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January 06, 2022 08:51 AM UTC

Don Coram's In: Here's How It Could Work

  • by: Colorado Pols
State Sen. Don Coram (R).

As the Montrose Daily Press broke first and several other news outlets followed up in coverage today, Republican state Sen. Don Coram of Montrose is officially getting in the race to relieve the state of Colorado from its greatest national embarrassment in a generation, freshman GOP controversy aggregatrix Rep. Lauren Boebert–setting up a primary that will chart the course for Colorado Republicans for a long time afterward.

Don Coram doesn’t think “moderate” is a dirty word — and he thinks the majority of electors agree.

Coram, currently state senator for District 6, is banking on those electors turning out at the polls and sending him to Washington, D.C. The Montrose Republican on Monday filed paperwork to run for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, putting months of speculation to rest…

“I’m looking at our state and our nation and I’m very concerned that the 10% on the right and the 10% on the left are making all the noise and getting all the attention, and the 80% in the middle are totally ignored,” Coram told the Montrose Daily Press on Tuesday evening.

The Colorado Sun’s Jesse Paul:

The Colorado Sun first reported in December that Coram was considering whether to launch a primary challenge to Boebert. Coram is considered a moderate Republican while Boebert is aligned with the party’s far right wing.

“If you’re not willing to reach out and talk to someone that has a different political persuasion than you do and just pound your fist and say ‘this is how it is,’ it’s not going to work,” Coram said during the event. “We are so polarized and so divided with no intentions at this time of changing that.”

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports, don’t look for Sen. Coram to get into the proverbial pit with Rep. Boebert on Twitter, because that’s not the kind of campaign he’s going to run:

Coram said he doesn’t plan to go negative on anyone, saying his candidacy will be based on telling voters who he is and why they should choose him. Unlike Boebert and Zimmerman, he doesn’t have a Twitter account and doesn’t plan on getting one.

“I don’t think I need it at all,” he told The Daily Sentinel on Wednesday. “I worked for an old man a long time ago who said, ‘Never argue with a fool. A bystander can’t tell the difference.’ That’s what Twitter is to me.” [Pols emphasis]

Challenging a first-term incumbent whose sole objective since being elected to Congress has been to keep her name in the headlines good or bad is definitely an uphill battle. Although Boebert has struggled to keep pace with the massive fundraising hauls of some of her MAGA faction peers, Boebert has formidable resources to draw on to fight off a primary challenge.

What does Don Coram have? Well, Coram has Lauren Boebert. It’s not necessary for Coram to directly attack Boebert in order to present himself as a more credible alternative who would better meet the needs of the Third Congressional District. Boebert’s inability to distinguish between good and bad attention ensures a steady supply of (metaphorical) ammo for independent messengers to take care of that. Boebert keeps herself in the negative spotlight well enough that Coram doesn’t need to point it out–just to hold the high ground while she does it.

That won’t be enough, though. The key to unseating Lauren Boebert in the 2022 Republican primary will lie in a groundswell of turnout from the district’s unaffiliated voters–all of whom will receive a Republican primary mail ballot under Colorado’s somewhat controversial open-ish primary laws. This is the same possibility that led to last year’s failed attempt by hard-right Republicans to cancel the primary and revert to a caucus system to choose nominees. A strong unaffiliated turnout combined with Republicans who are fatigued by Boebert’s antics is a feasible majority coalition to put a challenger like Coram over the top.

As we’ve said before, even though CD-3 was drawn a few points redder in the 2020 redistricting cycle, it’s not out of reach for a strong Democratic challenger against a scandal-plagued incumbent. Before that, however, Republicans have a chance to undo the damage done by letting a public relations disaster like Boebert get past their filters.

If Republicans do not take it, they take ownership of Lauren Boebert. It’s that simple.


37 thoughts on “Don Coram’s In: Here’s How It Could Work

  1. What does Don Coram have, other than Lauren Boebert as a primary opponent?

    For starters, he has working knowledge, and/or expertise in, interests of concern to the 3rd District. Things like jobs, the economy, education, agriculture, tourism & outdoor recreation, public lands management, water, including river compacts.

    In other words, Senator Coram has knowledge and skills, that Boebert doesn't have, to far better serve the District. All Boebert has is a Trump-style MAGA big mouth spouting all sorts of b.s.


