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September 09, 2013 03:52 PM UTC

"Give it a shot" is Boyles' response to a caller who asks if he should commit voter fraud

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Where does it end? – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Operating in a reality that few people understand, during a typical one-sided pile-on in support of the recall of Sen. John Morse, talk-radio host Peter Boyles takes calls from "Ray" and "Tom" on KNUS radio today. Both are contemplating voter fraud. And, in case you wonder as you read on, this is real:

Boyles: Ray, you're with the recall team [Recall proponents Anthony Garcia, Jennifer Kerns, and Timothy Knight are also in studio with Boyles]. Good morning, 710 KNUS. Ray: Good morning. How are you?

Boyles: We're well. Go ahead.

Ray: I have a question. I moved to Denver in June after I got married but I kept my Colorado Springs address for this election. But I'm not in the district. I'm just adjacent to the district of John Morse. How do I vote in the election tomorrow? 

Boyles: Boy, I'll get you jammed up. Anything I say is going to be wrong. Ahhhhhh, I was going to say, ask Caldara, but it looks like he can do it no matter what [laughs].

Kerns: [laughs]

Boyles: So you still have a Springs address. Is that right, Ray?

[Your BigMedia blogger wasn't on the show, but if he had been, he'd have offered interventions along the way, like this: Peter, he just told you he doesn't live in Morse's district.]

Ray: Yes. Yes.

Boyles: Brother, I don't know what the answer would be. Man, I just hesitate altogether to say anything.

[BigMedia intervention: Peter, you don't know the answer? And I didn't think you could get much lower since the days when you were a respected media figure in town.]

Boyles: Anybody? Nahh. These guys are going Nooo. They're listening.

Kerns: [laughs]

Boyles: Give it a shot. What the hell, right?

[BigMedia Intervention: Is that what you're thinking, Peter, 'what the hell,' when you beat up Muslims and undocumented immigrants.]

Ray: All right.

Boyles: What's the worst that can happen?

[BigMedia intervention: Felony voter fraud.]

Ray: I'll see what I can do.

Boyles: What's the worst they can do, man?

Ray: All right.

Boyles: All right. Thank you.

Ray: I'll call you back if I'm successful or not.

Boyles: I'd like to know.

[BigMedia Intervention: So would the District Attorney.]

Boyles: Let me know. That would be cool. Thank you.

Boyles: We go to Tom. Tom, you're on the radio show. Good Morning.

Tom: Hey. Good morning, Mr. Boyles. It's Colonel Tom from the Boston cruise.

Boyles: Hey, brother.

Tom: How ya doing?

Boyles: I like that mister stuff, Colonel. [laughs] Hey, man. It's good to hear your voice.

Tom: As a military officer, I was thinking that maybe my vote could be counted this time. I live in Ft. Collins, but I'm planning to be in the Springs. Wondering if I went in uniform with a —

Boyles: Don't start this. [laughs]

[BigMedia intervention: Hilarious, Peter.]

Tom: With a utility bill, they'd let me in.

Boyles: There are people in the room who are nodding their head yes.

Kerns: Technically, yes, you're within the law. We don't encourage or condone it, but the law says that that is correct.

[BigMedia Intervention: Wrong. Tom just said he lives in Ft. Collins. Jen, how much non-encouragement have you been offering people like Tom?] Tom: Then I could drive down to Pueblo. That's not that far away.

Kerns: [laughs]

[BigMedia intervention. So hilarious.]

Boyles: [laughing] This is like a Chicago thing, man….

Tom: How many bus loads of people will the other side be bringing in.

Boyles: That's a better question.

Kerns: That's a good question. We don't know. We have folks on the ground watching. What we do know is, we've seen operatives from OFA, Organizing for America…. Look, what you're seeing with these laws, especially this election law, is a complete disregard for law and order….

[BigMedia Intervention: Disregard for law and order! Have you been paying attention to your own interview?]

Boyles: Good bless you, as always. Let me know, sir, what you did, off air. [laughs]

Kerns: [laughs]

Boyles: I don't want to know. You can give me a call off-air. I think we know how to find each other. Let me know what you did, okay?

[BigMedia Intervention: You know this guy's phone number? Peter, show some honor and please call him up and tell him it's illegal to vote twice? And that he can't vote in CO Springs or Pueblo when he lives in Ft. Collins.]

Tom: Well, I'm just deciding whether to go–

Boyles: What do they say? In Mufti.

Tom: in [inaudible] or in full regalia with all the buttons and bows.

Boyles: All the been-there buttons. How about what they used to say, 'traveling in mufti." You know what the means, like GIs traveling in civilian clothes. This whole Lawrence of Arabia book. Everybody's in mufti all of the time.

Boyles: All right, sir. Thank you, Colonel. Be safe.

Listen to Boyles, Kerns discuss recall voter fraud 09-09-13


9 thoughts on ““Give it a shot” is Boyles’ response to a caller who asks if he should commit voter fraud

    1. You're too chickenshit to try, n3b. 

      Caldara has a certain amount of notoriety and backing to protect him from consequences.

      You, on the other hand, being a nobody, would be behind bars within a year, sharing a cell with your new boyfriend, Mad-Dog


  1. Do these people not have meaningful lives of their own? Why dress up in uniform, drive many miles out of your way to try to cast a fake vote in Colorado Springs? Why invite a news camera to videotape oneself casting a blank ballot?

    Why? Because….

    These scofflaws are motivated by partisanship. They want to discredit and sabotage HB1303, the Colorado Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act  because it makes voting too convenient, and will likely turn Colorado permanently blue.  Not only Colorado – our new elections law,  is widely seen to be a model fair elections law for the whole country. Senator Giron sponsored it, as did Representatives Hullinghorst, Pabon, and Buckner.

    Paul Weyrich, founder of the Heritage Foundation, with the Independence Institute, offspring of the Coors beer conservative fortune, doesn't want everyone to vote. He stated, "Our leverage goes up as the voting populace goes down."

    Then, too, Mr. Caldara gets a lot of free publicity for himself, the Independence Institute, and its various conservative causes, all of which makes its donors very, very happy..

    If Senator Morse gets recalled, that will just be icing on the cake.

    The teeth in the law are after the fact of voting…clerks can turn away those with no provable in-district address, but have to monitor the address and voting activity after the election, to see if address fraud has been accomplished. Possibly, Clerk Williams may not follow through, even with pressure from Governor Hickenlooper. Secretary Gessler is deafeningly silent, as Bluecat noted.

    Caldara knows this – that's why he cast a blank ballot. He can say that he didn't really vote, when/if his case is referred to the district attorney. And he still gets all the benefits of the publicity and donations, plus the discrediting of HB1303, Colorado Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act, which is regarded as a model elections law for the country. 

    Just like this proxy election about "gun rights", the furor over "gypsy voting", while ridiculous on the surface, has much broader policy implications for the entire nation.


    1. Hell Mama, you and I'd probably do all this stupid shit that Caldara was doing too . . .  if the NRA was pouring hundreds-of-thousands of dollars down our pie-holes?

      Ok, you probably wouldn't, habing far more scruples than Caldara ( … at least one … ), but if Soros was pouring similar amounts down my pie-hole  —  well, why do you think I even bother with commenting here???

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