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POLS UPDATE: AP’s Kristen Wyatt via the Washington Post:

Hickenlooper, a Democrat, opposed the measure but had no veto power over the voter-approved amendment to the state constitution. He tweeted his declaration Monday and sent an executive order to reporters by email after the fact. That prevented a countdown to legalization as seen in Washington, where the law’s supporters gathered to smoke in public…

Hickenlooper also announced a state task force Monday to help craft the marijuana regulations. The 24-member task force includes law enforcement, agriculture officials and marijuana advocates.

The governor admonished the task force not to ponder whether marijuana should be legal.

“The Task Force shall respect the will of the voters of Colorado and shall not engage in a debate of the merits of marijuana legalization,” the executive order read.

See the list of legalization task force members after the jump.


Update: In Hick’s office’s own words

Gov. John Hickenlooper today signed an Executive Order that makes an “official declaration of the vote” related to Amendment 64. That declaration formalizes the amendment as part of the state Constitution and makes legal the personal use, possession and limited home-growing of marijuana under Colorado law for adults 21 years of age and older.

It is still illegal under state law to buy or sell marijuana in any quantity and to consume marijuana in public or in a way that endangers others.

The latest, from Twitter:

Enjoy your day, folks. If you find yourself hungry, there’s a great new bakery around 8th and Colorado, Leaf and Crumb, that could use some business.  

Rep. Dan Pabon, appointed by the incoming Speaker of the House;

Sen. Cheri Jahn, appointed by the incoming President of the Senate;

Rep.-elect Dan Nordberg, appointed by the incoming House Minority Leader;

Sen.-elect Vicki Marble, appointed by the incoming Senate Minority Leader;

David Blake, representing the Colorado Attorney General;

Kevin Bommer, representing the Colorado Municipal League;

Eric Bergman, representing Colorado Counties Inc.;

Chris Urbina, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment;

James Davis, the Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Public Safety;

John Salazar, the Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture;

Ron Kammerzell, the Senior Director responsible for the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division;

Christian Sederberg, representing the campaign to pass Amendment 64;

Meg Sanders, representing the medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation industry;

Craig Small, representing marijuana consumers;

Sam Kamin, a person with expertise in legal issues related to the legalization of marijuana;

Dr. Christian Thurstone, a person with expertise in the treatment of marijuana addiction;

Charles Garcia, representing the Colorado Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice;

Larry Abrahamson, representing the Colorado District Attorney’s Council;

Brian Connors, representing the Colorado State Public Defender;

Daniel Zook, an at-large member from outside of the Denver area;

Tamra Ward, representing the interests of employers; and

Mike Cerbo, representing the interests of employees.

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  1. GalapagoLarry says:

    Baking a new batch this p.m. Of course they sort of lead into a perpetual motion kind of thing… .

  2. JeffcoBlue says:

    I’m glad Hickenlooper didn’t sandbag this until the last possible moment. As long as the other shoe isn’t about to drop in the form of the feds cracking down, perhaps Hick is coming around on respecting the will of the voters.

  3. Pam Bennett says:

    Remember those who are down wind of y’all.  Bigger is better.

  4. Diogenesdemar says:

    eight? . . . it’s Hickenlooper’s 2012 Hanukkah gift to the citizenry.

  5. divad says:

    Dr. Christian Thurstone, a person with expertise in the treatment of marijuana addiction

    Really?  What’s that consist of–“dude, you should totally stop smoking so much”?  

    I’m guessing that a few of the people named above are going to have a hard time with the whole “The Task Force shall respect the will of the voters of Colorado and shall not engage in a debate of the merits of marijuana legalization” mandate.

  6. TimothyTribbett says:

    A lot of lawyers are going to get really wealthy over this State/Fed showdown. At my last job some guys were reported to be “smoking” during lunch. We sent them for drug tests. They all failed but brought in their medical marijuana cards. We still fired them as it was a manufacturing plant and you can not take the chance that it was at lunch or two days before from a safety perspective. This is going to get very messy. Should be must see tv.

    By the way I did vote yeah.  

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