It’s Hotter In Colorado Than….

Dan Maes’ research.

The 2004 Presidential election.

This guy.

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Nancy Cronk is a longtime community activist and women's leader living in Arapahoe County. Six months before the historic "red sweep" election of 2014, she was recruited to run as a "placeholder" in HD37, and managed to bring in 40K from 500 small donors, and 42% of the vote -- just one point lower than the previous candidate who ran in a presidential year.

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  1. allyncooper says:

    just asking….haven’t seen the show yet

  2. MADCO says:

    And he’s acting all pissed off, but the bill in question (to cut and restructure state gov’t pensions) was one that his caucus promised to stall, obstruct and otherwise complicate to death if allowed.  The legislative rules  would have allowed them to do so – but the legislative rules also allowed the majority to bring it the floor for an up or down vote and limit debate to 20 minutes

    So, just to clarify, this guy has been in the position since 1995, has introduced and sponsored a passel of bills for gun owners (several aimed at mythical  potential gun restrictions)  and not once proposed or sponsored anything to reform the legislative rules.  ANd now he’s po’d cause his minority caucus didn’t get to obstruct gov’t doing it’s job.


    It’s hot in Colorado – 11 wildfires still burning – but it’s stupid hot in southern Illinois.

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