    1. So… He's going to lose is what you are saying. Clearly doesn't get the Republican party is and has been the party of crazy and stupid. 

  2. We will find out how much sanity still exists in the 3rd CD. It's not just the Republicans at issue, it's also the Us and Ds. Can the latter two figure out how to vote for Coram? Are they willing to even find out?

    I have strong D friends refusing to participate in any R primary games because they are so dedicated to getting a Democrat elected. They won't or can't figure out that it's a hopeless cause.


  3. Although Coram and my public policy views are significantly different, I believe he would be a breath of fresh air and a solid dose of sanity for a district and state suffering from Boebert. 

    Nevertheless, I don't think that Hickenlooper sticker on his shirt will at all aid him in a Republican primary. 



  4. Umm, what exactly does "moderate" mean? AFAIK it's just a marketing term, sort of a feel-good, branding exercise.

    To me, a moderate would be someone who supports super popular, mainstream issues like:
     – Child Credit
     – Obamacare
     – Mail-in Voting.
     – Social Security
     – Medicare
     – Women's Right to choose an Abortion 
     – Progressive Tax Code
     – Transition to Electric, Renewable Economy

    As I understand it ALL Republicans are opposed to those things, and even wish to roll-back FDR's agenda. Remember when Ronald Reagan claimed that allowing Medicare, our children would wake up Communists?

    So is Coram actually a Moderate, or is does he support the Republican Libertarian Paradise?

      1. In what way is Social Security "limo-liberal" (whatever THAT means)?

        I would define "Moderate" as supporting the main-stream issues that are most popular with the public.

        In contrast "Radical" or "Reactionary" would be opposing these main-stream issues.

        Personally, post-Trump, I see that the underlying battle is between Democracy and Kleptocracy. In that regard is Coram any better than Boebert?

        1. A “limo-liberal” or limousine liberal is something said by out of touch, behind the times, unrelatable Republicans. (Usually stuck in the 80s- early 90s)

          Often these people can’t see the difference between a limousine and a four-door car as seen with Sen. Hickenlooper. 

          These people don’t know what an Uber Black SUV is and then go on long racist rants about Critical Race Theory while you wait in DIA nervously looking offended faces to blame it all on dementia. 

          It’s a simple alliteration that should mock Democrats as out of touch but shows how far away from current reality the user of this old time expression are. 



    1. I am looking forward to finding out. Coram has coal mining interests. If he is a Hickenlooper fan, that is NOT a plus. It would likely be a function of their mutual friends in the Fossilonian Empire.


  5. If I were in the third district I would seriously consider registering as a republican so I could vote for him in the primary.  Seems like the best chance to get rid of Boebert by far.  Winning a republican primary will be hard for him but if he pulls it off I think he will win the election easily given the lean of the district.  Anyone with a D after their name is at a severe disadvantage.

    1. In order to get rid of Boebert, one of two groups is going to have to sacrifice for the common good. Either a bunch of Dems will need to change registration to Ind and get Coram the Repub nomination. This is a sacrifice because, if it works, it will all but guarantee a Repub victory in the general.

      Or. let Boebert win the primary, and count on the sane Repubs in the district to vote for the Democrat. They can rationalize that it is just a two-year term and they can get another Republican back in office in 2024.

      Personally, given what we have seen from Republican voters, I would not want to count on them doing the right thing. It is going to be up to the Dems and Independents to crash the Republican primary to get rid of Boebert. 

      1. I think your assessment of the dynamics in this race is spot on. 

        Few things motivate a GQPer like "owning the libs". I'm not sure you could get CD3 Republicans to vote for any Democrat…regardless of any resemblance to Rooster…😉

        1. But you might be able to get them so disgusted that the don't bother to vote.

          You win elections by turn-out, not so much persuasion. Culture wars, anti-vaxxing and gun-nut rhetoric is all about whipping up the base, and cutting through the noise of modern lives.

  6. At the end of the day, while it would be nice to get rid of that shrieking embarrassment Palin clone, Coram would vote to make Kevin McCarthy the Speaker, and that’s disqualifying.

