Boyles continues to deny that Hudak-recall leader called Tom Mauser a Nazi

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KNUS talk-radio host Peter Boyles has yet to acknowledge that a leader of the Hudak-recall effort, Mike McAlpine, during an appearance on Boyles' show, referred to pro-Hudak protesters as Nazis.

Boyles even attacked gun-safety activist Tom Mauser for saying, correctly, that McAlpine called Mauser a Nazi.

I called KNUS recently to talk with Boyles about it, and here's what he said:

Jason: You accused [gun-safety activist Tom] Mauser of lying about McAlpine saying Brownshirts.

Boyles: I said Brownshirt! I said Brownshirt!

Jason: No, you didn't. Listen to the tape.

Boyles: Of course I did.

This is so bizarre because the audio clearly confirms that McAlpine called the protesters "Brownshirts," and he was even called out on it by The Denver Post.

Boyles was apparently unaffected by a Oct. 28 news release from the Anti-Defamation League, calling the Brownshirts comment "deeply offensive" and asking "McAlpine, Boyles, and all public figures and community members to refrain from making inappropriate Nazi analogies in the political arena."

I thought maybe McAlpine could straighten out Boyles himself, so I've been emailing and calling him, asking him to acknowledge his Nazi slur and explain it. Twice I got McAlpine on the phone, and twice he told me to send him emails. (I sent them, and he didn't respond.)

Here's what McAlpine told me today.

Jason: So I just want to clear up this issue on the Peter Boyles Show. Boyles is saying that he said that the protesters were Brownshirts, but I heard the tape and it sounded like you said it. And I'm wondering if you said it.

McAlpine: You'd be welcome to send me an email on that, and I'd be glad to respond.

Jason: I did a couple times, and you didn't.

McAlpine: Ok.

Jason: Real quick. Did you say that the protesters were Brownshirts?

McAlpine: You are welcome to send me an email.

I've received a number of emails saying Boyles shouldn't be allowed to get away with his baseless attack on Mauser, in particular. But he is.

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    • DawnPatrol says:

      You'd be shrieking your teabaggin' granny panties into a tightly knotted bundle if a Dem had uttered such a boorish, stupid, oafish comment about one of your fellow travelers.

      Too bad your cowardly ilk refuse to take responsibility for their despicable verbal dirarrhea.

    • roccoprahn says:

      hey n3b, was that you with the AK at the "pro gun rights "rally"" outside the restaurant in Dallas protesting and "demonstrating your right to bear arms" the 4 Moms meeting to discuss how to stop the gun massacres infesting our nation?

      I guess you could have been any one of the 35 idiots (plus thier poor kids, for shame) trying to intimidate these ladies into silence.

      Tip of the day……it didn't work. They've signed up a bunch of women for the next one.

      You gunzos are truly the scum of the earth. You really are. 

    • nota33 says:

      You do apparently as you continue to come and post on a website you are not wanted on you republican douchebag.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      People who aren't hateful, terrified, backwards old cranks, shrieking with impotent rage. That's who the hell cares.

  1. Wong21fr says:

    ^Well just because you are obviously a Nazi sympathizer would probably has a half dozen brown shirts and with the corresponing red arm bands in you closet…. wink

    That doesn't mean that decent-minded folk don't take offense to it.

  2. BlueCat says:

    Boyles is obviously no longer all there. What probably started out as an act to make a living has taken over and made him delusional.

  3. Canines says:

    Hey, Peter: "Denial" ain't a river in Egypt!

  4. AlphaOmega80537 says:

    Hey Jason, just a quick question.  Who won your contest?  Or, did you commit fraud?

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