New Website to Hold Buck and Norton Accountable for their Extreme Views

*Full Disclosure: I am the new Press Secretary at the Colorado Democratic Party.

Jane Norton and Ken Buck are two extreme candidates, too extreme for Colorado.

That is why the Colorado Democratic Party has released a new website,, which will allow you a chance to see just how extreme both candidates are in their own words.

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Both candidates have endorsed a dangerous platform that doesn’t address the real problems that many Colorado families are facing. Buck runs around talking about eliminating the federal student loan program and Norton thinks Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

Colorado voters need to have a way to hold both candidates accountable because frankly, both candidates are far out of touch with Colorado values.

The new site, features audio and video from both Ken Buck and Jane Norton collected over the past few months at campaign stops all over the state. Right now, voters can use the site to compare Jane Norton’s and Ken Buck’s stances on energy, education, Social Security and Medicare. In addition, the site features statements Ken Buck has made on his extreme views about the separation of church and state. The website will be continually updated with new video and audio clips and new issue areas as they become available.

I’d like to invite you to check the new website out for yourself, and take a look at Ken Buck’s and Jane Norton’s extreme record.


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  1. Laughing Boy says:

    Hard-hitting stuff, Brad.

    Buck and Norton might as well just drop out, now that they’re being “held accountable”.

  2. StrykerK2 says:

    but I love the idea.  Nice job CDP!

  3. Glad to see the Repugnant Repubs getting a taste of their own words. Norton has been attacking Bennet and Obama for months now. I know Bennet is trying to stay above it all but damnit I wish he’d start hitting Norton and especially Buck who has been getting a free ride. Why is it up to the state party to have to go after the Repubs??!! I mean I’m glad they’re doing it but I wish Bennet would stop just talking about fixing Washington and swing back at the Repub attacks. The Dem nomination is his so why not just go into full campaign mode against the Repubs?!

    Anyway thanks for sharing the website. Hope it keeps some great stuff coming and that you all don’t forget all of us up here in the mountains! BTW Mr. Bennet come back up to Summit!

    • StrykerK2 says:

      they support offshore drilling (oh wait…Bennet does too).  They would vote to help BP (oh wait…Bennet does too).

      It’s best coming from the party, given that Bennet doesn’t have much room to talk — not much daylight between him and Norton

      • glasscup says:

        Who are you? And how much are they paying you to spend all day attacking Bennet on the internet?  

        • glasscup says:

          and realized how ironic it is…

          Sorry Michael Bennet, but I’m a real person too  

        • StrykerK2 says:

          Who am I? A cranky old liberal tired of seeing Corporatists like Bennet destroy what’s left of the progressive movement in the democratic party.

          How much are “they” paying me to spend all day attacking Bennet on the internet?  “They” aren’t (whoever “they” is).  I’m not a paid blogger; I’ve said it before, but I want to make the point clear.  If you must know, I have a really boring job and this helps pass the day.

          • denverco says:

            to the progressive movement the 8 years that the DLC was in charge of the Democratic party. Romanoff was proud to proclaim his DLC leadership connections until this year as he tries to portray himself as a progressive ( perhaps he is hoping for an oscar ).

            Howard Dean restored progressiveism to the Deocrats and it is a shame he is still not DNC chair.


            • EmeraldKnight76 says:

              It goes off message. Well off his message. He has no explanation other than Romanoff underwent some sort of metamorphosis and became a progressive right before he criticized Bennet for not being a progressive. Just like he saw the light about PACs and disbanded his right before he attacked Bennet for taking PAC money. A pattern emerges…

              Romanoff’s campaign strategy seems to consist of throwing as much shit at Bennet as possible. The main idea behind this being people will be too distracted by flying shit to pay attention to Romanoff’s record with an added bonus if by chance some shit sticks to Bennet.

              Stryker carries that over onto this site. He never actually responds to questions about Romanoff’s record, instead he’ll do anything possible to change the subject.

      • In Adult Medical cases this caused people to be  thown off of Medicaid who had cancer because they participated in society and worked so that  their SSDI exceeded the SSI limit by a few dollars.

        If they had never worked then they would have a few dollars less, but full medical.

        I know this because I worked in Adult Medical and had to explain to people why they were losing their benefits at hearings.

        That was a main plank of the DLC (i.e. Clinton organization) paltform which carried Pres.Clinton to re election.

        Many people died because of that bill.

        So please save us the bluster of how progressive the DLC was or is.

        Actually to answer conductrix frequent question too, of where was I in 2006—-I was living with undocumented workers.

      • glasscup says:

        First, Why do you deliberately ignore the facts when attacking Bennet, pretending he is some sort of evil guy. I remember that hyperbolic comment you made awhile back, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

        Second, Bennet’s explanation for those votes has been really clear. Not everything is as simple as a soundbite:

        Bennet, for his part, has sponsored legislation that aims to grant subpoena power to industry investigators and to lift liability caps for companies like BP. He and Democratic Sen. Mark Udall are among 61 senators who voted against the Sanders amendment.

        “Senators Bennet and Udall support holding big oil accountable, including wiping out tax giveaways to the industry, but this amendment missed the target,” the senators said in a joint statement to FOX31. “These tax breaks were not specifically geared toward big oil and did not recognize the importance of small independent producers of natural gas in the transition to the clean energy economy.”

        Had the amendment been crafted so that in a more targeted way so that only major oil companies like BP, Exxon and Shell were affected, Bennet’s vote might have been different, his staff said.

        And Bennet has been pretty outspoken and aggressive about holding BP accountable, far moreso than Andrew, actually. Probably because Andrew is too busy attacking another Democrat unfairly. Respected him for years, but I’m done with him. Maybe he’ll run a primary against Udall in 2014, since Udall’s votes on behalf of Colorado are so evil and all?

        • EmeraldKnight76 says:

          who I’m voting for. I came into the primary without all the baggage surrounding the appointment from CA. I absolutely admire Bennet for sticking to talking about HIS votes and HIS ideas and not attacking Romanoff about every single tiny detail. Lord knows Romanoff has given him reason enough.

          I do wish that Bennet would go more aggressive towards the Republicans but wonder if he can’t. I wouldn’t put it past Romanoff to wait until Bennet is distracted with Buck/Norton to blind side him. Would you?

        • StrykerK2 says:

          what’s your point?  He voted against people and for corporations.  It’s that simple.

          Is the fact that 61 senators voted against something enough to make it right?  No — it means there were 61 bad votes.  That simple.

  4. cologeek says:

    to be posting campaign ads without paying Pols for it?

  5. Jack Burden says:

    Love the idea, but poorly delivererd.  

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