And Now, a Musical Interlude with Your Legitimate Rape

Sometimes, you can either laugh or cry.

Laughing is better. Two more below the jump.

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  1. shrubsrock says:

    It would be perfect if it had the dance break and a guy pointing at a vagina.

  2. nancycronk says:

    Women are brilliant. GOP men, apparently not so much.

  3. PERA hopeful says:

    “Pregnant Woman Relieved to Learn Her Rape Was Illegitimate”


    “I Misspoke: What I Meant to Say Was I Am Dumb As Dog Shit and I Am a Terrible Person”

    Though when you read them, you’ll see they have a little more, shall we say, edge than the usual Onion work.

  4. MADCO says:

    What about all those laws women legislators  want to pass to control man parts?

    I love WRNR.

    1 every seven minutes.  (And I can’t even find a reliable number)

    In Hands Off Crazy- they said vagina. A lot.

    In the Bible there are several passages that make it clear that raping women can be a crime against the woman’s husband or father or male relatives.  But I can’t find any where the justice for the victim is not marrying the rapist.  

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