Not Laughing Off Lauren Boebert’s Latest

As readers know, we’ve kicked off a recurring series of posts we call “Deep Thoughts By Lauren Boebert,” consigning some of the more bizarre pronouncements from Colorado’s newest Republican member of Congress to posterity before they get deleted or otherwise lost in the din. Rep-.elect Boebert’s…unique blend of homespun frankness and susceptibility to whatever nutty distraction is airing on Newsmax or TOTALLY BY COINCIDENCE the subject of the latest “Q-drop” makes it likely we’ll be doing lots of “Deep Thoughts” posts over the next two years.

This morning, however, we’re setting aside our humor, because this isn’t actually funny at all.

GOP CD-3 candidate Lauren Boebert, pork sliders.

First of all this Boebert’s assumption is factually wrong, the overall case fatality rate for COVID-19 infections in the United States is about 1.8%. As of today, that’s 319,827 American deaths out of a total of just over 18 million total confirmed cases.

We realize that outrage fatigue is the rule today, but what kind of person cracks jokes about 319,827 dead Americans? Earlier this month, there was Boebert’s interview with Colorado Public Radio in which she breezily declared that health care workers had “signed up” for disaster caused by popular disregard of public health orders–almost as bad, perhaps worse depending on your personal point of view. Boebert said at that time she hadn’t decided whether to get the vaccination she’s prioritized for as a member of Congress.

This seems to indicate she’s made up her mind on that, anyway.

The one thing we can perhaps say in Boebert’s defense is her Tweet appears to copy without attribution an even more incorrect observation by right-wing “comic” Chad Prathers, whose bad parody “Friends in Safe Spaces” (don’t watch it, it’s terrible) made him a minor hit on the MAGA tour set:

As we have to restate far too often in this day and age, it’s one thing for a comedian to say something outrageous and wrong and stupid. It’s much worse when a member of Congress from Colorado says it, or it least it should be to Coloradans. Republican politicos who downplayed the pandemic from the beginning now using their vaccination appointments as a photo-op have drawn a great deal of deserved criticism this week, but what Boebert did here is probably the only thing that could be worse.

Particularly since, as usual, Lauren Boebert doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.

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  1. kickshot says:

    Ask her "At what point does the death toll quit being a punchline?".

  2. Voyageur says:

    The death rate is actually somewhat higher than 1.8, since some of the soaring number of 18 million cases will eventually die.  As for me, the three members of my household who were exposed have passed quarantine and tested negative!

    The three extended family members who have covid — my daughters fathet-in-law and my granddaughter’s boyfriend’s parents — are still alive and at home, slowly recovering.


    How is Mike Bowman doing?

  3. Diogenesdemar says:

    Perhaps, a sincere question . . .

    . . . from someone who didn't learn percentages in her GED class?

  4. kickshot says:

    QBert serves as an excellent starting argument for the redistricting breakup of CD-3 since that part of the state is recently totally incapable of electing a qualified and effective representative.

    NYT's Jennifer Senior seems to want to dumb down Congress because too many are holders of college degrees.

    There are fans of Idiocracy and then there are fans of Idiocracy.

  5. kwtree says:

    Boebert is a star in the conspiracy – fomenting rag Epoch Times (which originated in Taiwan as an anti-China propaganda outlet).

    She's on board with the Epoch Times line of calling the coronavirus the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus. I guess if China is the bad guy, this administration has no responsibility for keeping people well in the USA.

    Boebert's Epoch Times interview (one of two) included this gem that Governor Polis' support for the National Popular Vote puts Colorado's water "at risk":

    Governor Jared Polis passed the National Popular Vote [Interstate] Compact, and that’s the first time that I ever really got to work on any government issue. I spent months gathering signatures so we could get the National Popular Vote [Interstate] Compact in Colorado on the ballot so we could repeal it. Governor Jared Polis passed it, and we wanted to repeal it.

    He stole our votes for president. He puts Colorado’s water at risk when he does that, and it enables coastal leaders to determine the outcome of presidential elections, so we wanted to put an end to that. ..

    Apparently, she doesn't understand that the governor didn't implement Colorado's participation in the National Popular Vote Compact all by himself. But then, there's a lot that Lauren Boebert doesn't understand.


  6. RepealAndReplace says:

    Don't even try to explain to this imbecile that short of outright dying, there are a host of other medical problems associated with getting a full-blown case of this virus.

    There can be permanent organ system damage. (Then again, that can happen by eating her sliders.)

    And even with a full recovery, I understand it is a really unpleasant type of ailment to go through. 

  7. Blackie says:

    Which item is the most deadly:  Qbert sliders or Qbert opinions? 

    • 2Jung2Die says:

      Opinions. The CDC says about 3,000 die in the U.S. annually from food-borne illness, from a population of 330 million eaters, plus it's pretty tough to transmit food poisoning just by being in the same room with someone who breathes.

  8. High Valley Lurker says:

    There are three separate death rates to consider.
    1) The death rate for billionaires and the political powerful (like President) who gets elite, no-limits health care and quick access to any needed experimental cures. So far, this death rate is either 0.0%, or very near to 0%.
    2) The death rate for the rest of us who get sick and have to rely on a for-profit health care system to help us. This is the one that is close to 1.8%
    3) The third death rate is for when the hospitals overload. This death rate has been up over 10% and I think I’ve seen numbers like 20%.

    From the anti-mask, anti-common-sense, campaigns staged by the QOP (GOP just seems quaint), it appears this last state is the goal of Q’bert and her ilk.

    • RepealAndReplace says:

      "The death rate for billionaires and the political powerful (like President) who gets elite, no-limits health care and quick access to any needed experimental cures. So far, this death rate is either 0.0%, or very near to 0%."

      Not quite zero, but close to zero. Remember Herman Cain.

  9. kickshot says:

    Wyoming’s Jackson Hole has become a redoubt against the coronavirus.

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