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August 24, 2021 12:28 PM UTC

Rep. Ron Hanks Says Wayne Williams Is Part Of The Conspiracy

  • by: Colorado Pols
“Raging” Rep. Ron Hanks (R).

As we discussed yesterday, a protest over the weekend in Grand Junction in support of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who is under investigation for a breach of election system security that resulted in proprietary data being leaked to far-right election conspiracy theorists was attended by freshman GOP state Rep. “Raging” Ron Hanks of Penrose. Hanks accused Secretary of State Jena Griswold of conducting a “false flag” operation against Peters’ office, asserting “there’s no evidence she did anything wrong”–while Cory Anderson of the so-called “Election Integrity Project” matter-of-factly described Peters’ direct role in copying the data in question.

Clearly, there’s a need for Peters’ defenders to get their stories straight.

On the subject of Peters’ replacement to run Mesa County elections after Peters was ruled incapable of doing so by the Secretary of State, however, Rep. Ron Hanks is coming out strongly against the appointment by Mesa County Commissioners of former SoS Wayne Williams, an appointment currently the subject of a court fight between the commishes and Griswold’s office. Even though Commissioner Scott McInnis claims Clerk Peters was fine with Williams running the elections a year ago when the possibility of a recall arose against Peters, according to Rep. Hanks today Williams might as well be in on the conspiracy:

The appointment of Colorado Springs City Councilman Wayne Williams to any position in Mesa County also seems questionable and ill-advised. As evidence compounds daily that the 2020 elections were replete with fraud, the confidence of the citizens of Colorado will not be restored by empowering a former Secretary of State responsible for bringing the suspect and vulnerable Dominion Voting Systems to Colorado. Williams is also is a consultant to the Runbeck Company, whose role in the 2020 election is under scrutiny by investigators.

Colorado Springs City Councilman Williams has called on Clerk Tina Peters to resign. He has no grounds nor evidence to make such a demand. In doing so, he has discredited himself by presuming Clerk Peters to be guilty – not innocent, as is the American legal standard – based on Jena Griswold’s shaky press conference and her Gestapo-style raid… [Pols emphasis]

It wouldn’t be Ron Hanks if it wasn’t offensive, folks! Hanks of course has no use for the replacement selected by the Colorado Secretary of State, former Clerk (and fellow Republican) Sheila Reiner. Ron Hanks says that even after Peters let some unauthorized rando make copies of secure election system data, turning off the security cameras to hide their actions before handing the data over to the guy a lot of people think is “Q”–data that once again did not produce evidence of anything nefarious–should still be in charge of Mesa County’s elections.

And that makes us wonder how the hell Loren Ron Hanks ever had a security clearance.


19 thoughts on “Rep. Ron Hanks Says Wayne Williams Is Part Of The Conspiracy

  1. Regarding "Gestapo style stuff," I wonder if Hanks supports the Oathkeepers, and their like, going door to door in Mesa County badgering people about their CONFIDENTIAL voting information?

    1. You don’t have to wonder, CHB. Hanks certainly supports militia members like Cory Anderson going door to door asking people how and who they voted for.

  2. “Hanks, Ron Hanks” . . .

    . . . “and, if WW is in it, that must mean McInisinit, too?!? And, if . . . . . . well then, that can only mean Peters musta’ stole that hard drive to hide her part in the overthrow! Oh, shit! Oh no, Lindell too . . . and maybe even Ttump hisself?? All the way to the top!?!!” I ain’t got long now before they’ll all be lookin’ for me — now that they know I know that they know I know!!! . . . Can’t trust anyone!! . . .”

    I’m wondering just how many different voices Hanks must hear inside his fevered little head on any given day??? . . .

    PS to Agent 00Hanks: The Conspiracy has officially decided that we want nothing to do with Wayno — you can have him back! D

      1. Hanks, as a world class C.I.N.O.;  is a proponent of the “mushroom theory.” Keep the marks in the dark and feed them a lot of b.s.

        (CINO = Conservative In Name Only)

      2. I think he might have a PO Box in Penrose or something, but he lives in Cañon City. I'm mystified why the press insists he's associated with Penrose when he's not.

      1. Colorado Company Search has this entry:

        Business Name:The Western Surveyor, Ltd

        Date of Formation:12/10/2018 Status:Good Standing  Jurisdicton:Colorado

        Business Physical Address:PO Box 117, Penrose, CO 81240

        Registered Agent Name:Ron Hanks

        Registered Office Street Address: PO Box 117, Penrose, CO 81240

        The couple of financial reporting filings I looked at used the PO Box 117. 

        1. Ron Hanks isn’t his legal name. Voter, which sources from the Sec State voter database, has Loren L Hanks in Canon City.

          I noticed that Hanks’ CA “Our Campaigns” page that Sparky linked now highlights work history roughnecking in the N Dakota oil fields.

          Hanks’ campaign page now highlights that, as well. His California Congressional campaigns did not.

          So the O&G friendly job history is new info – I’ve followed the deplorable Mr. Hanks and read all of his public bios, and never seen that before. I wonder if he’s angling for some of that sweet O&G “consultant” cash obtained by Mr. Boebert?


          1. Maybe it should be [R-Hellgate Way]?

            If Ron wants to witness American energy independence he might stroll out to Lincoln County. We broke ground on the first of their wind farms 11 years ago today.  Eastern plains wind powering the Front Range (thanks to a series of government mandates and good governance) 

              1. I now present to you Donald J. Trumps musings on wind power…

                "You can blow up a pipeline, you can blow up the windmills. You know, the wind wheels, [mimics windmill noise, mimes shooting gun] “Bing!” That’s the end of that one. If the birds don’t kill it first. The birds could kill it first. They kill so many birds. You look underneath some of those windmills, it’s like a killing field, the birds. But uh, you know, that’s what they were going to, they were going to windmills. And you know, don’t worry about wind, when the wind doesn’t blow, I said, “What happens when the wind doesn’t blow?” Well, then we have a problem. Okay good. They were putting him in areas where they didn’t have much wind, too. And it’s a subsidary [sic] — you need subsidy for windmills. You need subsidy. Who wants to have energy where you need subsidy? So, uh, the coal is doing great."

                I know we already had to live through it once. Sorry…

  3. Hey dead guvs: you keep referring to a court fight about Reiner or Williams being the Mesa County elections czar. Is there anything actually filed in a court somewhere, or just Scooter's threat?

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