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September 09, 2023 12:32 am MST

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

“Always be ready to speak your mind, and a base man will avoid you.”

–William Blake


19 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. CP reported Sen. Robert Rodriguez is Colorado’s new Senate majority leader

    Once Rodriguez was chosen as majority leader, Democrats moved to fill the assistant majority leader position — although some pushed to delay that vote to another day. The position went to state Sen. Faith Winter of Broomfield. Winter had previously said she wanted the majority leader job, but on Friday she ended up nominating Rodriquez for the position. He then nominated her to be the assistant. 

      1. I beg you to stop listening to those losers. I get they parrot what you want to hear but know everything they do or have done has lead to failure. I’m happy they understand basic legal and government concepts but nobody is going to win whining about the rules.

        Charlie Sykes is old

        Tim what’s him name is a Bush loser

        Balding man is annoying

        Sara softball gives useless opinion focus group opinion that evaporates on contact with time

        They have bad political senses and only because MSNBC is propping them up are they around.

        1. Your opinion has been duly noted. Political life will go on and The Bulwark will continue to provide effective and timely commentary, despite your wishes.

            1. Check out Trump’s margins of defeat in 2020 in AZ, GA, WI. During his term, reliable polling regularly showed that 10-15% of Republicans did not support Trump. The writers at The Bulwark were; and are; among those Never-Trumpers. Other Republican entities opposing Trump included, among others, the Lincoln Project and the Republican Accountability Project.

              During the 2020 campaign, Trump publicly referred to Never-Trump Republicans as “worthless scum” which irritated a lot of party members. It would stand to reason that enough Republicans withheld votes for president and voted for down-ballot Republicans, which contributed to Trump’s losses.

              Is my scenario provable by hard core facts? No, but enough of it makes sense that it is highly plausible.

              I trust this answers your question, especially if you’re not a closet Trump supporter.

              1. Lincoln project produced ads and bought air time. That I can say has trace value. The bulwark does what? Opinion website, people who already agree subscribe to it's newsletter, produce a podcast… 

                I'm sorry they are just preachers passing a bucket. 

                1. No one forces you to read The Bulwark. I value it and I am a paying subscriber. We need more Republicans calling “foul” on Trump and his MAGAs. I’ll leave things at that.

                  1. Paying them to say things you agree with doesn't help. Donate that money to Democrats to get them elected. Republicans losing over and over will be the only way that they will learn.

                    1. What do you mean "it doesn't help?" Contributions help The Bulwark to stay in business, like any other news outlet.

                      I'll donate where I think it will do the most good. Like donating to Adam Frisch, running against Boebert. I've already donated to Senator Jon Tester. I will look carefully at some common sense Republicans early next year; Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) is one.

  2. I still think he would siphon off more votes from Biden than from Trump ….

    GOP senator says he would ‘speak’ to No Labels about 2024 third-party run (

    Cassidy running as a third-party candidate would be akin to John Anderson's run in 1980 where he took more votes away from Carter than Reagan. 

    If there's one Republican who should run as an independent or third-party candidate, it's Ron DeSantis.    🙂 

  3. Ken Buck has plenty interesting to say on the Jen Psaki show this morning. He’s trying to reinvent himself as a Reasonable Republican , or perhaps Liz and Poppa Cheney, Buck’s old mentor, are influencing him these days.

    He was asked about his current feud with Marjorie Greene over impeachment, to which his memorable reply was along these lines: MTG filed articles of impeachment on Biden before he was even sworn in, so, MTG is no expert on impeachment.

    Kudos to Psaki for asking tough questions, which Bucko usually evades.

    Ex: Q: do you think the 14th amendment disqualifies Trump from being on the ballot?

    A: No, because blah blah blah blah blah blah.

  4. Remember when Hiedi! was a CU Regent and her husband got the BBQ contract at the university through Levy concessions without having an RFP or informing the community that the lucrative BBQ contract was available? 

    Well, turns out elections matter. When you put a brilliant, fearless black woman at the table who demands transparency, things change. 

    As of one month ago there were no Black concessions at CU Boulder stadiums and limited Latino food vendors. After holding Levy accountable in their selection process CU now has two Black food trucks, four Latino and two Asian food vendors. 

    To quote our own Whisky Lima Juliet

    Procurement policy is now a top priority. CU has the power to partner with small businesses and create wealth, especially for Black-owned businesses. Stay tuned, we're far from finished. 💪🏽🍔🌮 #CUforDiversity


    1. Way to go WLJ!! CU Boulder might actually represent Colorado someday.

      And remember to boycott GQue BBQ ( unless you like supporting the Ganahl family in their paranoid fantasyland). 

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