Heated DPS meeting prompts video that looks like start of 2013 DPS elections

Last Thursday, Denver Public Schools Board President Mary Seawell and a majority of the DPS board meeting passed a controversial vote to colocate Strive HS (formerly West Denver Prep) at North High School.  Every vote relating to the colocation passed 4-3.

I watched part of the meeting online, and dozens of North parents and community members spoke out against the idea, while reform groups such as A+ came to speak in favor.  Contentious decisions aren’t anything new to DPS, but Mary Seawell, in her new role as President of the Board, responded by lashing out against the community members who came to speak.

At one point Board Member Jeannie Kaplan attempted to propose a compromise, but Seawell quickly cut off conversation.

This morning, a video is making its way around facebook and emails from members of the “Choose North Now” group, which looks a lot like the first volley of the 2013 DPS election cycle.  

If Seawell’s “Shame on you” speech and this response video are any indicator, 2013 is going to be a long, heated campaign that will make 2011 campaigns look downright friendly by comparison.

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