly, largely because they speak to the…I guess to the folks that are more likely to be there. [Pols emphasis] Am I crack-smoke crazy on that, Dick?

WADHAMS: You know, I anticipate the same thing, George. Pam [Anderson] is not going to go through the assembly – she submitted petitions. The Senate race, other than Joe O’Dea, all of the Senate candidates are going through the assembly. So that could be a wild afternoon in the Senate race. But I do agree with you that Ron Hanks probably starts with an advantage among delegates because he is the one candidate in the race that really does represent that view of the stolen election. Um, the others are not. So we’ll see how that plays out.

BRAUCHLER: I disagree, strongly, with the stolen election thing, but I respect his willingness to at least come out and say it. [Pols emphasis] So many of the other candidates for office, and you’ve seen this, want to dance around and finesse the issue. Like, ‘Well, I don’t want to sound like I’m so extremist still, but I can’t really alienate…’ At least Ron Hanks comes out and says, ‘It was stolen, I truly, blah, blah.’ At least he gives us that to make a decision from…I do think that’s a good thing. I want to know where candidates stand more than I want them to give an answer that doesn’t offend. Because what offends me is not answering the question.

Ron Hanks, the center of gravity

We recognized a long time ago that Hanks was a serious threat to win the Republican Senate Primary because he was speaking directly to the GOP base, but apparently folks like Brauchler needed to see it for themselves at the county assemblies. The most telling part of the conversation, however, is when Brauchler acknowledges that he “respects” the fact that Hanks is willing to say that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump.

This is precisely the reason that Colorado Republicans are in such a political pickle in 2022. 

It is the same reason that Congressperson Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert (R-ifle) has become the face of the Colorado Republican Party despite the fact that her entire existence seems to be centered only around getting attention on social media. Republicans who are not prone to mindless conspiracy theories were happy to support outspoken politicians like Hanks and Boebert, but by encouraging this behavior — or at the very least not bothering to condemn it — they allowed these same people to use their nonsense rhetoric to fuel their own political rise. Hanks is definitely a problem for the GOP — but he’s a problem of their own creation.

More rational people in the Republican Party know what is happening to them…they just don’t do anything about it. Take a look at what Wadhams wrote in a column for The Denver Post earlier this month:

Unaffiliated voters might be rejecting the Biden presidency and Democratic control of Congress and the state legislature but if they are faced with Republican candidates who are Trump clones parroting “Big Lie” stolen election conspiracy theories, they will be driven right back to Democratic candidates.

Unaffiliated voters will be looking for real answers from Republican candidates on the real issues of inflation, crime and Covid shutdowns. They do not want to hear about stolen election conspiracy theories that make Republican candidates look like unserious buffoons. [Pols emphasis]

George Brauchler

Right. Yet just this week, George Brauchler is talking on the radio about how he respects Ron Hanks for being brave enough to lie to people, and Wadhams says nothing in response.

Hanks is a relatively-unknown state lawmaker from Cañon City who doesn’t appear to have the ability to raise any money, but he can get his name on the June Primary ballot just by screaming incessantly about Dominion Voting machines and paper ballots and election audits. Hanks is even using HIS OWN PRIVATE FOOTAGE from the Jan. 6 insurrection as a selling point for his candidacy. At Republican Senate candidate forums, Hanks regularly elicits the loudest response from the audience whenever he starts talking about the “Big Lie.” Hanks has a good chance of making the Primary ballot at the GOP state assembly next month, and from there anything can happen (just ask Darryl Glenn).

It was about this time last year when the Colorado Republican Party was looking for a new Chairperson. Every last one of the main contenders for the job ran on a “Big Lie” platform. The eventual winner, Kristi Burton Brown (KBB), went so far as to say, “The Republican Party will never go back to the pre-Trump era.”

People like KBB and Boebert have used the “Big Lie” to gain support and influence within the Republican Party, so it should surprise nobody that politicians such as Hanks and Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters (now running for Secretary of State) are following the same script.

As we’ve said again and again, words matter. Voters in Colorado have heard Republicans loud and clear.

Wadhams Wants Candidates With the ‘Guts’ To Say ‘Fraud Didn’t Happen’ But Praises Some Who Dodge the Question

(A collection of contradictions — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Colorado Republican Dick Wadhams, the moderator of a GOP candidate forum Thursday, hops up and down and insists that Colorado voters will consider Republican candidates “credible” only if the candidates say the 2020 election wasn’t stolen. He wants candidates with the “guts” to say, “Fraud didn’t happen.”

Yet, after three of four Republican congressional candidates at Thursday’s GOP forum either brazenly dodged his questions about fraud in the 2020 election or delivered baseless election conspiracy theories, Wadhams told the audience at the conclusion of the event that he’d “rarely seen a forum with four more articulate, thoughtful” candidates.

