Jon Keyser’s Failed Senate Campaign Is Back in the News

As Marshall Zelinger of Denver7 tweets:

Jon Keyser is the former half-term state legislator whose brief foray into federal politics earlier this year ended in disaster when questions emerged about the validity of petition signatures used to get his name on the Republican Primary ballot for U.S. Senate. Petition gatherer Maureen Moss got tossed under the bus and Keyser managed to keep his name on the ballot, only to get soundly defeated by eventual GOP Senate nominee Darryl Glenn.

We haven’t heard much of anything about Keyser since he all but vanished just before the June 28th Primary; based on what just transpired with Moss, we’d say things could have turned out worse for Keyser and his dog.

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  1. Moderatus says:

    Jon Keyser had nothing to do with this. Another example of media character assassination abetted by Colorado Pols.

    • JohnInDenver says:

      Jon Keyser hired the firm. The firm hired someone without much of

      Jon Keyser told us the signatures were carefully checked.

      Jon Keyser played dodge-em rather than confronting the problem directly.

      In what universe does all of that qualify as having "noting to do with this" ?

    • tall4562 says:

      Mod, it is remarkable how fast the "Party of Personal Responsibility" disappears when lawlessness is detected.

  2. ajb says:

    I usually don't reply to muddy, as it's pretty much a waste of anybody's time, much less mine, but here goes:

    That's the best ya got? From the party that participates in character assassination abetted by the FBI and the KGB? From the party that relies on FAKE news to get its "facts"? From the party that chose as its leader the least truthful candidate (with some pretty stiff competition in that regard)? Good luck with that.

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