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October 22, 2013 10:34 AM UTC

Recall leader calls Hudak supporters Nazis, and Boyles responds with, "Yeah!"

  • by: Jason Salzman

​Image courtesy Colorado Ceasefire

Speaking on a radio show yesterday, Mike McAlpine, one of the leaders of the effort to recall Democratic Sen. Evie Hudak, called Hudak supporters Nazis.

"I mean, these people – the Brownshirts — have been doing it for decades and decades," McAlpine told KNUS' Peter Boyles yesterday morning, referring to Hudak supporters he encountered over the weekend in the Westminster area. "You and I recognize it." (Listen to McAlpine on Peter Boyles Oct. 21 @ 1:30)

Raise your hand if you think Boyles, who surely knows how the paramilitary "Brownshirt" Nazis helped Hitler gain power, objected. Seeing no hands raised, I'll tell you that Boyles chose to respond with a breathless: "Yeah! Yeah!"

Boyles offered to create a "goon squad" to support the Hudak-recall petitioners. He'll post photos on the KNUS website to identify recall opponents and where they live, he said.

"Look, I’ve said this a thousand times: If the progressive gets his/her hands on the helm you can start to say goodbye to 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, the 4th amendment, the 5th amendment," Boyles said on air.

As for evidence of Nazi activity in Westminster against Hudak opponents, there is none. Over the weekend, "Alan" on ColoradoPols posted a video of a discussion among activists and police during which recall supporters could cite no evidence of voter intimidation, much less Nazi brutality.

On Boyles' show this morning, McAlpine again made accusations of voter intimidation but there was no documentation, other than an inconclusive photo on Boyles' web page, which could be interpreted any which way.

McAlpine said that after his complaints on Boyles' show Monday, and to the Secretary of State's Office, police are responding more quickly to his complaints.

That's good. Because Boyles spent a lot of air time today promoting his goon-squad idea. You wish you didn't have to take Boyles seriously, but you do.


55 thoughts on “Recall leader calls Hudak supporters Nazis, and Boyles responds with, “Yeah!”

  1. Jason,

    Thank you for following up on this. I heard boyles, briefly, today.  He continued to call the anti-recall people "goons."  He will throw his weight and the time on his show behind the recall.  He did that, successfully, with the previous recalls.

    Everyone is afraid of boyles, because he can use his air time like a weapon and retaliate against anyone who challenges him.




  2. A couple things.

    First, boyles is the perfect conduit for the gunzos. Everything about his program speaks to his pissed off, crazy old white guy image, and this anti-government recall effort dovetails perfectly with that theme.

    I was on the recall Hudak website night before last. The proof that this is a recall being sought by different strains of conservative diseases for different reasons is the list of Legislative Votes Senator Hudak has cast. Most had nothing to do with the gunzo thing. They were what you could call progressive votes cast by a member of the Colorado Legislature that is voting the way she said she'd vote every time she ran.

    So you've got the republican party heavily invested in this becaude a successfull recall would flip the Senate.

    The NRA, RMGO, the various other lobbying arms of the firearms industry look at it as an opportunity to cow and embarrass firearm safety advocates into dropping any efforts to legislate gun control action.

    Finally, there's the "gunzo" demographic. High and mighty on emotion and outrage (Even though they don't know what they're mad about) and low on information, every 5 word slogan, every insult, every accusation either fabricated by them or posted on industry backed sites, hoping to cause anarchy and cost the State Millions forcing a recall for another term limited Senator.

    Keep in mind, the "fiscal conservatives" and the "recall advocates" often occupy the same body, are the same person. We've seen it over and over here, the proud conservative "peoples' advocate for spending frugality" willing to go the other way and waste "hard earned taxpayers' money if it's "for the people" 

    Who are"the people"?

    And the really wild and funny part is, these "gunzo tough guys" whine like a 7 year old girl when they're confronted with people that won't take thier shit, they go sniveling to boyles, cry how "mean" Senator Hudak's supporters are when they are called on thier thug attempts.


  3. Jason,

    Thanks for your diligence. I have a request as well. Can you ask boyles if he wants to claim being Airborne, US Army in his youth.

    I specyifically remember him "waxing" about it back in the late '80's, the 90's and right after 9/11.

    I know I'm not the only one that heard it, nor am I alone in wondering why no mention of it is on his bio, anywhere, OR why he immediately stopped post Stolen Valor Act.

    Thank you.



          1. Has any news source ever tried to fact check the claims made in the petition Grounds for Recall themselves? Magpul has not left and there have not been hundreds of jobs leaving the state. And if magpul ever leaves at some distant future date, it's nothing more than a business move. KDVR reported that they were shopping for assistance at the Colorado OEDIT before the legislation even came up. They were using the tax incentives from Wyoming and Texas as leverage then, too.