Republicans CD8 Hopefuls Debate in Fort Lupton, 3/3/22

Wadhams asked the candidates at Thursday’s forum in Fort Lupton for Republicans in the race to represent Colorado’s new congressional district, whether the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump and whether it was stolen in Colorado and in Weld County.

Only state Senator Barbara Kirkmeyer (R-Brighton) answered the questions directly, as she’s done before, stating that the 2020 election was fair.

“No, it was not stolen in Weld County,” said Kirkmeyer. “We have a county clerk that’s Republican. Her and her team have been running elections in this county for over 17 years. I think she knows what she’s doing. Second question, was the election stolen. No. … I just want you all to know the secretary of state in this state does not run the elections. It’s county clerks, and the majority of our county clerks are Republicans. So do I trust them? Yes, I do.

Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann dodged the question, as she’d done before, by saying “Biden is a horrible president” and “unfortunately, he is our president,” without saying whether she thinks he won the presidency due to fraud.

“I’m tired of being called a conspiracy theorist just because I want to make sure our elections are fair,” said Kulman at the forum. “It’s not a dumb question. It’s absolutely something we should be asking every single day.”


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The leader of ISIS has been killed in Syria after a raid by U.S. forces. As The New York Times reports:

President Biden said on Thursday that the leader of the Islamic State died during a raid by U.S. Special Operations commandos in a risky pre-dawn attack in northwest Syria. Rescue workers said women and children were among at least 13 people killed during the raid.

In brief remarks at the White House, Mr. Biden said the choice to target the ISIS leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, using the Special Forces was made to minimize civilian casualties, despite the greater risk to American troops.

Speaking in the Roosevelt Room at the White House, Mr. Biden was understated as he described the ISIS leader’s history, saying that he had ordered a series of atrocities, including against the Yazidi people. “Thanks to the bravery of our troops, this horrible terrorist leader is no more.”

He said the operation was a warning to terrorist groups.

“This operation is testament to America’s reach and capability to take out terrorist threats no matter where they try to hide anywhere in the world,” he said.

Biden added that all Americans involved have “returned safely from the operation.”


Schools in Douglas County are closed today, but not because of the weather. As Jessica Seaman reports for The Denver Post:

Douglas County School District canceled classes for Thursday as hundreds of teachers and other staff members are calling out of work in protest of recent actions by the school board…

…The protest, which includes a rally at 1 p.m. at the district’s administration building in Castle Rock Thursday afternoon, follows allegations made by three members of the district’s Board of Education that other board members are trying to oust Superintendent Corey Wise. The board also recently voted to change the district’s equity policy, which upset employees…

Republicans, including former Attorney General candidate George Brauchler, are losing their damn minds over this and promoting the doxxing of teachers. This led to a plea for civility from Gov. Jared Polis:


Colorado Public Radio has more on the problems in Douglas County under a new conservative-majority school board.


Democrats in the state legislature are pushing for bills to protect abortion rights amid new right-wing attacks. 


The Washington Post has the latest on concerns over a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine:

U.S. officials say they have evidence that Russia has developed a plan, approved at high levels in Moscow, to create a pretext for invading Ukraine by falsely pinning an attack on Ukrainian forces that could involve alleged casualties not only in eastern Ukraine but also in Russia.

The details of the plan have been declassified by U.S. intelligence and are expected to be revealed Thursday by the Biden administration, said four people familiar with the matter. The administration last month warned that the Russian government had sent operatives into eastern Ukraine, possibly in preparation for sabotage operations.

The alleged operation the United States plans to expose would involve broadcasting images of civilian casualties in eastern Ukraine — and potentially over the border in Russia — to a wide audience to drum up outrage against the Ukrainian government and create a pretext for invasion, two of the people said. It was unclear if the casualties would be real or faked, one U.S. official said.

President Biden on Wednesday ordered the deployment of thousands of U.S. troops to Eastern Europe.

And then there’s Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley, a 2024 Presidential hopeful who is now calling on President Biden to do whatever Russia wants. It would be difficult to be more of a self-serving asshole than Hawley.


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Fourth GOP Lawmaker in CO Regrets Vote Expressing Support for Election-Fraud Conspiracies

(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

POLS UPDATE: Kyle Clark comments on this recent bout of Republican rhetorical indigestion: —–

Joining three of his Republican colleagues, Rep. Mark Baisley of Roxborough Park admitted in a radio interview last week that he made a mistake — in part due to a failed plan by “disjointed” state House Republicans — in supporting GOP amendments validating baseless election conspiracies.

The votes in favor of the measures could diminish Republican prospects in the midterm elections, he said, explaining his second thoughts on voting for them.

