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December 09, 2021 09:50 AM UTC

Durango Herald: Boebert is an Embarrassment

  • by: Colorado Pols

THURSDAY UPDATE: As predicted below, Boebert is is playing the victim in response:


UPDATE: The publisher of the Montrose Daily Press and the Delta County Independent also recently called for Boebert’s ouster in 2022.



Via The Durango Herald (12/8/21)

The Durango Herald today published one of the more scathing editorials about a local politician that we’ve ever seen in our time observing Colorado politics. The editorial board of the Herald has apparently had their fill of Congressperson Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert:

In the 2022 election, Colorado Republicans and Democrats should do their best to replace Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Rifle. The woman is an embarrassment – to her district and her party. [Pols emphasis]

She is an ineffective representative, offensive to everything Democrats value and a political threat to the GOP. (When the voters tire of her act, which they will, it could cost the Republicans a seat in the narrowly divided House.) Those facts should encourage all involved to be done with her.

Since winning the office in 2020, Boebert has ostensibly represented Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, which includes Durango and much of Western Colorado. But rather than directing her energy toward working on behalf of her district she has focused on what amounts to her extended middle finger. That does not get anything done.

Yeah, that’s enough.

Those are strong words, but the editorial is just getting started:

…More to the point, what is going on here is not governing. Boebert is supposed to be representing the interests of her district. Instead, she has played to a portion of the electorate that seems to see democracy as some sort of circus act…

…Boebert seems to think acting the fool is her job description. And, unless representative government is seen as akin to one of those talk-show screaming matches, Boebert is not representing Western Colorado. Nor does she seem interested in doing so. Enough is enough. [Pols emphasis]

We’ve wondered for some time in this space about how long Boebert would be able to get away with her carnival barker approach to politics before her constituents started to get sick of the act and start seeking out actual “representation.” If Boebert is removed from her committee assignments in response to her anti-Muslim rhetoric, the freshman from Rifle will have a difficult time answering the basic question, “So, what is it that you actually DO here?”

Keep in mind that The Durango Herald is not traditionally a bastion of liberal thought. In the 2018 election cycle, the Herald endorsed several Republicans for top offices in Colorado, including George Brauchler for Attorney General, Wayne Williams for Secretary of State, and Walker Stapleton for Governor. No newspaper that endorsed Walker-freaking-Stapleton can be labeled a lefty rag.

Boebert is unlikely to change her ways based on one editorial from The Durango Herald, but she should at least be concerned by what was published today. We seem to have reached a tipping point in which media outlets have tired of Boebert’s divisive (and largely pointless) incendiary rhetoric. Even Boebert’s fellow Republican colleagues are dismissing her as a silly performance artist.

Boebert will undoubtedly respond to today’s editorial with over-the-top feigned indignity. She’ll play the victim and claim that the “media elites” are out to get her. This is what she does. This is ALL she does.

And that, dear friends, is precisely the point.


10 thoughts on “Durango Herald: Boebert is an Embarrassment

  1. Ouch — won’t no hair grow in that spot again!

    It’s become quite embarrassing to admit being from Colorado whenever this loud, ignorant, ill-manned, uncouth, yapping little congressional troll’s name is brought up in decent, respectable company.

    1. The Herald didn’t endorse her in 2020 either, but she still oozed through the election and she surely will again – the deplorables that unfortunately compose the majority of CD-3 don’t care about anything but “owning the libs” in the most crass and trashiest way possible, so she’s perfect for them.

  2. Qbie completely missed any kind of useful or constructive* calling she might have ever had when The Jerry Springer Show went off the air . . .

    (*recognizing here that some consider entertainment useful or constructive as a kind of opiate of the afternoon TV-viewing masses, because it keeps the bubbas and bubbettes home and on their couches.)

  3. Today's Denver Post chimed in as well with a pair of well-timed Op-Eds

    The American people deserve better.

    For the future sake of this country, we have to stop focusing on the extreme behavior of a few and start focusing on the growing list of very serious issues facing this country.

    Just imagine what a world it would be if potential bipartisan solutions to our nation’s problems made headlines across this country when they were presented.

    Imagine the progress we’d make if they — and not the hate-filled comments of a few — were suddenly catapulted to the top of every national news show, where they were dissected by analysts, flushed out by experts and quickly became the center of our national debate.

    Spotlight the good work of the Colo. delegation

    Where have all the grown-ups gone?

    1. That was a fine piece by DeGette.  She put the narrative on where it should be, people working together to get things done.  Joe Neguse is another representative who works across the aisle on things like forest mitigation.

      It is important in a Democracy to remember that your opponent is not your enemy.  Your opponent is also an American who wants to live in peace and prosperity.  If everyone thinks that their opponent is their enemy then the country is already lost.  Impossible as it sounds, our better angels require us to hold out hope that this current atmosphere of acrimony by one party towards another is a passing phenomenon and a new era of collaboration is still possible.

  4. While it is true that not everyone who disagrees with the government is a seditionist, there are dangerous people who aid and abet the Frontline troops. In another thread about that Oltmann character, he is quoted trying to recruit support for his imagined revolutionary army.

    These people would be called, if my etymological studies don't fail me…sympathizers. When you see all those people in the photos with seditionists like congresswoman Boebert, they are guilty, too. 

    They have a responsibility as American citizens to understand and reject the unlawful effort to overthrow their government. By continuing to fund and refuse to condemn these violent insurrectionists…(shouting here) YOU ARE A SYMPATHIZER.

    Most readers here are aware of my longstanding challenge  to our cadre of "conservatives". If you are not a supporter of Donald Trump and EVERY excess he perpetrates, what are you doing to stop him?

    And particularly

    ..those of you who voted him in to office. Are you going to, by your silence and inactivity, allow him to use the Republican Party you say you cherish, for such a pernicious purpose?

    Stop this nonsense. If you don't stop it in 2022, it may be too late. If Trumplicans gain control of the Senate and the House, it is game over for Democracy.

    Republicans can stop this. Will they ?

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