    1. NB3, you are the disgusting one. Tom Mauser has been speaking out on the issues of gun safety since his son Daniel was murdered by gun toting idiots like you. Who are you to tell a man how to honor his murdered son. You are nothing but a thug.

    2. Never realized how easily intimidated you fearlesssome 30-round-magazine-AR toters are???  (If that's what's really happenening there anyway — which coming from you is highly dubious/unlikely).

      Question, nubby — ever feel intimidated in the King Soopers or Starbucks check out line . . . I mean cause those people ahead of you probably seem to be "blocking" you from checking out . . . good thing you've always got your trusty gat tucked in your pants, I spose'???

    3. You disgust me, n3b. He certainly has the right to support Hudak.

      You see, his son was killed in the Columbine shootout. You know, the first school mass shootout in Colorado history. Hudak supported sane gun control measures. And the RMGO assholes wants to continue to subvert democracy and recall actual legislators for gun nut assholes.

      Even the Republican Party chairman Call won't be a party to this idiotic recall, so this one should be a massive failure, and a permanent blowback to the RMGO assholes.

      Hello, Magpul? Oh you're still up in Erie. Okay, see – the manufacturer hasn't kept his promise either.. So you Republicans are confirmed liars.

    4. 1. Union thug? You mean, people like me? Because I've stood on street corners.holding signs.

      2.As far as the actual incident depicted in this photo, I see a person (union affiliation or thuggish nature unknown) holding a sign next to a car. We have only Rocky Mtn Gun Owner and RecallHudakToo poster's word that there was any "blocking" or harassment involved.

      3.I posted a question on the recallhudaktoo FB page asking if the person was able to get out and sign. So far no one has answered, probably because they were able to get out and sign, and that invalidates the whole, "poor me, I'm victimized by the mean old thuggish liberals," meme.

    5. That photo pictured on Boyles’ site and the sites for the RMGO and Recall Hudak Too proves nothing. All it shows is a person with a pro-Hudak sign standing next to a car. Could be their own car. Could be talking to some one who asked for information. It’s unsubstantiated. Without the biased caption from the gun nuts, no one would reach any kind of conclusion. Boyles has been in the public informaton business long enough to know that this is pure propaganda. But what does he care? He’s been sued for libel and doesn’t care. I was Standing for Evie that day and I was definitely not paid.

    6. N3bbish- I'd still like very much to be present should you ever meet my ex-Ranger friend who would teach you a lesson about truly concealed weapons. No one but the most fanatical wingers uses the epithet thugs unless it's in reference to gunsuckers and the T-pottiers. matter of fact I'd expect that for your physical cowardice you'd fit the description better than anyone you'd apply it to.

  4. "That woman" is Senate President Morgan Carroll and I believe that she is wearing a cream colored turtle neck and a taupe sweater. And she is certainly not a nazi. 

      1. I thought long and hard about the most appropriate response to your despicable comment about Morgan. I came up with, perhaps, the most articulate and well reasoned comment I have ever made…

        Fuck you, you asshole.

          1. From the Wade-Giles pinyin romanization system, cao ni zu zong shi ba dai, which is loosely translated as fuck your ancestors back to 18 generations, n3b.

            1. Nah. In fact, I think I'll pile on.

              N3b, my mother was a survivor of the Nazi takeover of Austria. She ived through Hitler youth coming to her home, destroying the furniture, intimidating and threatening to rape her. She lived through Krystallnacht. She lived through members of her family disappearing and being carted off to camps. She lived through vicious anti-semitism directed at the family's ethnic background. They were all ethnic secular Jews, who converted to Lutheranism early in the 20th century.

              Didn't matter to the Nazis. If one's grandparents were Jews, that was enough to prove "tainted blood." They confiscated the family business and fortunes. They kidnapped and murdered and humiliated people. That's what Nazis did.

              Passing laws which mandate a $10 fee for a background check before purchasing a gun from a non-family member, limiting gun magazine size, not allowing concealed carry on campuses, and preventing known domestic abusers from buying guns is not Nazi behavior.

              Standing on a corner holding a sign and exercising free speech is also not Nazi behavior. Stop conflating the two.

        1. I have a sudden urge to scrub my desktop with disinfectant. The smiley face, coming from such a despicable excuse for a human being, is particularly creepy.

  5. I've always understood that  the that the radical far right leans to fascism when it becomes authoritarian.  They also seem to believe that women should be concerned with three things, children, church and the kitchen.  The Nazis were way into all of that.  Our far right swings that way, as well.

    Don't they teach civics and history any more, or is it just readin', writin' and 'rithmetic?  And that link what's his name posted up above leads to a picture of  what appears to be some one leaning into a car.  Whose car and for what purpose is not at all clear.  This should be embarrassing.  And the comments are crass and immature.  God give me patience.