Although the amendments to a Democratic voting-rights resolution failed, they gained lots of media attention, since they perpetuated debunked and misleading claims of election fraud.

The controversial amendments that Baisley now regrets supporting, as first reported by 9News’ Kyle Clark, were introduced by Rep. Dave Williams (R-Colorado Springs) and were practically doomed to fail as soon as they were introduced. A sizeable Democratic majority in the state House ensured the amendment would be blocked, even if all 24 House Republicans voted for them.


Inside Gino Campana’s Weird New Bennet Attack

Gino Campana is a Ft. Collins businessman seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate for the right to challenge incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Denver) next November. We haven’t mentioned Campana much in this space because, frankly, there isn’t a whole lot to discuss.

Campana launched his campaign in October with an online video that seemed more like a commercial for than a political spot. His general narrative seems to be that he is a moderate-ish Republican businessman who is able to form sentences on his own. Campana’s big claim to fame is getting appointed to something called the Public Buildings Reform Board by former President Donald Trump — an offer that came literally within the final month of the Trump administration and thus never materialized into a real job.

Email from Gino Campana Senate campaign

Thus far, Campana has been trying to navigate inside a space that is not quite “raving lunatic Big Lie advocate” but also allows him to avoid the dreaded “RINO” label (during an interview with right-wing radio host Peter Boyles in October, Campana used about 10,000 words to — sort of — answer the question, “Did Trump win the 2020 election?”). Because nobody seems to be paying much attention to his campaign, last week Campana launched a new narrative effort targeted at Bennet that will only make a modicum of sense if you watch a crapload of Fox News.

Campana recently sent out an email to supporters calling on Sen. Bennet to condemn some thing that happened at some school in Denver that only got right-wing media attention because of a poorly-worded sign.

According to a Fox News story (via Yahoo!) from last Friday, an anti-critical race theory group called Parents Defending Education filed a civil rights complaint after Centennial Elementary school in Denver tried to do a thing:

Centennial had a sign announcing its “families of color playground night.” Earlier this week, the school defended the event in a statement provided to Fox News. “Our school leaders met with some of the Black families whose children attend our school to determine ways for these families to feel more included in our school community,” the statement said.

“Some of these families shared with us that, since the only time many of them see one another is at drop-off and pick-up times, we host some events where Black families can meet one another, connect with one another and share their experiences about the school with one another. We are honoring their request. All families are welcome to attend all of our events, and families from a variety of backgrounds have done so.” [Pols emphasis]

Campana jumped on this “woke segregation” and finagled his way onto the Jimmy Lakey Show in order to somehow blame this on Bennet:

What does this have to do with “segregation”? Absolutely NOTHING. But here’s how Campana attempts to connect the dots:

CAMPANA: [Bennet] is in a unique position to comment on this because he was the superintendent of Denver Public Schools. And these teachings didn’t happen overnight. It happened over a course of time, and he was there 15 years ago, and perhaps the seed was planted 15 years ago or six years ago.

Before being appointed to a vacant U.S. Senate seat by then-Governor Bill Ritter, Bennet served as the Superintendent of Denver Public Schools for about three and a half years (2005-09). According to Campana, the poorly-worded sign outside Centennial Elementary school is all part of a sinister plan that Bennet set in motion “15 years ago or six years ago,” and Bennet’s refusal to discuss this matter is proof that he is complicit in a broader effort to allow families of different racial backgrounds to meet together on a school playground.


Look, we get what Campana is doing here: He’s attempting the same tactic that many of his Republican brethren have used for several years. In this case, the general formula is to use the word “woke” in a sentence about brown people so that you can attract support and a few bucks from ignorant racists. But Campana could appeal to the same breed of supporter by merely repeating QAnon conspiracies alleging that Bennet drinks fresh baby blood while riding around on a unicorn with Chelsea Clinton. This is a silly attack designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of Republican voter in Colorado.

Serious candidates for serious political offices don’t spend significant chunks of time scribbling out nonsense on an etch-a-sketch board. That Campana even thinks that he can (or should) do this is a pretty strong indictment of his abilities as a politician.

If you’ve been wondering what to make of Campana as a candidate for U.S. Senate, you now have your answer.

“KNAZI” Host Next On 2020 Defamation Revenge Tour

Randy Corporon.

As the Colorado Sun’s Daniel Ducassi reports:

A former executive at Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems filed a defamation lawsuit against conservative Colorado media figure Randy Corporon and conservative broadcaster Salem Media Group, which owns Denver radio station 710 KNUS, where Corporon hosts a show.

The legal action by Eric Coomer over the weekend is similar to a previous lawsuit Coomer filed against former President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, Trump-associated lawyers, conservative Colorado commentator Joe Oltmann and various conservative media outlets.