    1. Do some math. If the Republicans take back the House by 30 plus seats, then how Coram might vote isn't too relevant. Also bear in mind that he would be a freshman and wanting to get established as a voice of sanity. 

  7. Talk about Misogyny! Does anybody remember that an unknown WOMAN defeated Scott Tipton in a Primary, then went on to win the seat? Why is Don Coram framed as the savior? This woman is sticking with the woman who has been working for over a year to unseat Boebert.


    1. I’ve always thought that a woman could win CD3, but she’d have to be tough. Boebert seems tough, with her Glock- wearing, MAGA Mama schtick, but I wonder how much is just surface branding. 
      Boebert isn’t tough  enough to handle dissent, or compromise. It’s all “My way or the highway”. 
      If Marina Zimmerman can create a “brand” as a crane operator ,construction worker and business person that is as compelling as Boebert’s was, she could win the primary. Zimmerman has a compelling life story, and seems to have made better life choices than Bobo. 
      She also signals that she can handle disagreement and compromise, which would be refreshing. And she seems to have a solid understanding of issues important to her constituents.

    2. The problem, CK, is that right now two Not Batshit Crazy Republicans are competing against a certifiable Bottled in Trump Bat Shit Crazy Republican in a district where BSC Republicans are in the majority to begin with.  That’s the same split that has kept Doug Lamborn in power all these years.

      1. If Coram or Zimmerman have a chance, their work will be demonstrated between now and the Republican convention by fundraising, and at the convention by a good-sized faction voting against the continuation of Boebert. 

        If either one gets to Washington DC, the pressure of the Republican Conference will dominate and determine most votes.  Only a few topics might show independence. 

    3. I am pretty certain you didn’t just fall off a turnip truck, so you already know the answer to your question.😁

      Coram has been selected for support because he is a bona fide Good Ol’ Boy, anointed by the Fossilonian Gods. I heard him say our divisions are not left to right, but urban and rural. He is a hog trough warrior and he will do what he is told.

      Marina Zimmerman CAN beat Boebert. So can Coram, though I believe he will have a tougher time because of his labeling as a RINO by the RWNJ caucus.

      Marina doesn’t have that baggage. She then becomes a tougher target for Reppy le Pew Pew. 

      She doesn’t need to pack heat to appear tough. She is a crane operator. That job requires determination and nerves of steel. 

      Coram is just a refurbished Ray Scott. He is only slightly better than Boebert and more dangerous because he is a competent sell out, not a loony toon gun nut.

  8. Duke & Konola: like it or don’t, a Democrat cannot win CD3. The crazy one (R) is the incumbent with a national war chest. Zimmerman is still an unknown and broke despite months of work. Coram is a semi-known quantity with some ability to raise money. It matters not where the money comes from…these are Republicans we’re talking about.

    From where I sit Coram has the only real chance of beating she-who-shall-not-be-named. He isn’t anywhere near perfect and doesn’t have to be. He’s not a lunatic. She is. I’m voting Coram.


    1. Good for you, Gertie. I think you’re spot on. Now if only enough “U’s” can be persuaded to vote the “R” ballot and pitch Two-gun Tootsie out of her seat. How much further right has CD-3 drifted since John Salazar held it?

    2. You know how much I respect you and your POV, Gertie, but we differ here. I think you are missing my point.

      Don Coram= Scott Tipton

      Boebert is an ineffectual loudmouth. Coram is not. She is so inept and radical she only embarrasses the GOP. She is far less dangerous regarding policy and actual legislation than a GOB like Coram who IS capable, if not enlightened.

      I don’t have any illusions about a Dem winning CD3 (unless, like I said, John Waynes’ ghost could change parties and somehow challenge her.) Zimmerman is not a Democrat. She is a Republican, but not part of the “Club”

      I would rather see two more years of Boebert, publicly embarrassing Republicans and accomplishing nothing, than see her replaced by an effective Oily Boy, who will, if elected, immediately set about destroying environmental regulations and enabling his fossilonian friends.

      Boebee is stupid. Coram is dangerous. 

