Tidwell Ousts Frazier in Online Straw Poll

After over 1150 votes were cast, Tidwell managed to take back the lead from Frazier with 47% to Frazier’s 45%. Ken Buck stayed with 6%, like he had the whole time and Bob Beauprez was able to go from 0 to capture 1% of the vote.

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  1. TheDeminator says:

    That is really goofy.  1. I wonder how many email addresses both Tidwell and Fraiser sat around making last night for vote for themselves?  Also Online pols mean nothing, come on now.  

  2. MountainDem says:

    Yesterday on a few of the right wing blogs it was found out that Mr. Tidwell was personally creating multiple email addresses to talk himself up.  If he can afford staffers right now he should be able to afford the infamous “rogue staffer” to do stuff like that.

  3. JeffcoBlue says:

    Anybody take a look at this site? It’s a fake Colorado Pols on BlogSpot–right down to a fake Big Line!

    Three blogs in the blogroll: Ben DeGrow’s blog, the People’s Press Collective, and Rocky Mountain Right. I’d say they’re trying to fool Googlers into thinking they’re here–lame, lame, lame. Get your own brand, stupid righties.

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