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March 29, 2012 05:55 PM UTC

Ignorance and Lies

  • by: Konola

Lately it feels as though the air waves are full of ignorance and lies, which makes me both sad and frightened for our democracy. Democracy only thrives when people are using the same facts to find legislative solutions to problems identified by society. Our democracy has reached the point where facts are ignored and lies are promoted by both charlatans and respectable news sources.

One example is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The problems it was designed to solve include:

• People with pre-existing conditions being unable to get health insurance.

• People with chronic illness being dropped and/or exceeding life-time caps on insurance payments.

• Women paying more for health care than men, because pregnancy is expensive. (Everyone knows men have nothing to do with a woman getting pregnant, so men should not pay for this female-only condition.)

• Huge executive salaries and advertising expenditures by health care companies, while denying actual health care to people paying for insurance.

On Tuesday I attended a demonstration in favor of Obama Care. The demonstration was in response to a protest against Obama Care, which was organized by Kelly Sloan of Americans for Prosperity. The name of the organization is itself a lie. The only prosperity AFP is concerned about is the prosperity of the top 1% of wage earners, including the Koch brothers, who pay the AFP bills.

Colorado Peak Politics, a right wing blog, reported on the demonstration/protest. If the only report on the event was in Colorado Peak Politics, one would believe that all of the people on my side of the issue were nothing but a bunch of unwashed Occupy Grand Junction anarchists.  To be fair, some of us have attended Occupy Grand Junction protests, because we recognize that we are part of the 99%. But we live most of our lives outside of the Occupy movement.

I already said I was there. I am a retired banker. I write a column for the Free Press, which appears every other week alongside a column by Kelly Sloan. I ran for office against Steve King. I am involved in managing a campaign for Dan Robinson. I am the Treasurer of the local Democratic Party. I am the Treasurer of Western Colorado Congress of Mesa County(WCC-Mesa), a group that is concerned with both a healthy planet and healthy humans. I sit on the board of Western Colorado Congress (WCC), an umbrella organization that includes five community organizations across the western slope. I sit on the board of WORC, an organization in Montana that follows agricultural and environmental legislation at the federal level.

Western Colorado Congress of Mesa County (WCC-Mesa) was well represented at this demonstration/protest. Benita Phillips, a Registered Nurse who once managed whole floors of other nurses at VA hospitals both in Denver and in Grand Junction, is the President of WCC-Mesa. Joel Dyar, a graduate student with lots of community work under his belt, is the Vice-President of WCC-Mesa. Robyn Parker, an accomplished stay-at-home mom, who is busy organizing women to go to Denver on April 28 to demonstrate against the GOP war on woman, is the Secretary of WCC-Mesa.

Establishment of the Democratic Party was there. Rick Baer, who is Vice Chairman of the Mesa County Democratic Party and a retired union organizer, was one of the people quoted by the press. Tedi Gillespie, acting station manager of KAFM radio, and secretary of the Mesa County Democratic Party helped to hold up the banner. Troy Douglas, drummer for Desert Moon, Vietnam era veteran and Vice Chairman of the Mesa County Democratic Party, held up the banner. Dave Edwards, Democratic candidate for County Commissioner was quoted by the press in support of Obama Care.

Mike Burr, pastor of Koinonia Church in Grand Junction, and co-chair of the group that fought the evil three ballot issues, and won, in 2010 was quoted by the press in support of Obama Care, and helped hold up the banner.

Gil Fuller and his wife Susan were there. You may remember that name. Gil, a retired dentist, ran for the seat in Senate District 7 at the same time that I did. He ran as a Libertarian. Gil and Susan favor Obama Care and helped hold up the banner.

There were quite a few more very accomplished people holding up the banner in favor of Obama Care. The banner, handmade by Benita Phillips (a registered Republican and recent delegate to their County Assembly) was 50 feet long, and had one message to those protesting-read the actual bill so that you know what is in it and a link to both the Colorado website for information and another source. Those of us demonstrating in favor of the bill have all read the actual bill, and know what it says. Those demonstrating against the bill delight in mentioning how long it is, and how nobody has read it; their information is based on lies and willful ignorance.


4 thoughts on “Ignorance and Lies

  1. or

    Fuck off and die!

    One is so much more productive, the other is so much easier to shout.  You chose well- but Justice Scalia wink wink told everyone yesterday he hasn’t read it.  And if he can’t be bothered – and he’s got a robe and an in with Cheney, why should anyone else?  

    You are missing the point.  It’s not about facts – it’s about death panels.  It’s not about health care – it’s about Waterloo.  It’s not about loving one’s neighbor, it’s about keeping our gov’t hands off Medicare.

    The progressive messaging (no surprise) stinks on healthcare.  Most medicos are in favor or reform, if not exactly like ACA, similar.  Where is that in the messaging?  

    ACA will cost millions in lawsuits and physicians will leave the practice because of the regulation and risk.

    Is healthcare a right or a privilege?

    The kittens! And welfare cheaters driving Cadillacs and filling the cart with prime rib on food stamps.

    Your head and heart are in the right place- thank you for the work.  However, this debate is about messaging. They have a good one- we have another, while not “bad”, per se, is less impactful, at least 84.73% of the time.  It’s less posterish or bumperstickable.

    In other words, refudiate them all you like.  They got the kittens, we got death panels.

  2. Most Americans will benefit from it in one way or another, and the fact they don’t understand why does not make it any less so. We need to continue to pound out the facts until they get it. As for Colorado Peak Politics, why do you pay any attention to what they say, anyway?

    On a lighter note, does Grand Junction really have anarchists? lol  

  3. You’re a great writer.

    Thank you.

    The polls showing the ACA in disfavor with the majority wilt when the breakdowns of the components are asked about.

    You sure don’t hear insurance companies bitching about it.

    Companies like it, it’s less expensive to insure their employees.

    40 million people that couldn’t afford insurance have it.

    Pre existing. Gone.

    The country’s in 2 camps. Those that feel that we have the greatest health care system there is, and that ALL of us should have access to it. And those that are of the mindset “I got mine, I ain’t about to help anybody but me and mine (and sometimes the “mine” is out)”.

    It’s not about trying to reason with these people any more. That’s done. Over. It never works with them.

    We know what they are. who cares why?

    Just beat ’em.

    If ACA stands, a filibuster proof Senate and House will eventually strengthen it.

    If conserve activists Roberts, Thomas, Scalia and Alito get a fifth, and it dies, it’s not the end of the world for those not on the precipice, but it will be horrific for the people whose lives it absolutely derails.

    If that happens, then in January, that filibuster proof Senate and majority in Congress slams home single payer.

    It’s just head turning how the threat of losing ACA has made people realize that, as flawed and comptomised it is, it’s light years better than before.

    The thread at the top today really buttresses your diary. Women really get hurt if ACA goes down, and they vote.


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