Five Questions We All Should be Asking About the Health Insurance Mega-Mergers

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This month, Denver Post health care reporter David Olinger laid out the debate around the Anthem-Cigna merger. Insurance Commissioners and Attorney Generals across the country are reviewing this merger, along with another merger of Aetna and Humana, according to state laws that govern the consumer protections around health insurance.

While millions more Americans now have insurance, the prospects of everyone getting quality affordable health care—particularly in underserved communities—is are still unclear. Many people underutilize their insurance because the process is too complex. Some stop paying for their insurance plans shortly after they get covered. Colorado’s health exchange recently went through a shutdown of the non-profit health care co-op and the departure of United Health Care from the market.

So amidst all of this complexity, how are we to figure out whether these health insurance mega-mergers going to impact the average person?

Here are five questions that should be answered before the merger is approved or denied by the Colorado Division of Insurance (DOI), which regulates the insurance industry in our state.