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May 15, 2012 09:16 PM UTC

Rep. Swalm's Curious Recommended Reading

  • by: Colorado Pols

As Tweeted by GOP state Rep. Spencer Swalm yesterday evening:

Which links to an opinion article that makes some interesting suppositions about Republicans and the Hispanic vote–commentary on the question of whether Republicans need to worry about about the Hispanic vote at all. The article Swalm linked to says while there is a danger in alienating Hispanics, it’s overblown and much more gradual a threat than represented in the media. It’s a very interesting opinion, not least to fellow Republicans now attempting to reach out to Hispanic voters. But you’ll probably want to consider the source: Rep. Swalm directed his Twitter followers to this article, posted at a website called

Here’s what the Southern Poverty Law Center says about


Founded:  1999

Ideology:  White Nationalist

Originally established in 1999 by the Center for American Unity, a Virginia-based nonprofit foundation started by English immigrant Peter Brimelow, is an anti-immigration hate website “dedicated to preserving our historical unity as Americans into the 21st Century.” Now run by the VDARE Foundation, the site is a place where relatively intellectually inclined leaders of the anti-immigrant movement share their opinions. also regularly publishes articles by prominent white nationalists, race scientists and anti-Semites…

And here’s a little more from Steve Sailer, the author of the article Swalm linked to:

I noted that the Republican Party has been digging itself an ever deeper electoral hole by tolerating (when not exacerbating) the lax immigration policies of the last four-plus decades. These caused demographic changes that are indisputably and inevitably deleterious to the GOP.

Yet, I pointed out, there remains a logical possibility that the country can avoid one-party Democratic rule even as far out as the middle of the 21st century. If all else remains equal, I calculated, Republican candidates could win in the 2048-2052 era simply by 1) increasing the GOP’s share of the white vote, from McCain’s 55 percent to 70 percent, and by 2) raising the white turnout level back to that seen in 1992… [Pols emphasis]

Imagine that the GOP starts finally advocating and delivering on policies that are beneficial for America’s white majority, and in response the Republican Party drops a stunning three-fourths of its black support. Instead of losing among blacks 95-4, the GOP would then lose 98-1.

Big deal!

To recap, the plan for victory in the multicultural future is to get more white people to vote GOP, thus offsetting the nonwhite voters they alienate! Why didn’t we think of that? This has got to be the simplest explanation for why the GOP opposes immigration we’ve ever seen, complicated only by the fact that it is absolutely horrifying. If you recall, Jim Welker lost his seat in 2006 after forwarding a piece about “black moral poverty” during Hurricane Katrina, and “gay diseases.”

It should go without saying that these views belong well outside the mainstream–which means somebody should be asking Rep. Swalm if he realizes who he Tweeted.


9 thoughts on “Rep. Swalm’s Curious Recommended Reading

  1. It will probably be tough for Swalm to admit that he posted from a white nationalist website without realizing it – but he should do the honorable thing and do so – and quickly.

    I can only assume he was forwarded this piece of trash by a follower and posted it without considering the reprehensible source.

  2. Seriously – is he from one of those rural areas without internet?  Maybe he couldn’t look up the source.

    Maybe he isn’t a white supremacist – perhaps there’s only white anglos in his district.

    Perhaps he know that the real key to getting the hispanic vote is to acknowledge they are white- hispanic is not a race, it’s an ethnicity.  

    1. which comprises the eastern half of Centennial, and some parts of south Aurora — hardly a rural area without internet! Swalm is as out of touch as Coffman and Balmer, the state Senator in the same area. It is time to clean house (and senate and Congress) in Arapahoe County and remove all of these clowns. Feel free to donate!

      Running against Balmer is David Paladino.

      Running against Swalm is Jan Spooner.

      I think you know who is running against Coffman.

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