The new lawsuit alleges Corporon and Denver-based 710 KNUS “elevated Dr. Coomer into the national spotlight, invaded his privacy, threatened his security, and fundamentally defamed his reputation through a relentless election fraud campaign.”

710 KNUS is not Denver’s highest-rated AM radio station, but in recent years the station has become by far the most overtly far-right political of Denver’s slowly declining community of once-legendary talk radio outlets. Scandal at KNUS has been at a steady boil for some years now after a producer at the station was fired in 2019 after being exposed as a straight-up Hitler-adoring Nazi in his spare time. The firing of Steffan Tubbs’ producer took place just after another host was fired for daring to criticize then-President Donald Trump and yet another host got fired for wishing for a “nice school shooting” to distract from Trump impeachment news then dominating the headlines.

Despite all of these very good incentives for Republicans who don’t want to be associated with far-right extremism in order to preserve their electability with the general nonradicalized public to stay away, KNUS remains a regular friendly forum for Colorado Republicans to directly connect with some of their most ardent supporters–and for some reason escape the stigma associated with legitimizing a forum for repulsive cranks and literal Nazis.

Or in this case, a chief proponent of the “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen. 9NEWS:

The lawsuit also said Salem Media and its hosts were “enthusiastic and consistent” pushers of voter fraud claims, though they did not provide evidence.

Coomer’s attorneys name several hosts in the suit. They include Corporon, who is Colorado’s Republican National committeeman, Peter Boyles, Deborah Flora, who is running for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat in 2022, and George Brauchler, the former district attorney in the 18th Judicial District who is a legal analyst for 9NEWS. Corporon is the only individual named as a defendant.

As we’ve seen in previous court action on Eric Coomer’s quest to hold the principal agents of the “Big Lie” accountable for driving him into hiding and severely damaging his and his company’s reputation, don’t look for Randy Corporon or anyone else named above to defend the substance of their previous claims about the 2020 elections. Despite all the talk radio bravado from Corporon, they’re past that now. Corporon apparently doesn’t mind being in court or at least threatening to go to court, since he’s representing leading coup planner John Eastman’s threat to sue the University of Colorado–which hasn’t gone anywhere yet. But once in court, these defendants seek only to prove they didn’t maliciously invent the “Big Lie”–not that the “Big Lie” was actually true.

The massive disconnect between the bubble of “Big Lie” believers and everyone else, to include the inhabitants of every courtroom in America, cannot be reconciled without the Randy Corporons of the world finally admitting what they seem only willing to imply in court to save their own asses: and none of these lies are true, that Donald Trump lost the 2020 elections, and the assault on the democratic process that ensued from Trump’s refusal to accept the result is one of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against American democracy.

Which would make Coomer’s charge of defamation true, but also by far the lesser crime.

Like the Scopes Monkey Trial itself, much more than defamation is in the balance.

Bremer: Voters Now Realize It Was Just Trump’s ‘Tone of Voice’ That Bugged Them

(Yeah, THAT was the problem — promoted by Colorado Pols)

A leading Colorado U.S. Senate candidate hopped on the radio last week and basically told Colorado’s swing voters they don’t care about climate change, preserving Obamacare, abortion rights, gun safety, democracy, immigration reform, courts… .

Eli Bremer, a former Olympian who’s running (first) to win the Republican primary and (second) to unseat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), made these comments on right-wing radio as part of his minefield-laden campaign in which he has to look as if he likes Trump (to win over Republicans) without embracing Trump (to keep almost everyone else in Colorado from running away from him later).

Bremer thinks last week’s election results, both in Virginia and in Colorado, illuminated a path forward for him.

According to Bremer, Voters disliked Trump’s “tone of voice” so much last year that they forgot about how much they liked his policies.

“I think that there are a lot of people who didn’t like Donald Trump’s tone of voice, and they didn’t vote based on policies in the last election,” Bremer told KNUS’ Peter Boyles Nov. 3. “They voted based on personalities, and now they’re having some serious voter regret. And if Republicans capitalize on this in 2022, if we talk about policies, our policies work. Mayors are a dumpster fire train wreck. And if we can keep it on those policies and go and make it about our policies, we’re going to sweep the next election.”

In other words, get over the shallow personality problems, Bremer says. What you didn’t like about Trump was his snotty voice.

Did Colorado’s unaffiliated voters — who are in charge when it comes to elections here — really not understand what Trump stood for, policy-wise?

He tried to kill Obamacare. He torpedoed all immigration reform, even for DREAMers. He basically denied climate change, set us on a path to criminalizing abortion in many states, mocked the justice system and journalism, and may have ended democracy as we know it by spreading conspiracies about the election.

