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At Least She’s Not on Your State GOP’s Executive Committee

As reported by Latino Rebels, the Texas Republican Party's Executive Committee has at least one member who might be better suited for another organization, perhaps one with a uniform featuring pointed white hoods:

Legvold, a naturalized U.S. citizen of Cuban descent, supported her argument by posting links from StormFront, the pro-racism forum described by the Anti-Defamation league as "a veritable supermarket of online hate." (after the jump)



Friendly Rancher in Pro-Fracking Ad is Former Allard Staffer

As long as we're on the subject of misleading political advertising today, let's have a look at where fracking proponents come from (hint: The stork doesn't bring them, because the stork is dead after it ate fish poisoned by fracking spills).

Anne Kern, cast here as an everyday rancher whose neighbors were "surprised" when she allowed fracking on her land, is perhaps the least surprising frackster you can imagine: Annie Brewster Kern, a staff member for Republican Senator Wayne Allard from 2002-2009. It's nice to know you've found a new calling as an actress since Allard left office, Annie, but your role as "Ordinary Rancher Woman" is unconvincing. I give your debut performance two glasses of delicious, nutritious fracking fluid down (the hatch, Governor).

Weirdest Voicemail You’ve Ever Heard in a Denver School Board Race

POLS UPDATE: Sources close to the school board candidates "supported" by the robocall described below insist that this recording did not originate with their campaigns, or anyone linked to them. Several sources indicate that, despite the call's ostensible targeting of "fellow Republicans," it was widely sent to Democratic voters in Denver. If correct, that would seem to indicate this robocall was a "false flag" attack, seeking to undermine support for these candidates by "outing" them as closet conservatives. We'll update as this unusual story develops.


This year's Denver School Board candidates apparently tripped, fell, and landed in Douglas County while the rest of us weren't looking, if this bizarre voicemail to "fellow Republicans" (yes, all six of you who live in Denver!) is any indication:

According to the cheery, robotic disembodied voice, Landri Taylor and Barbara O'Brien "share our conservative values" and will help parents send their kids to schools "free of the liberal agenda." Christian schools and vouchers are specifically mentioned, in connection with one another, just in case you needed the point driven home with a sledgehammer.

Maybe Scott Gessler should have suspended his campaign to work on Denver races, instead? DougCo seems to be doing a good job of electing far-right School Board members without the Honey Badger's help. Here in Denver, it looks like he'd have an opportunity to help send even more tax dollars to Christian schools, and right under Diana DeGette's nose, too. Now that's a Honey Badger move.

(End note: I absolutely hate Denver School Board races, and if this weren't so utterly bizarre, I wouldn't have posted it. And frankly, I like Landri Taylor. But seriously, what the heck? Is this Opposites Year? Multiple DSB candidates selling a pro-voucher stance?)

Cantor’s Poignant Demonstration of Empty Shutdown Rhetoric

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) today served up two scoops of delicious irony, and perhaps the best illustration possible of the difference between bluster and policymaking. From Cantor's Twitter feed:

Except, they were actually setting up for a press conference. Hence the half-table left empty for media microphones.

The Colbert skit writes itself, doesn't it?

Porno-Grammy Jaxine Bubis Demands $54,000,000; Names As Legal Counsel Man Who Believes Colorado Doesn’t Exist

Bubis-Warning-GrammyJaxine Bubis only wrote erotica "to support her family," but she's got her eyes on a bigger prize than the meager royalties from "Beantown Heat": $54,000,000 in damages, demanded in a claim naming GOP State Chairman Ryan Call, El Paso County GOP Chair Jeff Hays, and others. The RMGO-endorsed would-be replacement for Senate President John Morse withdrew from her race following revelations about her erotic romance writings. Now, she wants compensation for the alleged illegal downloading and distribution of her NC-17 rated e-book, and for what Jaxine's criminal complaint calls "Terrorist Conspiracy to Trespass, Injury, and Harm a Woman." 

