Coffman Denies Scrubbing POTUS Bashing From Wikipedia

(No wonder he can’t find time to meet with the little people, he’s monitoring the tubz.   – promoted by ClubTwitty)

Congressman Mike Coffman just can’t catch a break.

In his latest embarrassing moment, Coffman denies he and his staff had anything to do with the scrubbing of his Wikipedia page to remove his recent comments undermining the legitimacy of the President of the United States. According to Buzzfeed, whoever scrubbed Coffman’s Wikipedia page used the official IP address for the US House of Representatives. As 9 News reports, Coffman offered a written statement saying:

“I’ve never touched my Wikipedia page, and I’ve never asked anyone to change anything on it.”

Coffman’s statement was a response to an article in Buzzfeed, titled “33 Embarrassing Congressional Edits To Members’ Wikipedia Pages”, wherein they accuse Tea Party Caucus member Mike Coffman of removing the links to articles referencing the debacle.

In 9 news report, Coffman’s election opponent, State Representative Joe Miklosi, had this to say:

“No matter how much he tries to scrub the truth off the Internet, he can’t hide his extreme record,” Miklosi said in a written statement Wednesday. “No amount of self-editing can hide the fact that Congressman Mike Coffman is Colorado’s own version of Rush Limbaugh.”

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Nancy Cronk is a longtime community activist and women's leader living in Arapahoe County. Six months before the historic "red sweep" election of 2014, she was recruited to run as a "placeholder" in HD37, and managed to bring in 40K from 500 small donors, and 42% of the vote -- just one point lower than the previous candidate who ran in a presidential year.

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    “Did you see that Wikipedia stuff about me? I would never tell anyone to edit that.”

  2. EmeraldKnight76 says:

    got together and deleted each other’s idiotic bullshit from their Wikipedia pages so that when approached they could honestly say they never edited their own pages. Ta da!

  3. thiokuutoo says:

    Okay, what dummies does he hire anyway. He should be out of office just for being dumb.

    If they had any, and this is just basic stuff, smarts, they would have known that you never use the server where you work to do stuff online (unless you are me – I am queen and do things like that). How hard is it to go to a coffee shop or somewhere with free Wi-Fi a block from the offices? (okay, that is what I do)

    Anyone with any Wiki smarts knows that the IP is always tracked with changes. You cannot hide crap.

    Mike is responsible and should be out of office for this and his idiot teabag thinking.

  4. dlof says:

    Maybe next time, they’ll do it from an IP address of a coffee shop in DC or something.

  5. nancycronk says:

    Kyle Clark ‏@KyleClark

    @RepMikeCoffman: Staff denies Wiki scrub, he never looks at Wiki, prefers to Google himself #copolitics

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