No doubt, Trump himself drove left-leaning voters to the polls in 2020. If Trump were to disappear, Democrats would likely have a tougher road ahead.

But he won’t disappear, and even if he did, check out any poll of Colorado’s unaffiliated voters and you see (mostly) that the policies of the Trump Republicans are mostly hated.

Yet, Bremer says (repeated for emphasis):

“I think that there are a lot of people who didn’t like Donald Trump’s tone of voice and they didn’t vote based on policies in the last election. They voted based on personalities, and now they’re having some serious voter regret.”

You feel for Bremer who’s got a thankless primary ahead of him, and maybe he could pull this off in some other state. But not in Colorado.

A List of CO Republicans Who Believe the 2020 Election Was Stolen — And Some Who Don’t

(For posterity — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

James O’Rourke is co-author of this post.

Colorado Republicans show no sign of stopping their attacks against last year’s election results, both in Colorado and nationwide — even though claims that the 2020 election was rigged in favor of the Democrats have been debunked.

In Colorado, only a handful of Republican public figures have spoken out against this rhetoric.

Below is a guide on where Colorado Republicans stand on the 2020 election: whether they repeat the Big Lie, or stand against it–and whether they think Colorado’s own elections were fair.

Editor’s Note: This list will be updated. Please send additional information, omissions or corrections, to us.

CO Members of Congress Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:

CO Members of Congress Who Have Gone Back and Forth on Whether the Prez Election Was Stolen:

CO State Legislators Who Have Said the Prez Election Was Rigged:


Aurora Council Candidate Claims To Have Been Misquoted But Won’t Say What’s Incorrect

(O-kay… — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Aurora City Council candidate Danielle Jurinsky claims that I misquoted her a “couple” times in an article posted over the weekend, but she won’t say where the errors are.

In the piece, about a conservative slate of candidates that’s campaigning together to take over the Aurora Council, I wrote that Jurinsky welcomes being compared to U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), that she carries a gun, that she’s not received a COVID vaccination, and that she wants to make the Republican Party “cool.”

In a phone interview today, Jurinsky, a Republican, repeated an earlier claim that I misquoted her, but refused my request to point me to any statements in my article that were incorrect.

Here’s a transcription of my interview with Jurinsky:

Colorado Times Recorder: This is Jason Salzman with the Colorado Times Recorder.

Jurinsky: Jason, I don’t have anything to say to you.

Colorado Times Recorder: You said I misquoted you. I’d like to know where.

Jurinsky: You did a couple of times. You did.

Colorado Times Recorder: Where?

Jurinsky: It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You are not going to clean up the record. It’s obvious that you apparently have the biggest crush on me out of all five of us [running as a conservative slate for Aurora City Council] because of how you wrote about me. But you are not going to say anything nice about me. You never are.

Colorado Times Recorder: I will correct the misquotes. That’s a very fair request.

Jurinsky: That’s very fair, and that always happens. I mean, that’s standard practice, but your article has already gone out.

Colorado Times Recorder: I can go ahead and correct it. No problem.

Jurinsky: Jason, I don’t care. I wish you the best. I’m going to finish off my race without any chatter and outside noise from you guys. I’m going to stay focused. I don’t care what you write about me. I don’t care.

Colorado Times Recorder: Okay, thank you for getting back to me in the first place. If you have a change of heart, here I am. I don’t want to put out misinformation.

Jurinsky: I appreciate it. Thanks.

Colorado Times Recorder: Take care, Bye.

Republicans Campaigning Together To Take Over Aurora City Council

(Masks off, Aurora — Promoted by Colorado Pols)

The Colorado Republican Party’s leading candidate for Governor, Heidi Ganahl, launched her campaign last month with a seven-day statewide tour that included a stop at JJ’s Place, an Aurora bar owned by Republican Danielle Jurinsky, who’s running for Aurora City Council.

The partisan back-scratching between Ganahl and Jurinsky is part of a coordinated effort by Colorado Republicans statewide — as well as a group of conservative candidates in Aurora — to gain a majority on the Aurora Council.

The five-member group of Council candidates, endorsed by the conservative Denver Gazette, includes Republicans Jurinsky and Dustin Zvonek, who are running for at-large seats, Republican Steve Sundberg, who’s running for Ward 2 in Northeast Aurora, Republican Jono Scott, who’s running in Ward 3, and conservative Bill Gondrez, who’s registered as Unaffiliated but has voted in every Republican primary election since 2006.

The conservative slate promotes itself by, among other things, referring to each one another in media appearances, endorsing each other, and sharing photos and messaging on social media.

Three of the five shared the same photo on Facebook of themselves with their campaign signs, under the slogan “For a stronger, safer, Aurora!” with comments boosting each other.