Jaxine's Claim "by Affidavit of Obligation," described as "A USSEC Tracer Flag Not a Point of Law," names Jeff Hays, Ryan Call, Paul Paradis, Bernie Herpin, and Kit Roupe as "Debtors," and claims the aforementioned are, "Using their labor and works to intimidate, slander, libel and defame (Jaxine) by way of stolen and pirated copyrighted materials (Book)." The claim is notarized by EmilyAnne Witt, verifying Jaxine's identity, and witnessed by Kyndra Slater-Cleaver and Patrick Mitchell. In her claim, Jaxine demands an immediate down payment of one million dollars from the above-named "Debtors," with the remainder of $54,000,000 (treble damages for a "claim of harm upon a woman") to be turned over within 90 days.

And that's where it gets weird…

Continue reading to learn who's advising Jaxine in her legal claim, and why he may believe Colorado doesn't exist.


Udall Afraid of Hill, Unnamed Source Probably Named Hill Tells Hill. Donate to Hill!

UPDATE: According to the Denver daily paper, Ken Buck has filed paperwork with the FEC to run for Senate in 2014, making Owen Hill debatably, by a slim margin, the second-least laughable of the 2014 Republican US Senate primary candidates. I'm quite sure that the lessons Buck learned from losing his last Senate race have prepared him to lose this one much better.

Owen Hill, by a slim margin the least laughable (so far) of 2014 Republican US Senate primary candidates, informed supporters of some important breaking news today. A fundraising email dated August 7 breathlessly declares, "Breaking: Inside source says Udall only fears Owen Hill." 


Fox Think Tank Hosts Henhouse Security Conference

UPDATE: I almost ended this post with the line, "How dumb do you think Latinos are?" but I'm glad I didn't, because it turns out that question has a sad, sad answer. According to the author of Heritage's controversial report, the report they are still pushing, the answer is "0.72 standard deviations, suggesting a Hispanic-American IQ of 89.2." Jason Richwine later resigned from The Heritage Foundation after his enormously racist dissertation went viral.

Rather than withdrawing the report authored by a now-notorious racist, Heritage simply swept it under the rug for a couple of months and then put it back on their blog this week. Yep. This story is literally that ridiculous. The group trying to teach the GOP how to reach Latino voters employed, and still supports the work of, someone who thinks those Latino voters are a danger to the country because they're just so darn genetically stupid. 

Oh, isn't that nice? A free event teaching conservatives "how to message to Hispanic voters more effectively." Sounds like something the GOP desperately needs. Let's take a peep at what's on the menu…

Topics will include:

– Public Policy: Hispanics, economics, education, and family.

– Working with Hispanic media.

– Effectively communicating our values.

Well, that can't be all bad, can it? Republicans must have noticed that they didn't do too well last year with Latino voters, and now they're trying to bring Latinos into the fold. Perhaps the sponsors are among the many Republicans who support comprehensive immigration reform. Could it be they'll discuss the economic benefits of immigration? Highlight Latino-owned businesses? Praise the strong family values and faith-based traditions common in Latino families?


Fifty Shades of Jaxine?


Oh, myyyyy! Christian conservative-supported Morse recall proponent, Jaxine Bubis, moonlights as erotica author Jaxine Daniels. Gun shop owner Paul Paradis pulled the trigger today on a breathless, hand-wringing email outing Bubis and begging fellow Republicans to deny her their support. (Incidentally, Paradis is said to be a close friend of the other candidate hoping to oppose Senate President John Morse in a recall election, Bernie Herpin.)

“Beantown Heat” by Jaxine Daniels, a.k.a. Jaxine Bubis.

Intra-party maneuvering aside, this is pretty juicy stuff for a self-described "grammy who writes erotic romance." Her erotic fiction escapades included "Beantown Heat," an "anthology of sensual romance" centered on the sexy summer activities of Boston College staff members. 

