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May 09, 2019 10:55 AM UTC

The Nuge Boosts Steve Reams As Political Aspirations Grow

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Does this look like a guy who is content to just run for re-election as Sheriff?


Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams (R).

Conservative activists in the would be sovereign state of Weld County are over the moon today after it was announced that “American Legend” Ted Nugent will headline a $150 a plate fundraiser for Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams next month (see invite above). As our readers are well aware, Nugent has made himself a recurring guest star on the far right side of Colorado politics ever since anti-immigrant firebrand Tom Tancredo started running for President and then governor in the mid-to-late aughts. Since Colorado became a battleground state over gun safety laws in 2013, Nugent has bitterly criticized our state as “a poster child for apathy, disconnect, laziness, and abandonment of We the People.”

Of course, Nugent hasn’t always proven to be helpful to the politicians he has endorsed, as in Tancredo in 2014 and then George Brauchler’s abortive run for governor for the 2018 cycle. Part of that may be due to Nugent’s record of calling President Barack Obama a “subhuman mongrel” who can “suck my machine gun,” his unapologetic and continuing utilization of the “N-word,” saying women who don’t like guns deserve to be raped, and of course recording hit songs in celebration of statutory rape. If you add all that up and wonder how the hell any politician–particularly a politician in law enforcement–would allow themselves to be associated with The Nuge, you’re not alone.

Setting that aside for a moment, it’s undeniable that Sheriff Reams’ political star has risen among Republicans since he became the poster child of defiance to the state’s new extreme risk protection order (ERPO) law, vowing to go to jail rather than enforce the law despite overwhelming public support. Given renewed speculation about Ken Buck’s future and even the possibility of an upstart primary challenge to a politically weakened Sen. Cory Gardner, we wouldn’t be too confident that mere re-election as Weld County Sheriff is the limit of Reams’ ambition.

In the meantime, hopefully Sheriff Reams will keep his buddy away from the local Jailbait.


10 thoughts on “The Nuge Boosts Steve Reams As Political Aspirations Grow

  1. lol n00ge

    But hey, I'm sure the good wingnut folk of Windsor could use a refresher course in pants-shitting etiquette, so it's all good.

    And kudos for "The Nuge Boosts Steve Reams," which is more than a little dirty and more than a little funny. 

  2. What kind of response to you think I would get if I called Tammy and asked they are inviting Kendrick Castilla's dad to speak at their event?  Let me guess: "Only a good kid with a gun can stop a bad kid with a gun."  Can you imagine how much profit the gun manufacturers would make if they could arm every child in America with a little multi-shot derringer with a cute handle?

  3. I'll bet the Nuge comes to Colorado to get legal weed to treat his Mad Cow Disease.  Not sure what he takes for his pedophilia addiction.

  4. Anyone have an idea of just how many "limited tickets available" might be around? 

    Any design people want to explain what sort of leprosy is afflicting the typography, leaving all the little black marks behind?

    Do you suppose news media will cover "Fighting the Stranglehold on the American Constitution"?

    And is the "American Legend" a cheap knock off of the Acura Legend?

    1. The little black marks are supposed to be a page from the Constitution, used as a watermark. I can't tell which one. These guys are so illiterate in Civics that they probably don't know either, or even if it actually is a page from the Constitution.

      No idea on your other questions.

      As far as Steve Reams political future, I wouldn't hold your breath. Remember when Terry Maketa was a rising star? He was a Constitutional Sheriff, too.

  5. Patriotic "apparel" is a pretty highfalutin word for this ilk. Assume they mean wrap yourself in the American flag while violating the US Flag Code?

    1. Flags and eagles, camo, etc. It's a whole cottage industry for some people. The Neville family includes a gear merchandising shop among their other businesses. No, I'm not linking to it.

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