“The 5 of us push each other, support each other, and cheer each other’s successes!” wrote Jurninsky on Facebook, calling the four other candidates her “band of brothers.”

On his Facebook page, Sundberg wrote that the same photo is, “Your one picture 2021 Aurora City Council Voting Guide.” Scott’s comment on the same group photo was, “Ready to serve Aurora!”

Last week, Zvonek shared a Facebook photo of the five conservatives, including himself, and commented, “This is THE team. For a safer more prosperous Aurora. #VoteBill Gondrez for Aurora City Council, Steve Sundberg for Aurora City Council, Jono Scott for Aurora City Council, Danielle For Aurora.”


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The refusal of Senate Republicans to even debate a new election integrity bill SHOULD be the last straw for Democrats such as Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia. As Paul Waldman and Greg Sargent write for The Washington Post:

On Wednesday, all 50 Republicans in the Senate — including supposed moderates such as Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine — voted to filibuster the Freedom to Vote Act. That’s a stripped-down version of sweeping voting rights legislation Democrats have advocated.

If Manchin (or anyone else) needed more proof that Republicans will never partner with Democrats to secure voting rights and democracy, this was it.The Freedom to Vote Act was, for all intents and purposes, Manchin’s own bill. He demanded the changes that made it less ambitious than the For the People Act championed by progressives.

It was redesigned to his specifications. So instead of requiring nonpartisan redistricting commissions, it allows states to determine the mode of redistricting while establishing standards of fairness that would be enforced by courts. It also creates national standards for early voting and mail voting, but also allows voter ID requirements, albeit with some protections.

No Republican voted for this.

Waldman and Sargent note that two prominent voices are growing louder about the need to reform the filibuster: Angus King of Maine and Jon Tester of Montana. Says King:
“I’ve concluded that democracy itself is more important than any Senate rule.”

President Biden is also signaling that he would be open to changing Senate filibuster rules in order to pass voting rights legislation.


Colorado Republican candidates continue to struggle to come up with a decent answer about the “Big Lie.” Many of the top statewide candidates seem to have coalesced around the shaky narrative that Joe Biden is the President and that the election was not fraudulent in Colorado…but maybe it was everywhere else.

The latest attempt by a statewide Republican candidate to answer this question came from Senate hopeful Gino Campana; check out the transcript of this BRUTAL back-and-forth with right-wing radio host Peter Boyles. The interview contains a line that could go down in infamy: “Don’t 9News me!”


Hospitalizations from COVID-19 in Colorado are trending in the wrong direction compared to the rest of the country, as Colorado Newsline explains:

There are 1,130 people in the hospital with COVID-19 as of Oct. 21, Gov. Jared Polis said during a news briefing Thursday, and 893 of those cases, or about 80%, are unvaccinated individuals.

“This is a very stark reminder to anyone who thought this pandemic was over and that they could slip by without getting vaccinated,” Polis said. “This is a wake up call. If you haven’t been vaccinated, you’re facing a grave threat.”Polis said that crisis standards of care are “ready to be implemented if needed, potentially tweaked or improved.” Idaho and New Mexico both recently implemented crisis standards of care.

Hospitalizations are increasing among all age groups, but more rapidly in older populations. State epidemiologist Rachel Herlihy said during the briefing that could be due to waning immunity in older people who got a vaccine earlier this year.

As Denver7 reports, 93% of Colorado ICU beds are currently in use. Governor Jared Polis says Colorado may need to ask for help from the National Guard if these trends continue.


And now, some good COVID-19 news: Boosters for everyone! As The Washington Post reports:

Tens of millions of Americans can sign up to get Moderna and Johnson & Johnson boosters beginning Friday after the nation’s top public health official endorsed recommendations from expert advisers that the shots are safe and effective at bolstering protection against the coronavirus.

The green light from Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, means that eligible Americans at risk of severe disease can choose any of the three boosters now authorized in the United States regardless of their original shot.

“The evidence shows that all three COVID-19 vaccines authorized in the United States are safe — as demonstrated by the over 400 million vaccine doses already given,” Walensky said in a statement Thursday night, several hours after receiving unanimous recommendations from the expert panel, called the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. “And, they are all highly effective in reducing the risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death, even in the midst of the widely circulating delta variant.”

Get moving, folks. Boost that thang up!


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Colorado Republicans Continue to Struggle with the “Big Lie”

The “Big Lie” may be the only truth for Republicans, but they still don’t have any idea how to talk about it without getting at least one foot stuck in their mouth. 

Was the 2020 Presidential election fair and accurate, or was it “stolen” from former President Donald Trump? This is the single most important (and obvious) question for any 2022 candidate, yet most Colorado Republicans STILL can’t figure out how to respond in a coherent manner.