A pearl-clutching Paradis  censored the juicy bits out of an "EXPLICIT & GROSS" excerpt quoted in his email, but methinks the creativity of Polsters will serve to fill gaps:

"Now *** ******* were deep inside her. She could feel herself clamp down > on him, aching for his **** inside her. But then he leaned down and began > sucking and licking her, as his fingers moved slowing in and out. In and > out." > (Pg. 65, Beantown Heat, BY Jaxine Bubis)

My personal favorite synopsis, from 2006's "Promise to Believe," appears to be an attempt to cash in on the horror-rotica trend started by the outsized success of Twilight



Bye, Boyles

The least surprising news of the week (okay, it's only Monday) comes from KHOW, where controversial hard-right radio host Peter Boyles has been fired, according to 9News. Boyles was recently said to be involved in a "heated physical altercation" with producer Greg Hollenback. Multiple sources reported that red marks were seen on Hollenback's neck following the incident with Boyles.

Yoda could have warned the notoriously immigrant-bashing, Islamophobic, "birther" radio host that it might come to this: 

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

I'll shed no tears for a fearful, angry hater who is now minus a radio job–but I do hope, for the sake of his family and fans, that Boyles has sought any necessary and appropriate care indicated following an alleged violent outburst toward a longtime friend and colleague. If Boyles seeks help and eventually chooses to discuss whatever challenges led him to make a (likely career-ending) move as serious as allegedly attacking his producer, he might do more good for his audience than he ever did as a political commentator. 

Bachmann’s Bizarre Colorado Connection: From One Deranged Congresscritter to Another…


It's almost too good to be true (although Lynn Bartels reported it first, in 2011, it's worth resurfacing now): Embattled former presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, the Minnesota Congressional Representative taking heat from an ethics investigation, whistle-blowing former staff, and more, got one of her closest staff members from none other than Marilyn Musgrave. The latter once appeared on a bipartisan list of the "13 most corrupt members of Congress," thanks to allegations that Musgrave misused her Congressional office for campaign purposes.

Guy Short, Musgrave's Chief of Staff, served as National Political Director for Bachmann's ill-fated presidential bid. And Colorado's contribution to the Bachmann team is alleged to be directly involved in Bachmann's alleged intentional campaign finance violations:

Former staffers tell The Daily Beast that investigators have allegedly asked about allegations of improper transfer of funds and under-the-table payments actions by Bachmann’s presidential campaign, specifically in relation to the campaign’s national political director, Guy Short, and Bachmann’s onetime Iowa campaign chairman, state Sen. Kent Sorenson. 

(emphasis mine)

Michelle Bachmann's past antics included a call for investigations by the media into "which members of Congress are anti-America." If potentially having violated American law knowingly counts, I guess she got her wish. Somehow, I doubt she'll cooperate with the media's investigation in this instance, though.

And as for Short, I just want to know how he phrases this skill on his LinkedIn profile: "Specialist in working with the deranged and allegedly corrupt?" "Doesn't let a few alleged campaign finance violations stop him from getting the job done?" "Can describe with a straight face political positions that make candidate a national laughingstock?"

And have Musgrave and Bachmann endorsed him for those? Will they be posting a recommendation?

Some Familiar Faces Make WaPo’s Best Political Reporters List

Washington Post political blog The Fix has released a list, generated from nominations through the blog, Twitter, and Facebook, of the best, most-read political reporters in all 50 states. Some of our favorites here made Colorado's list:


Congrats to the few, the proud, the over-caffeinated, exhausted, and still enthusiastic, Colorado's best political reporters! 

Special shout-out to Peter Marcus, the only Colorado reporter to make the list while working for a niche publication not owned and operated by a giant media conglomerate. That's hustle. But where is Ernest? Oh, well, I guess even The Fix misses a beat sometimes. 

One more thing: Is it just me, or is Colorado producing especially good journalistic talent lately? I think anyone on this list could go toe to toe with the national big-name journos and come out with her or his head held high. If it weren't for the voodoo doll in my desk–I mean, his deep attachment to Colorado and passionate dedication to his network–I'm sure Stokols would have been snatched up by a national network already. (I'd take him over Wolf Blitzer, but shift Anderson Cooper off my screen at your peril…) We seem to grow 'em talented around here, especially the last few years.

