Denver Post Endorses Bennet

As ballots go in the mail, the Denver Post endorsed in both the D & R primaries.…

They endorsed Bennet – as do I – and  Norton.…

Comparing the two endorsements it strikes me that if we get Norton/Bennet they will endorse Norton, though that comparison may be useless – in 2008 editorial board member Chuck Plunkett endorsed Hillary Clinton in the primary and then endorsed McCain in the general which seemed quite the reversal since Clinton and Obama were a lot closer on most issues than Clinton and McCain.

I’m not sure whether DP endorsing helps or hurts a candidate.  The comments are somewhat telling. But more to the point, the DP reasoning seems … no so reasonable.

Anyhoo- the D nominee will have my support whichever it is, since both are way closer to me on the key issues of the moment than either R candidate.  ( more on that later)  

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