Heidi Ganahl during her disastrous interview with 9News on the day of her campaign launch.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Hiedi Heidi Ganahl may have irrevocably damaged her chances with her inability to provide a straightforward answer to this question; this is one of several reasons why even fellow Colorado Republicans believe Ganahl’s long-inevitable candidacy is already doomed. When Ganahl kicked off her campaign on Sept. 14, she was asked by multiple news outlets to provide an answer to a question about the “Big Lie” that any idiot should have known to expect. She botched all of those questions, capping off the day with this infamous disaster of an interview with Marshall Zelinger of 9News in which Ganahl keeps complaining about getting asked “divisive questions” (CLICK HERE to watch that entire cringeworthy interview).  

Colorado Republicans have since tried to figure out a different path forward when this question invariably resurfaces. Earlier this month, State Republican Party Chair Kristi Burton Brown (KBB) went on KNUS radio to tout this advice: Republican candidates should acknowledge that Democrat Joe Biden is the rightful President of the United States and try to move on to something else. 

Republicans have sorta followed this advice in subsequent interviews. Here’s what Ganahl told KNUS radio last week, per The Colorado Times Recorder:

“Joe Biden’s our president, and we have to do everything we can to change that in 2024,” Ganahl responded. “And as a candidate for governor, I can’t speak for the election integrity of other states, but I can speak for Colorado and I would not be running if I did not think I could win here.”

Ganahl then clarified her position on the issue further by saying that she doesn’t believe the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election in Colorado was changed by fraud, pointing to Biden’s large margin of victory here. She does not go so far as to say that fraud didn’t occur.

“I have not seen any evidence that the presidential election outcome in our state was changed by fraud. I mean, the margin was huge. It was 13 percent or 400000 votes that Colorado went for Joe Biden.”

Ganahl appears to have settled (for now) on the answer that Biden won in Colorado but maybe not in other states. This is not a response that is going to help Ganahl win over moderate voters in Colorado, but will it placate the GOP base?

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Eli Bremer fights off the “Big Lie” question.

On the Senate side of the campaign trail, Republican Ron Hanks flat out states that Biden was not fairly elected in 2020. Some of his fellow Senate candidates, meanwhile, are following the hybrid approach suggested by KBB. The Colorado Times Recorder caught this long and winding answer from Eli Bremer in late September:

“So I’m not an expert on elections,” Bremer said in the Sept. 28 interview. “One of the things I’ve learned, though, is when you have questions, go to people that really know about it. And I’m not going to lie, on election night, back in the aftermath of the election, I had a lot of big concerns about this election. I saw numbers that didn’t make sense to me. I saw outcomes that didn’t make sense to me. And so one of the things that I would say is I have fidelity to the truth. I want to get down and find the truth. And so I started making calls and I started asking people, particularly in Colorado, because that’s, you know, that’s our state. I talked to some clerks and recorders. Our clerk in El Paso, I’ve known for quite a while, talked to him. They’ve done a massive amount of investigation into this. And he said, ‘Eli, when we looked at the results, we’re talking random error of .01% level.’ And so I don’t have to like the outcome of the election. But in looking at what I’m seeing now and in talking to people who have phenomenal amounts of experience on this, who are on our side, I believe that in Colorado the results that were reported are correct.”

Using a LOT of words, Bremer appears to be going with the same theme that Colorado’s elections were fine but other states might have been corrupt. 

Ganahl, Hanks, and Bremer don’t have great answers to this question, but their responses are at least more clear than the one recently attempted by Senate hopeful Gino Campana. On Oct. 13, Campana was a guest on longtime radio host Peter Boyles’s show “Peter Boyles On Demand.” Boyles asked Campana about what he calls “the one question every Republican candidate needs to be able to answer,” which resulted in Campana making a complete fool of himself [note: all emphasis is ours]:



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*Daily Coronavirus numbers in Colorado:

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The Colorado Supreme Court will hear arguments today about whether to approve a Congressional redistricting map in Colorado. As Colorado Public Radio reports:

The court will hear oral arguments on Tuesday from the commission and from groups who say the commission failed to meet constitutional requirements. In total, fifteen organizations, local governments and individuals have filed briefs supporting or opposing the final map.

Justices will either approve the map, setting it in stone for the next decade, or they will send it back to the commission with guidelines for revisions. The state must have its final map no later than December 15th, which will give Congressional candidates adequate time to prepare ahead of the November 2022 election.

Elsewhere in redistricting news, The Colorado Sun reports on the latest progress on creating new legislative maps:

Democrats would likely maintain control of the Colorado House under a new map of the chamber’s 65 districts headed to the state Supreme Court for final review.

The Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission voted 11-1 Monday night to approve the map, with Commissioner Gary Horvath, a Democrat from Broomfield, casting the lone “no” vote.

The Colorado Supreme Court now has until Nov. 15 to approve the map or send it back to the commission for revisions. Legal challenges are likely.

Democrats have such a sizable advantage in the State House (41-24) that it would have been all but impossible to draw a map that would change this dynamic.


Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters held a bananas press conference on Monday in which no new information was presented and someone in the crowd was falsely accused of assault. You can watch the entire event or read our diary about the blow-by-blow here.

Charles Ashby of The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel has more on Monday’s lunacy:

What began as a press conference Monday, to which no member of the press was actually invited, turned into a brief melee between supporters of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and those who, well, don’t.

At the morning press conference on the steps of the Old Mesa County Courthouse, Peters and Sherronna Bishop, a Garfield County resident who has been side-by-side with the embattled clerk, supporting her in claiming there was election fraud, again presented nothing new to prove their claims.

Instead, they repeated the same “evidence” of problems with Dominion Voting System tabulation machines, repeating claims that computer files were erased, but failing to say whether any of the files had anything to do with previous elections.

Ashby also has more details about Roxanne Lewis, the woman who pretended to be assaulted at the event:

Lewis pleaded guilty in 2016 to stealing money over several months from vending machines at the Canyon View car wash at the corner of Broadway and Redlands Parkway, a business she had sold months earlier to John Pugliese, the then-husband of former Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese.

It was reported that Lewis is a member of the local Stand for the Constitution group that has called on local governments to declare the city and county “constitutional sanctuaries.”



The Denver Post has the latest on Colorado’s COVID-19 hospitalization rates:

Colorado’s COVID-19 hospitalizations, cases and deaths all moved in the wrong direction over the last week, making it appear increasingly unlikely that the worst of the state’s fifth wave is over.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reported 1,012 people were hospitalized with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 as of Monday afternoon, up from a recent low of 907 on Oct. 2. On Friday, state health officials raised concerns about the increase in hospitalizations, which had been slowly falling since late September, and urged eligible people who haven’t gotten vaccinated to do so quickly.

New coronavirus infections also were up, with 13,621 cases recorded in the week ending Sunday, though that’s within the range where the numbers have bounced since early September. The percentage of tests coming back positive also rose over the last week, though, raising concerns that the state could be missing infections.

Vax that thang up, people!


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CO Republican Chair Advises Candidates To Accept Biden As Prez, Stay Mum on Alleged 2020 Election Fraud

(Them’s fightin’ words – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

In a recent radio interview, Kristi Burton Brown, chair of the Colorado Republican Party, advised candidates to sidestep conspiracy narratives about the 2020 presidential election that are favored by many GOP activists, and instead to acknowledge Joe Biden’s legitimacy as the president of the United States.

But Republican candidates who have announced their runs for governor and U.S. Senate appear to be testing different approaches to answering the looming question: “Do you believe the 2020 election was stolen from former president Trump?”

The varying statements by Republican candidates confirm that the party remains divided, with some establishment Republicans, like former GOP chair Dick Wadhams, saying, “We just need to have candidates who have the guts to say, ‘No, the fraud didn’t happen, Trump lost the election,'” and the party base insisting that the election was stolen.

Appearing on KNUS in an interview with former prosecutor and former GOP candidate George Brauchler late last month, Burton Brown acknowledged the legitimacy of the Biden Presidency by saying there’s “no provision in U.S. law” to do anything about it.

Here’s how she advised candidates on how to answer the question about the election, even if they believe it was stolen.

Brauchler: “We discussed this report that came out from Cyber Ninjas in Arizona about the audit that they did of Maricopa County. … Overall, they found that, ‘Look, we think that that Biden won this thing.’ … I bring that up in the context of the question asked of Heidi Ganahl, who’s a candidate for governor, by [9news political reporter] Marshall Zellinger on the day she launched her campaign — you may have seen this — where the first question was, “Was the 2020 election stolen?”. … How does the party tackle that, moving forward?

Burton Brown: “What the Democrats and media think they can do is tie us to the past and say, ‘Well, hey, if we can get Republicans to dwell in the past, they’re going to lose because they lost in the past.’ … We have to acknowledge, yes, Joe Biden is in the White House, and there’s not a provision in U.S. law to do anything about that other than accept the fact [that] Joe Biden is in the White House. … We have to acknowledge the fact, yes, Joe Biden is the president of the United States. Democrats control our nation. Democrats control our state. … We have to say, ‘You know what? We’re acknowledging the facts and we’re going to paint you a vision for the future and how we help working class average Coloradoans like us actually succeed in this state.'”