“Yosemite Samantha” Leaves Gardner High, Dry at Club 20

Yesterday, Sen. Cory Gardner once again complained about the decision by former Gov. John Hickenlooper to skip the Club 20 annual conference debates, which as we’ve discussed at length in this space have faded from prominence in recent years due to stilted politics and equally antiquated execution in the digital campaign era:

Cory Gardner, Lauren Boebert.

It’s nothing new, of course–ever since Hickenlooper announced he would skip Club 20 following now-Gov. Jared Polis‘ precedent for skipping it, Republicans have done all they could to exact a toll politically. But after Polis’ spurning of Club 20 didn’t affect his blowout win over Walker Stapleton in 2018, this election year Hickenlooper was joined by plenty of other Democrats who decided kissing this particular ring wasn’t worth the trouble.

And then yesterday evening, as the Colorado Springs Gazette’s Joey Bunch reports, a funny thing happened:

On Tuesday evening, the Republican nominee in the House race also pulled out. [Pols emphasis] Rifle restaurant owner Lauren Boebert had defeated incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton in a GOP primary upset…

Club 20 said it had already adjusted the format to feature Boebert in the absence of the Democrat, when the Republican nominee asked to send a prerecorded video answering submitted questions.

Without a Democratic opponent to debate, this could have been a golden opportunity for Lauren Boebert to demonstrate something in the way of qualifications for the job of serving in Congress. A reason we’ve heard for Boebert perhaps not wanting to attend Club 20, with or without an opponent, is the presence there of old-school Western Slope Republicans who are not happy that five-term incumbent Scott Tipton has been ousted by a fringe candidate who has directly placed this seat in jeopardy. Another is that under even slightly adversarial questioning, it’s our understanding that Boebert folds up like an accordion–which would explain a strong desire for scripted answers to scripted questions.

Either way, we do believe the “question” of Club 20’s relevance, which has consisted entirely for the last few years of Republicans carping that nobody pays attention to Club 20 anymore, has been settled. By a Republican that fellow Republicans can’t say a thing negative about, at least in public, until November 4.

Them’s the breaks, folks.

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  1. kwtree says:

    Cory could follow Qbert’s example. Somebody lend him a Cardboard Cory to answer scripted questions! Club20 could just play his responses on a loop:

    “Look, at the end of the day, hard working Coloradans want real solutions to their problems. I will work across the aisle and bring expert help to these problems, unlike the radical leftist environmentalists.”

    I think Boebert would be very Palin-esque and Lamborn-like in debate. She’s got a few set pieces about freedom and guns, but not a freaking clue on policy. If pressed, she will try to attack the questioner, like her idol Trump.

    I’d want to see those old school Repubs quiz her about water, wilderness, jobs and energy, any concrete Colorado issue.

    Hell, I’d settle for Haven Coleman from Colorado Springs, who may be all of 14 by now. So far, she’s owned Lamborn and Gardner. Qbert would be another notch in Haven’s iphone case.

  2. Duke Cox says:

    So now it is "ClubMeh"?

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