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July 12, 2013 11:47 AM UTC

Post Publisher Singleton and Talker Boyles Enjoy On-Air Love Fest

  • by: Jason Salzman

(Why do people like Boyles keep coming back? Because our “civic leaders” let them – promoted by Colorado Pols)

If I’m Post Publisher Dean Singleton, it’s hard to bear hug Peter Boyles.

Since Boyles began his downward spiral with the paranoid right, he’s done more than his share to mindlessly trash The Denver Post and journalism as a profession.

It’s not as bad as his attacks on Muslims and illegal immigrants, because, unlike those people, journalism exists to be attacked. But still.

But this didn’t stop Singleton from slobbering all over Boyles (and vice versa) on Boyles new KNUS show this morning.

Boyles introduced Singleton as “one of my favorite people in the world.”

To which Singleton said how much he missed Boyles on the air and joked that he had “no one to beat me up.” (Is there a union exec out there?)

Boyles told listeners that when he got fired, Singleton “was there and made sure I was ok.”

“Hey, I treasure your friendship,” Singleton responded. “You get me up every morning, and you know, you can’t have a carnival without a carnival barker.”

But I don’t want a carnival on the radio! Do you?

“We love our carnival barker,” Singleton told Boyles.


“You know what?” Boyles said with at least a handful of people listening to KNUS at 6:30 a.m. “I miss seeing you. Are you in town for a while?”

“I’m back,” Singleton replied. “This is the first time I’ve heard you on 710. We’ve had a lot of fun times together, and done a lot of fun things, and I wanted to welcome you back to the air, me and Colorado missed ya.”

Not the Muslims or the undocumented immigrants or, I would venture to say, most of the rational-minded journalists at The Denver Post. They didn’t miss him.

Still, we can agree that almost any local radio show is better than no local show. And even if Boyles is bad in many ways, he’s not all bad.

I’m just hoping Boyles stops himself from going to the deep end, and tearing down vulnerable people and institutions, as frequently as he did at his last job.


8 thoughts on “Post Publisher Singleton and Talker Boyles Enjoy On-Air Love Fest

  1. I guessing here that the real reason Singleton selfishly likes having Boyles on the air in Denver is because Boyles makes Bartels, Rosen, Carrol, and their ilk (even Andrews) look relatively sane, and sometimes objective by comparison …

    1. I never understood the Bartels hate.

      I suppose it's because this site is in direct competition with the work she does for the Post, and Pols is usually much better at it than she is. But I've never really found her objectionable in the way that Boyles or Rosen is.

  2. Ever seen two divorce lawyers fight it out in court, leaving their respective clients broke and suicidal…..then court is adjourned and the two lawyers go out and have lunch together and set up a golf date.

    I suspect that describes most of boyles' "media foes"…heck, Jason, didn't you go out to lunch with him?

    1. i'd like to have lunch with Boyles again. I admire him, for sure. Look at his career and his intelligence. But if his show disappeared, would i miss it? not really. not in its current form. maybe a little bit here and there. i'd ask boyles why he can't be a less desctructive media figure–and maintain his audience. I don't understand why he can't do better, and i'd ask him about this.

      1. Jason,  Do you remember what you talked about when you did have lunch with him?

        I find boyles, now, boring. He is predictable and goes over and over the same old "his mother was in Seattle when Obama was ten days old" stuff.  The radio signal is hard to get. I stop listening after a few minutes.

        I wonder if the situation at KHOW was an "All about Eve" scenario.  I wonder if his producer was the real talent behind the show.

  3. I stopped listening to Boyles when he took a position that Denver Public Library should not have a section of books in Spanish. From there, he went to denial of emergency services for immigrants. I managed to get through on a call, and asked him where he would want an immigrant woman in labor to have her baby. "In a dumpster," he replied. "Who cares?" I started to object, but he cut me off and went to another call.

    I wonder if he really held those opinions, or was playing to the fashionably anti-immigrant opinions of his audience at the time.

    1. I did not hear that exchange.  Thank you for posting it.  

      The profound anti-female ( I can't spell the correct term) bias permeates talk radio…..but rarely is it expressed so clearly.

      Another reason not to listen…..someone else will have to take over the boyles watch…


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