Ken Buck channels Sharron Angle on Choice

Ken Buck has staked out a position identical to Sharron Angle on the issue of women’s reproductive rights.  

Responding to a question on his position on abortion, Buck stated that he is opposed to all abortions, including for those pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, and would make an exception only if the mother’s life was in danger.

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  1. ThillyWabbit says:

    I think you and Pols were typing at the same time.

  2. Diogenesdemar says:

    on nearly anything.  And I’m loathe to even suggest it, but if the Democrats are going to drop below 60 seats in the Senate after this election anyway, wouldn’t it almost be a favor to progressives to have Harry Reid also be gone as the Senate majority leader.

    Has there ever been a more ineffectual human being in a position of important leadership?

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