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“Behavior which appears superficially correct but is intrinsically corrupt always irritates those who see below the surface.

–James Bryant Conant

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  1. Pita says:

    “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.” Abraham Lincoln

    Take your pick of the politician you’d most like to send this to today…

  2. ScottP says:

    I may have paraphrased a little bit.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Rickey hates his dickey?   (Hmmmm, makes me wonder what all those push-ups are about?)

    • SSG_Dan says:

      …considering the closest Frothy got to military service was living as a dependent at Naval Station Great Lakes, he needs to either do a tiny amount of research (men & women fighting & dying together in two theaters for 9 years) or STFU.  

      • MADCO says:

        Do we get to vote?

        ’cause I know which I would prefer.

      • DaftPunk says:

        The closest Rick Santorum ever got to combat is fighting his urge to fuck men.

        • SSG_Dan says:

          ….love the photo of a “weak” woman who won the Silver Star in Afghanistan by running through insurgent gunfire using her body to shield wounded soldiers while mortar rounds fell nearby.

          Dear Santorum: Go serve before you talk about our women in uniform

          To date, 280,000 women have deployed in support of the War on Terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, 144 of them paying the ultimate sacrifice for their country and 865 being wounded.

          They have served with valor, bravery, and competence against an enemy force that, while discriminating against their own women by keeping them from seeking equal rights in education and government roles, do not discriminate between men and women when pulling the trigger or detonating an IED.

          So Rick, leave it to the professionals, the women who have been fighting on battlefields (legally or not) since the inception of this country, fighting while you attended law school, fighting while you ran for Congress and the Senate, and fighting to this day while you still, on the basis of absolutely no experience, feel free to comment on their abilities.

          Back off.


  3. IndyNinja says:

    Clicky Here for the Full Article

    But even as commentators start to note the GOP effort to create a fictional Barack Obama, it looks like Republicans have decided to double down on the stupid. That is, they have strayed from plausible lies (lies that, to the uninformed, could feel true) to absurd ones.

    For example, on Tuesday, Sean Hannity made the ridiculous comment that Osama bin Laden’s death “wouldn’t have happened if he [Obama] had his way.”

    Really think about what he said for a second. When SEAL Team Six went into Pakistan to take out bin Laden, who gave the order? Here’s a hint: He has an oval-shaped office in the White House. If Obama didn’t want bin Laden killed, bin Laden would still be alive.

  4. nancycronk says:

    and when will it be covered 24/7 in the media? I can’t wait!

  5. Hey friends!

    I bought a table for the Colorado Democratic Party dinner tonight

    Total fluke chance that I’m in town this weekend – anyways – any of you wanna go???


    If you’d like to go, send me an email at ali at miguelali.com — I wanted to support our Party but now I gotta fill the table!

    Love and peace all – ALI

    • SSG_Dan says:

      I’ll even settle for just showing her the list of payola she’s gotten from Big Pharma and Big Med and ask her “WTF?”

      Just once…

    • BlueCat says:

      but already have plans with friends.  Hope you and PC and everyone else who makes it have a great time. I’ll just have to console myself with Indian food and an Irish bar in place of the rubber chicken.

      Meanwhile, ArapG must be feeling better:

      Romney won 38 percent of the CPAC straw poll votes, with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum coming in second at 31 percent. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) picked up 15 percent of the votes and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who won the straw polls in 2010 and 2011, received only 12 percent of the vote.

      Guess Ron Paul has become too been there done that for them.

      The downside for ArapBot is Dems now have all the footage they need for their general election ads showing how far out of the mainstream the guy is, or at least now claims to be. Also plenty for the old moderate Romney said/new severe conservative (something to do with S&M, perhaps?) Romney says ads.

      Must have been that story about how Daddy could spit nails out pointy end first that put him over the top.  

    • dukeco1 says:

      w/you at dinner, Ali. Alas…I cannot.

      But I will take a rain check for next year and even split the cost of the table with you. Have a good time!

