Ron Hanks’ Senate Campaign Kickoff Is A Literal Bomb


Last weekend we learned that freshman GOP state Rep. “Raging” Ron Hanks, who has quickly emerged as one of the Colorado GOP House Minority’s go-to sources for full strength conspiracy theory crazypants on a full range of issues from COVID-19 to the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, has filed to run for the Republican nomination to face incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet in next year’s midterm elections.

Today, we were treated to a campaign kickoff video introducing Rep. Hanks to Republican primary voters, and…well, let us just say that it exceeds our admittedly low expectations. Last election, readers may recall, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia ran a now-infamous ad featuring Greene blowing up signs labeled “SOCIALISM” and “GUN CONTROL.” Well move over, MTG because Hanks just one-upped her by filling an entire copy machine with Tannerite target explosive and labeling it a “DOMINION VOTING MACHINE.”

And gentle readers, you know what happens next! KA-BOOM!

It’s the height of absurdity, and we want to be more jovial about the silliness of it all but we’re tempered by the unfortunate seriousness of the “Big Lie” Ron Hanks is running for the U.S. Senate on as his central campaign plank. A low-budget stunt that makes most of us laugh dismissively is exactly what a majority of Republican primary voters want to hear. It’s harder to laugh when you realize Hanks is promoting misinformation that has already led to violence with still more (admittedly simulated) violence.

Blowing things up in effigy beats the alternative we guess.

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  1. RepealAndReplace says:

    Ah, a manly man doing manly things with other manly men.

  2. unnamed says:

    It looks bad.  But we shouldn't be commenting since we're not the "intended audience". /s

  3. Sparky says:

    Yup, this is definitely the most Fremont County thing I’ve ever seen.

    When do we start getting the dissections of his numerous lies in this video about his background?

  4. MartinMark says:

    I think he should cut with the dog whistle, and go ahead and blow it up with a fertilizer bomb hidden in a uhaul truck.

  5. 2Jung2Die says:

    He missed the opportunity in this fine ad to have a hologram of Cyber Ninjas, rising like the mythical Phoenix from the ashes!

  6. Voyageur says:

    We used to have a better class of scoundrels in this country!

  7. RepealAndReplace says:

    Stay the course, Representative Hanks. Some day, the Pod People at Q-anon will thank you.

  8. kwtree says:

    There are people in his district ( this year, anyway) who will vote for the crazy, violent  guy who blows shit up. But they’ve never been more than 40% of even the reddest districts. And he’s running state wide. He’ll be lucky to get the 20% the Big Line predicts. He makes Eli Bremer look sane.

    I don’t think Loren Hanks appeals to rural women. He doesn’t seem “protective”- he seems like the one they need protection from. And he isn’t even slightly sexy or charismatic- except, perhaps, in his own mind. 
    He’s not talking about the economy, or jobs, or education, or water. 

    Loren’s  not photogenic like Boebert. He doesn’t look cute in heels and a strapped-on Glock. With roots in Cali’s wine country, he’s even more of a carpetbagger than Buck. 

    I think this is fundraising and grift, not a serious campaign.

  9. COgator95 says:

    Ron Hanks a man's man.

    Campaign ads like this really make me want to vote for the gun toting, mush mouth moron.

  10. JohnInDenver says:

    Do Republicans really need that big of a scope to hit their target? 

  11. MartinMark says:

    Wait… Biden left behind working dogs?

    The MSM has totally buried that story.  Clearly they hate dogs.



    • Gilpin Guy says:

      Maybe Hanks can parachute in-country like Rambo and hunt down and shoot some of the dogs as a mercy gesture to them so they don't have to live under Taliban rule and give a middle finger to Biden for being so cruel to load people instead of dogs on those planes.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Well, there was that one German Shepherd that's no longer at the White House . . .

      . . . hmmmm, the next GOPer conspiracy is birthed . . . 

  12. MichaelBowman says:

    This is what passes for the IL Republican Senate candidate: 

  13. notaskinnycook says:

    How does blowing up a copier make his point?

  14. Genghis says:

    If it's gonna be THAT kind of campaign, here is a ready-made reelection campaign kickoff vid for Sen. Bennet.

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