Golf with a House Republican for Just $10,000!

Members of the Colorado Republican Party will demonstrate their accessibility to and compassion for the American middle class this Thursday, June 28, with a miniature golf tournament featuring Speaker Frank McNulty and other House Republicans.

The Republican representatives in attendance, whose time, attention, and votes cannot be bought for any price, will play on your miniature golf team for just $10,000. For just $1,000, you can mingle with these defenders of the working man over barbecue food and cocktails. Golf, however, costs at least $5,000 (two entries), a small sum considering the opportunity offered to share what’s on your mind with the folks responsible for defending the working family from the Democratic Party’s destructive agenda of offering workers living wages and the right to bargain collectively.

More details on how you can see for yourselves that Republicans just can’t be bought, after the jump:

Demonstrating Republicans’ commitment to individual rights, the event will offer corporate persons various sponsorship options, ranging from $2,500 to $25,000. These options all include the featuring of a corporate person’s logo in various official materials–or would have, had they not announced the event in an email dated June 26th and carrying the following fine print:

*Logo’s must be received no later than June 25th to be included

Here, the misuse of an apostrophe demonstrates that Republicans aren’t elitists, like those awful Democrats. Only liberal snobs use possessive forms correctly. Ordinary everyday people like Republicans can’t be bothered with elitist socialist grammar. They’re too busy exercising their right to the pursuit of happiness on a golf course, and you, too, can join them, for just a measly ten grand. Cut back on the caviar for a month or two if you must, but don’t miss this exciting event supporting the party of the working American!

Full details follow:

Mini Golf Majority Challenge

Join Speaker Frank McNulty and members of the House Republican Caucus for the best golf tournament of the year.   (ONLY 18 teams available!)  For those of you interested in networking and having a burger or brat hot off the grill, join us beginning at 4:30pm.  

We look forward to seeing you!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adventure Golf and Raceway

9650 North Sheridan

Westminster, CO 80031

3:30 pm            Team sponsors and golf participants meet at the Adventure Golf

                        Adventure Club Room

3:45 pm            Miniature Golf Tournament PROMPTLY Begins

4:30 pm            BBQ and Cocktails Begin

5:30 pm            Awards and Remarks

For questions and to RSVP please email Julie Herrmann at

or call 720-217-7846


As a 527, the Colorado Leadership Fund accepts Corporate, LLC, LP, PAC and individual checks.  Contributions are NOT tax deductible.

You can bring your checks with you or send your checks in advance to:

Colorado Leadership Fund

PO Box 238, Denver, CO 80201

Make checks payable to: Colorado Leadership Fund, Tax ID# 84-1664434

Or, you may go to www.coloradoleadershipfund.comto make your contribution on line.


2012 Summer Sponsor Levels

2012  Event Title Sponsor

Logo on Welcome Sign at Tent entrance *

Logo at Entryway of miniature golf course *

Verbal recognition during awards ceremony

Corporate Sponsor Entry for Speakers Club, 2012-2013

One Golf Team – 3 people to golf with Speaker Frank McNulty **

Team Picture with House Leadership

6 entries into Cocktails and BBQ


Logo at Entry of Miniature golf course *

Logo on signage at BBQ and Cocktails *

Verbal recognition during awards ceremony

One Golf Team – 3 people to golf with a member of leadership

Team Picture with House Leadership

5 entries into Cocktails and BBQ


Logo on signage at BBQ and Cocktails *

Logo at One Hole of 18 hole golf course *

Verbal recognition during Awards Ceremony

One Golf Team – 3 people to golf with a member of the House

4 entries into Cocktails and BBQ


Logo on signage at BBQ and Cocktails *

Logo at One Hole of 18 hole golf course *

2 entries to play golf AND into Cocktails and BBQ


Logo on signage at BBQ and Cocktails *

Two entries into BBQ and Cocktails

$1,000 – Personal Contribution Level ONLY

One person entry into BBQ and Cocktails

*Logo’s must be received no later than June 25th to be included

**First Company to Commit to Sponsor Level

You may notice that “event title sponsor” doesn’t have a price listed. If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

….Okay, I blogged about one of your events, now will whoever is adding me to Republican email lists please knock it off already? I’ve gotten two invitations to meet Mitt Romney in Florida this month! I don’t even LIVE there!

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  1. Ralphie says:

    If you own the right horse.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      I checked and on hole 17 you have to hit the ball through the legs of the dancing horse without it ricocheting off her hooves into the mouth of the animatronic dragon. Duh.

  2. ellbee says:

    I believe the President just completed his 101st fundraiser, which gives him almost three times the number that W. did, and we still have months until the election.

    Not just fundraisers – TOTALLY AWESOME fundraisers!  

    WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is raising money for his re-election campaign at a $40,000-per-ticket event in Washington.

    Obama appeared at a fundraiser Wednesday with about 25 supporters at the W Hotel, a few blocks from the White House. The fundraiser was closed to reporters.

    Obama is in the middle of a busy fundraising week in his race against Republican challenger Mitt Romney. He held six events on Tuesday in Baltimore and Philadelphia and has two more in New York on Thursday, including an event with actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

    Just think – you could put three threesomes into the R’s golf outing for just one entrance to Obama’s DC soiree!

    Maybe this isn’t the best topic to try to hit the R’s on if a Dem doesn’t want to appear to be hypocritical.

    Now, before the complaints of ‘Oh….woe is us for the Citizens United……!!!’ please remember that this President pledged to take public financing in 2008, then reneged when he realized what an incredible fundraising advantage he was going to have, along with the media, and outside groups like MoveOn, etc.

    So, please forgive me if I don’t hear sad, sad violin music playing when the Democrats are complaining about their disadvantage in fundraising.  They earned it.

    • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

      I expect a different level of access to my state rep than to the President of the United States. I do not expect to be able to walk in and see the President just because I’m a constituent. I do expect that from my state representative. Mine happens to be Libby Szabo, and the last time I contacted her she didn’t even bother to send a form letter response. Compare to my Democratic state senator, Evie Hudak, who responds to constituents promptly via phone, email, and even on Twitter or Facebook.  

      • ellbee says:

        Maybe you should learn to play golf!  I can show you, if you’d like.

        This is a fundraiser, not the only access to these folks, right?

        • DavidThi808 says:

          Most of the legislators, from both sides, are pretty available.

          • ProgressiveCowgirl says:

            But maybe I’ve been unlucky in my Republicans. I have found them much more accessible at fundraisers (I was a Republican for a little while, sort of, before I was actually old enough to vote, and attended numerous events) than to their non-donor constituents. I was a constituent of Tancredo and then of Coffman before moving to CD7 and never got any response from Coffman, but had great luck talking with Tancredo…. at fundraisers. I also lived in Gerou’s district during her first term and the one time I did reach her for something, she was very rude and raised her voice. (I was polite, believe it or not, she just didn’t like what I had to say.) Szabo has yet to respond to me about anything.

            I will say that Shawn Mitchell will talk to anyone about anything, any time. But that’s Shawn Mitchell, and I don’t think even the Republicans would call him representative of their delegation 🙂

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