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June 30, 2022 01:21 PM UTC

Adam Frisch Offers CD-3 One More Chance At Redemption

  • by: Colorado Pols
Democratic CD-3 nominee Adam Frisch.

The Republican primary for Colorado’s Third Congressional District was a major disappointment for anyone hoping that Colorado Republicans can police their own to the same extent that North Carolina Republicans were able to rid themselves of top-tier congressional disgrace Madison Cawthorn. Freshman perpetual outrage machine Rep. Lauren Boebert shellacked her Republican opponent Sen. Don Coram with a humiliating 65.6% of the vote Tuesday, as the hoped-for wave of unaffiliated-led primary backlash against Boebert failed to materialize.

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports, the winner of the Democratic CD-3 primary, former Aspen city councilor Adam Frisch, is lucid about the tall order in front of him as CD-3’s last and Frisch hopes best chance to limit Boebert to a single term of destruction:

While Frisch is running on a clear anti-Boebert platform, and hoping to gather votes just on that score alone, he said it will take far more than that to win in a general election in a district that favors conservative candidates…

Frisch said that the 35% of Republican primary voters who checked the box for Coram represents enough voters to make the newly redrawn district a more even playing field, instead of one that favors conservative candidates by about 9%.

“A chunk of them are not going to vote for a Democrat no matter how hard I try, but I will try,” he said. “But I do believe that a good chunk of the 35% that Senator Coram did get are going to be willing to listen to someone who has a strong business background. I think I can have a conversation and use language with sincerity that’s going to generate enough people to vote.”

There’s one big factor Frisch has in his favor that his primary opponents didn’t:

Like Boebert, Frisch has millions of dollars in his campaign account, although only about half of the $5 million that the congresswoman has raised. Still, most of Frisch’s $2.5 million came in the form of a loan to himself.

The unfortunate reality is that the combination of the redrawn CD-3 becoming more conservative and Boebert’s thumping of Don Coram in the primary means CD-3 will most likely not be a top-tier pickup opportunity targeted with national Democratic resources–unless the needle moves in the district first. The upshot is that Adam Frisch has the resources to make that happen, and there’s a scenario in which Frisch kickstarting the campaign against Boebert with his own money snowballs into a movement.

Whatever happens, Adam Frisch is now the last obstacle standing between Lauren Boebert and the validation of a second term. Frisch’s odds are long, but not impossible. And Boebert skates on thin enough ice scandalwise every day that you can never rule anything out.


13 thoughts on “Adam Frisch Offers CD-3 One More Chance At Redemption

  1. After an introduction more appropriate for a professional wrestler, an exultant Reppy Le PewPew finished one of her appearances by saying, "This is all about God, country, and family".

    She should have said. "This is all about God, God, and God.

    Her God…not yours. And certainly not about Jesus. No socialist peaceniks here. The woman was packing heat.

  2. Just read that Frisch's lead over Sandoval in the primary has narrowed to 545 votes. Probably too little too late for the Solster, but maybe worth checking in over the days to come.

  3. Boebert got 65% of the nearly 130,000 votes up on the SofS Results page so far — almost 85,000. In 2020, she got 54% of  107,493, or 58,678.  Gotta say, I thought Coram was going to be at least as competitive as an unengaged Tipton  But Tipton got 48,000, and Coram got 30,000.

    Total vote in the Democratic primary was about 60,000, and Fritch got ~25,000.

    Unless there is a live girl or a dead boy, I think Boebert can nearly go to sleep or out on a national book tour, and she'll win the district.






    1. Why we must work HARD to get Frisch elected. The Tina Peters link, 1/6/21 assistance, American Muckrackers efforts all worth trying to get this miscreant with a gun out of our congressional seat. 

      1. The Muckrakers crap is totally backfiring and no serious Dem should put any energy into it. It worked to out Madison Cawthorne because there was a gross video.

        Absent hard evidence, please don’t spread the Muckrakers stuff. In my opinion, fireboebert’s “sources” are putting out deliberately false stories to undermine credibility of the many true stories about Boebert’s unfitness and corruption.

        1. kwtree, I'm no partisan ( serious democrat)  and if you have access to better info against Boobert bring it.  In the meantime use the tools we have to save CD-03. 

          1. I shared what I found long ago- based on evidence from official sources, and secondhand from Anne Landman’s blog. Landman surfaced the Jayson Boebert indecent exposure story, from court records. Some of it was picked up nationally. I think Landman also was first to publish the Boebert’s long rap sheet.

            But Mike Bishop, fireboebert’s main source, is not a reliable source for all these wild stories of abortions and escort service work. He may be related to Sherrona Bishop, Boebert’s former manager. At any rate, .he is not hostile to Lauren Boebert, and no friend to Democrats. I think he is playing Dave Wheeler of fireboebert for a sucker..,another way to “own the libs”.

            These unprovable rumors undermine accountability for the real crimes Boebert has committed- campaign finance fraud, aiding and abetting the January 6 insurrection, poisoning customers and neglecting their safety, for starters. Now she can say “The Dems said -/———— about me and they couldn’t prove it.They’re always lying about me, but have no proof.”

            I believe that you and fireboebert, (or firethefools now) have good intent to rid CD3 of LoBo Bangbang. I just think you’re mistaken in your tactics.


            1. Gotcha, thanks for the deeper dive.  Dave Wheeler and team are sharp. It's not like they wouldn't understand the effort to get "owned".  

              Sometimes in combat you have to use what you have, not what you want and awaiting perfection will get you killed in politics. 

              The info Wheeler and gang have is more than rumors. Time will develop that as we move towards November. I hope in time to eject the CD3 trumpian voice of gawd. 

  4. I think Frisch is burning his money, but I appreciate the effort. I think the best chance we have of getting Boebert, is Tina Peters spilling more beans about her “encouragement”.

  5. If the DCCC even sniffs around, he needs to run them off. To have any chance at all, he needs a campaign manger who really knows the district.

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