  6. I just listened to Peter Boyles show on your link. I was out there at 80th and Wadsworth all morning Saturday and into well  the afternoon.  I was walking back and forth on the sidewalk and waving a sign to show support for Evie Hudak, who has consistently been out there working to defend us from violence, particularly domestic violence. 

    I NEVER observed ANY of the intimidation tactics that were discussed on the phone. I never had any interactions with any potential signers, although several people approached me to ask why we were there.  We did not block traffic, cars, yell at people, take their pictures, take pictures of their cars.  We just walked, waved signs, and talked with each other.   

    I will be out again this weekend.  I (as on Saturday) will stay at least 15 feet from the petition gatherers and I will be defending my 1st amendment rights of free speech. 

  7. On Saturday, many colleagues of mine were out helping Evie.  Not a single one of us were paid….nor did it appear that any other folks there were paid. Peter Boyles just makes stuff up.  Totally irresponsible. 

  8. Feel better, everybody?  I thought so.  You have taken all your political outrage and expressed here.  You have targeted "n3b."  And what has been the net effect of this outpouring? Nada. NOTHING. Zilch.  Is boyles shaking in his boots? NO.   Has the station told him to tone it down? I don't know, but I don't think so.

    More importantly, if you want to attract attention and support for your cause, start a "media fire."  That is exactly what boyles has done by attacking the anti-peititioners.

    What effective action can be taken?  Three suggestions:

    1) Mamajones55, Blue Cat, Daft Punk are all strong women.  Each has posted here their outrage.  These three women should call the boyles show and say to him what you have posted here.  There is a screener and you all may not get thru to actually talk to boyles. But, try it.  You know that since the Fairness Doctrine, there is no right for an oppostion view to be hear on the public airwaves.  I don't think that there has ever been a first amendment right for any citizen to have the right to talk on the radio shows on the public airwaves. Report back here, and tell us what happened.

    2) Those of you who were out with the anti-petition signs, call the show and tell boyles who you are and that you did not do what he accused you of doing. The cavets above apply.

    3) I am not a attorney and can not give legal advice. But, I would urge the anti-petition rally people to seek legal advice and see if they have any legal recourse. I wonder if the ACLU would be interested?  Could a legal representative contact, not boyles, but the station, and ask that the defamation stop?   

    4) The Democratic Party should take up the banner, (and I believe that they may)  and support and DEFEND the anti-petition rallers.  Again, I don't know what legal approaches can be taken.  But surely some lawyer must.


    Now, I won't be going with you into the battle, but I will be urging you on from the sidelines. For many years,  I  tried to fight the "good fight" not just with boyles, but rosen, too. my voice became known and I rarely got thru the screeners.  Plus, right now, I am not a anti-petiton rallyer.  Younger, fresher voices and minds may be more successful.

    Jason is a special case.  boyles has attacked him, personally and by name.  I will leave it to Jason to describe, if he wishes, what boyles bases his attacks on.


    Now, what do I think will really happen?  No one will call the show.  Some of you may attack me.


    1. You're right, damn you, Dwyer.

      Links to comment on the Oct 21 Boyles show:

      and the day after, he doubled down with what he called "An update on the Mrs. Doubtfire Recall" (Senator Hudak = Mrs. Doubtfire, get it? Hyar hyar)  in which Boyles called  the one lone person standing by the carmdoor a "militia", and said that Mike Rosen would be recruiting volunteers to defend the poor mistreated petition signers.

      studio line 303-696-1971 (probably screened, but worth a try)

      twitter: @knus710#peterboyles

      FB page: News/Talk 710KNUS  comment under the topic "Orwellian Police State petition"

      Station general info:





      1. Hell, I just listened to the first hour of boyles – all about the Ramsey case with none other than Dan Caplan and Craig Silverman.  I gathered that they all were used to 

        threats of lawsuits and almost welcomed the legal challenges, 


        Way to go MJ55, way to go.  You are, you know, the hope of America as we know it.

        1. I thought Tom Mauser did pretty well on the talk with Boyles, considering that Boyles is an a*hole who asks questions and won't let his interviewee answer, is the master of the sidetrack red herring question, and the straw man. He's also mastered the Bill O'Reilly "Shout em down" technique.

          On the original "Brownshirts" comment by McAlpine, Boyles claimed that McAlpine didn't say it, "It was a caller." Boyles also said that he called the recall protesters "goons", not Nazis.

          Boyles: so you're condemning gun owners?

          Mauser: I'm not condemning anyone. (round repeats 3x more)

          Boyles asks ridiculous questions, (i.e., So why aren't you talking about multiple murder black on black murder rate in Chicago?)

          Mauser doggedly returns to actual gun legislation in Colorado.  Etc. Attempts unsuccessfully to fact-check Boyles on the "out of state money in recalls" issue. Boyles just shouts him down and changes the subject, starts calling him "Tommy", says that Mauser has turned into a person he can't talk to.

          Memorable quote from Boyles: "I don't care about most Americans, and I dont think you should either."

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