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February 25, 2022 11:35 AM UTC

Faye Griffin is Running in Jefferson County (Yet Again)

  • by: Colorado Pols
Republican Faye Griffin, 82, is running for Jeffco Treasurer.

We wrote last week about the ridiculous Republican retread ticket in Jefferson County, where proven political losers such as Don Rosier, Libby Szabo, and Vicki Pyne are taking another shot at public office in Jefferson County government. We often say that the Republican bench in Colorado is basically a phone booth, but even so…is this REALLY the best Republicans could do in 2022?

Apparently so. There are roughly 93,000 registered Republican voters in Jeffco, but the GOP is returning to a long-dry well for the office of County Treasurer. Yes, Faye Griffin is back.

If you’re not familiar with this absurd person, allow us to catch you up. Griffin is a serial job-hopper in Jefferson County who has run for (and resigned early) from pretty much every elected position in county government. She was elected Jeffco Treasurer in 2006, but left that office two years later in order to run for County Commissioner; Griffin then left that job early in order to run (again) for Jeffco Clerk and Recorder. Griffin was not particularly good at any of these jobs.

In 2018 Griffin was finally sent packing — despite being endorsed by a Founding Father — when Democrat George Stern prevented her from a second term as Clerk and Recorder. Griffin lost that race in part because of revelations that she had charged the county for excessive reimbursement amounts related to conferences she attended in Washington D.C.

But, of course, the 82-year-old Griffin wants to get back on the ballot in 2022. Griffin is hoping that Jeffco voters don’t remember that she literally quit two years after being elected County Treasurer in 2008, just as Rosier needs voters to forget that he wants to be elected to the same County Commissioner position that he also quit in 2017.

Griffin, Rosier, and Szabo aren’t running for office in 2022 because they want to serve the people of Jefferson County; they’re running because they want the county to serve THEM.

You don’t have to go home, but for crying out loud, please leave.



23 thoughts on “Faye Griffin is Running in Jefferson County (Yet Again)

      1. What democracy? Last time I went to my precinct caucus, the only thing happening was writing checks if one wanted to go to the county assembly. Decisions about which candidates would be supported had already been made by the county committee, or somebody much higher up than us mere peons. I never returned, and neither did some of my neighbors who were there.

            1. Woah. What are we, in 3rd grade? "I'm paper, you're glue, bounce off me, sticks to you."

              I'm sure you thought that was the ultimate putdown. laugh

            2. That's because there are no "Democrat" caucuses…they are Democratic caucuses and since 1976, I don't remember ever being required to pay.

              Republicans always seem to want everyone, no matter how incapable, to have "skin in the game". Rick Scott is not alone in that philosophy.

              1. While I’ve never been required to pay, I’ve been hit many times at caucuses for cash. I usually give them $20 to help pay the bills.

      1. The Jeffco Dems website shows their County candidates and shows only a Gonzales running for Clerk. Doesn't make sense since Stern is doing a good job why he would stop.

        1. Jeffco Dems website is wrong. Look on TRACER. ( candidate search) George Stern has an active committee and is raising  $$ for the Clerk campaign.

          I was in meetings where it was rumored that Stern would not seek re-election; but apparently, he decided to give it another go. You could always email his committee or call him if you want to be certain- ontact info is on TRACER.

  1. She's running against COVID truther Jerry DiTullio, the tool who ran the jihad against COVID response manager Dr. Dawn Comstock. I'd vote for a dead dog before I'd vote for him. 

  2. “Jerry has been accessible and proactive as our JeffCo Treasurer. He has worked tirelessly with the JeffCo legislators to bring forth legislation to support residential and commercial property taxpayers, such as waiving late payment interest and arranging payment plans during the COVID pandemic in 2020 and 2021.”

     Lindsey Daugherty, State Representative  


  3. “I am pleased to endorse Jerry DiTullio for re-election as our Jefferson County Treasurer. Throughout his tenure, Jerry and his department have made every effort to work with property owners and provide effective and efficient service to the public. Jerry is a thoughtful and proactive public servant, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting his re-election.”

    – Congressman Joe Neguse


  4. “Since Jerry DiTullio was elected, he has worked tirelessly to bring transparency and accessibility to the County Treasurer’s office. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he worked with State officials to bring relief to Jefferson County taxpayers by bringing forward a program that allowed maximum flexibility with property tax payments. Because of Treasurer DiTullio’s commitment to transparency, accessibility, and stewardship of the citizens’ tax dollars, I am honored to endorse him in the 2022 election.”

    – Janeece Hoppe, Wheat Ridge City Council


  5. "Treasurer Jerry DiTullio understands how important it is to make sure our county financial information and investments are transparent and easy to understand. Jerry and his staff have developed a monthly easy-to-read financial reporting system which is available on the county treasurer webpage. During the pandemic, Jerry worked tirelessly supporting JeffCo taxpayers by accepting payment plans and waiving interest on late payments in accordance with state law passed in 2020 and 2021. Please join me in voting for Jerry this November!”


     Amanda Gonzalez, JeffCo Clerk and Recorder Candidate


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