NRA Funding Thing Obviously Funded by NRA

In a stunning turn of events, Fox 31's Eli Stokols reveals today that the National Rifle Association is funding a lawsuit that dovetails with all the priorities of the National Rifle Association. The lawsuit's lead attorney, whose arguments mirror the policy positions of the National Rifle Association, has apparently received money from the National Rifle Association:

Dave Kopel, the Independence Institute’s resident Second Amendment expert, is the lead attorney on the lawsuit.

And FOX31 Denver has found that Kopel has received $1.39 million in grant money from the N.R.A. Civil Rights Defense Fund between 2004 and 2011. The group continues to fund Kopel, although tax information from 2012 and 2013 isn’t yet available.

“They’re the oldest civil rights organization in the United States,” Kopel told FOX31 Denver this week. “I’m a well-known Second Amendment expert and researcher. It would make sense that they would support what I do.”

The report by Fox also discovered that a group of 55 modestly compensated public servants did not provide the $1.39 million paid by the National Rifle Association to the lawyer whose positions mirror those of the National Rifle Association. However, the lawyer who received $1.39 million from the National Rifle Association insists that 55 modestly compensated public servants are sincerely and deeply concerned about the priorities of the National Rifle Association.

At press time, the National Rifle Association had not yet commented officially on the National Rifle Association's sponsorship of a lawyer whose positions mirror the policy statements of the National Rifle Association who is filing a lawsuit primarily consisting of contentions found in the policy positions of the National Rifle Association, but the National Rifle Association is expected to, at any moment, release a public statement clarifying that the National Rifle Association agrees with the principled views of 55 modestly compensated public servants.

In Which, Yes, Michelle Morin IS a Bigot, and Republicans Say So, Too

2010 Colorado Grassroots Leadership Award winner and one of "Campaigns and Elections" magazine's top five Republican influencers in Colorado, Michelle Morin, didn't mince words in a public Facebook post Thursday, alleging that gay unions would lead to the normalization of child rape. In her own words:


Morin was commenting on her own status post, in which she declared liberty unimportant when compared to critical things like the founding fathers' (read: Morin's) definition of "virtue":

morin2But this isn't a blog post about Michelle Morin saying something stupid. You can read her own blog for that. No, this is a blog post about Republicans and Tea Party affiliated Libertarians finally having had enough of the kind of outright hateful bigotry Morin displays here.



Balmer, Guzman, Court and Coram Advance Sensible Dog Legislation

Let's all take a moment today to recognize a piece of well-written, sensible legislation. SB 13-226, the "Dog Protection Act," is on its way to the Senate floor after receiving unanimous committee approval. Cosponsors in the Senate are David Balmer (R-Centennial) and Lucia Guzman (D-Denver). Their House counterparts are Lois Court (D-Denver) and Don Coram (R-Montrose). 

The proposed legislation reacts to a rash of dog shootings by law enforcement, characterized by pet dogs and service animals killed without giving owners a chance to contain their pets. Some such incidents were captured on video, showing no trace of aggression on the dog's part. Most police officers aren't animal behavior experts and may mistake a friendly greeting for an aggressive display. 

To reduce needless deaths of non-dangerous dogs, the Dog Protection Act empowers a twenty-three member volunteer task force to create training for law enforcement officers on dealing with dogs. The legislation requires that, in non-violent situations, law enforcement must give dog owners a chance to contain their dogs before using lethal force. This requirement allows for flexibility according to any exigencies present, such as whether officers are responding to a call involving a dog that has bitten a person. 


Scott Gessler Announces “Honey Badges” for Volunteers

4/2 POLS UPDATE: For future reference, please note the posted date of this story. Thank you.


Honey BadgeColorado's controversial Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, today launched a volunteer drive for his reelection campaign by announcing what he's calling "Honey Badges," wearable tokens of Gessler's esteem to be presented for volunteer-hour milestones. Not satisfied with autographing his "Honey Badger" Westword cover for campaign donors, the SoS will offer Honey Badges as rewards for volunteer tasks throughout his reelection campaign. Volunteers who collect Honey Badges can redeem them for prizes at various levels.