    • DavidThi808 says:

      Unfortunately I’m out of town this weekend or I would have taken you up on this.

  6. SSG_Dan says:

    Republican’t Reality Distortion Field in 3…2…1….

    (as reported in the Daily Prophet)

    Lawmaker tells TV station she never threatened to leave Republican Party, taped interviews say otherwise

    Rep. Laura Bradford told a Grand Junction TV station she never considered leaving the Republican Party, which contradicts a taped interview she gave to The Denver Post and statements she made to other news outlets.

    Here’s what Bradford told KKCO, according to the TV station’s web site:

       Rep. Bradford denies stating publicly that she would leave the party, and lays that blame on a media feeding frenzy. “A reporter, when I was walking down the hall, shouted at me, are you thinking of all your options, well certainly, they inferred party change, I never spoke the words, that the party change was on the table.”

       She adds, “My principles and values are Republican. They haven’t changed in the last day, they haven’t changed in the last week, they’re not going to change.”

    Link here: http://blogs.denverpost.com/th

    Daily Prophet’s Terms of use here: http://www.denverpost.com/term

    (note that all rights are credited to the appropriate owner. NO material is being published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed for any commercial purpose.)

    • BlueCat says:

      claiming that what you say wasn’t intended to be factual and even for insisting that anyone who quotes you accurately in context with audio or video back up is a liar if you say they are.  That is if you’re a Republican.  So in GOP world, she’s on solid ground no matter what your silly facty reality based sources say. Rove decreed the rejection of objective reality as relevant to anything a long tome ago.  

  7. Ralphie says:


    This makes me sad for many reasons.

    RIP, Whitney.

  8. ClubTwitty says:

    Yet another roundabout. I’m sick and tired of the city forcing their European/socialist ideas on the rest of us. What’s wrong with a simple and much cheaper stop sign?


  9. harrydoby says:

    Get A Load Of This One — According to the latest national PPP poll, Santorum is now 15 points ahead of Romney.

    Of course, I believe this is just the latest flash-in-the-pan lead of a “Not-Romney” candidate.

    The numbers are 38% for Santorum and Romney’s typical bedrock number — 23%.

    Santorum has a high level of popularity, notes PPP, with 64 percent of voters seeing him favorably and only 22 percent expressing a negative view of him. Romney and Gingrich aren’t so lucky. Romney’s favorability rating “is barely above water,” with 44 percent saying they view him favorably and 43 percent negatively.

    So basically, Santorum’s current positive aura with voters is another mirage borne of ignorance.  

    Romney’s campaign (and his Super-PAC) will kick their negative campaign into high gear to disabuse voters of their gentle thoughts towards Santorum.

    Then it’ll be back to getting the least-worst candidate (Romney) to the convention on time.  But I really am beginning to believe there will be a brokered convention and a “white knight” candidate drafted then.  

    Will T-Paw get a second chance?  Will Christy finally jump in?  Should be a rollicking good time!

    • DavidThi808 says:

      And they figure they’re tired of compromising and want to put up someone who does represent their wishes. And they convince themselves that the majority in this country want that. I think they could talk themselves into nominating Santorum.

      Unlikely, but it is possible.

      • harrydoby says:

        Yes, the GOP is going to fracture this year if any of the current declared candidates take the nomination.

        Romney would simply lose a close fight.

        Santorum would lose nearly as bad as Goldwater.

        Currently, the GOP base is pretty much at the point of saying “None of the above”.  So yes, a fresh but not unfamiliar face would be welcome at the convention.  Can they pull off a surprise in November from a standing start this summer?

        The speed of campaigns is reaching internet velocities, so yes, it’s possible.  A “Savior” could benefit from a short campaign — not enough time wear out their welcome to the GOP voters. If the honeymoon extends long enough, they might squeeze out a victory in November before familiarity breeds too much contempt (Scott Walker syndrome).

        Of course, if the GOP fails to torpedo the economic recovery, then they lose anyway.

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