  9. I’m with Gertie on this. One can listen to more Duke ranting or get some actual facts.

    It’s real easy to go on line and review Conservation Colorado’s 2021 legislative scorecard. Coram was the 5th highest scorer (43%) of the 15 Senate Republicans, trailing Kevin Priola (93%), Bob Rankin (57%), Cleave Simpson (54%), and Dennis Hisey (50%). Coram’s 2021 score is higher than his lifetime score, which is good.

    Coram voted “wrong” on a couple of bills that, based on their titles, sound good to me. But I think he can be educated on issues.

    If someone really thinks they’d rather have another two years of Lauren Boebert in office, I’d advise them to read her op-ed that ran in the Denver Post on December 28.

    1. Excuse me..?..

      Exactly what part of my comment do you consider ranting?

      You are always yammering and bellyaching about civil discourse…OK…I’m trying. So please identify for me where I ranted…I’ll try to do better.

      PS…”5th highest of the Colo. Senate Republicans”
      Really? I am completely underwhelmed…what a joke.

      1. "ranting……" 

        "an effective Oily Boy who will, if elected, immediately set about destroying environmental regulations and enabling his fossilonian friends……Coram is dangerous."

        "5th highest of the Colo. Senate Republicans……I am completely underwhelmed…what a joke." 

        43% is decent in these times for a Republican. One would know this if one followed the Legislature. Disclosure: I did not review ConCo's House member ratings.

        Again, one should read Boebert's Post op-ed from Dec. 28.

        1. So you don't really understand the word, do you? Do you think I am pacing back and forth , vehemently shouting my words as I type them? 

          To you, I think "rant" means: To repeat a truth I don't want to hear, using language intended to melt "snowflakes". 

          "Decent" on the environment? Sorry…not good enough. I resent funding his Uranium business with taxes. He has a record. Pew Pew will brand him a RINO and crush him in the primary.

          Someday you may actually address such details about your fave, instead of attacking my prose. I shall not hold my breath.

  10. How Dems can win in CO-03:

    (1) Coram beats Boebert with the help of Dems voting in the Rep primary
    (2) RWNJ Reps sit out the election because Coram is a Rino
    (3) Rep brand is so toxic that Dems dominate the election

    Frankly, since Coram and Boebert won’t vote any differently, I almost prefer Boebert as a constant reminder of how the Republican Party has become the anti-democracy party.

  11. Not being a resident of CD3 currently, my main priority is getting rid of the Boebert noise machine.

    So I’m going to contribute to her primary opponent. Of the two main ones, Zimmerman seems to have more integrity and plain speaking, on January 6, on fossil fuel development, all kinds of things. Plus I don’t care for how Coram is leaving taxpayers to clean up his family mine messes. Since 2013, he’s been saying that he is “taking steps” or “plans to shut down and clean up”. He has shut down, but not cleaned up, his four “Golden Eagle” uranium mines.

    Those mines are now “zombies” – waiting for the DOE to come in and finish the reclamation job.

    And he’s trying to renew leases to start mining uranium again on these public lands. The story in 2019 with Coram’s uranium mines is exactly the same as it was in 2013 – Coram “plans to” take steps to close these mines down. He did not object when DOE failed to inspect or reclaim these radioactive sites. His platform, such as it is,  is all buzzwords about free enterprise  – read deregulation and keeping government from interfering with private company profits. Nice for him.


    Uranium mining has the highest rates of cancer for miners, their families, and residents downstream. Tailings leach into the water, and dust blows radioactive matter everywhere. Uranium – contaminated water is contaminated forever, and the Western slope does not have water to spare.

    In good conscience, I can’t contribute nor support someone who profits and fails to clean up from uranium mining. So for me it’s contribute to Zimmerman in the primary, and whichever Dem is the nominee in the general.


  12. We’re not getting a Democrat in CD3. As Duke noted, not even John Wayne could pull it off.

    We’re also not getting an unknown and poorly funded Republican being adopted by progressive women in the 3rd.

    We’re going to end up with Boebert again unless Coram somehow can attract votes from unaffiliateds who bother to vote in a primary, the few Democrats who will do the registration dance to vote in the Republican primary and Republicans appalled at Boebert and who would like a congressman who knows what a water right is.

    I understand Duke’s objection to Coram. That doesn’t matter to Republicans. Remember we’re talking about a Republican primary here.

    Better make sure Ed’s successor is a Democrat. The chances are much better.



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