The Colorado Springs Gazette is Very Silly

Last September, we took note in this space of a rather absurd editorial from the Colorado Springs Gazette which lambasted Colorado media outlets for not doing more to run with a story that very clearly was not a story unless you were a Republican political operative desperate for something to use to attack Democrat Jared Polis. The Springs Gazette editorial also took particular pains to bash 9News reporter/anchor Kyle Clark as a “liberal political activist” on account of the fact that Clark refused to report more on obviously-misleading claims against Polis; you’ll see why this is again relevant in a moment.

On Monday, the Gazette took another step toward firmly establishing itself as the Weekly World News of Colorado media outlets when it appropriated a landmark editorial from the Denver Post and applied it to State Sen. Pete Lee (D-Colorado Springs). About one month ago, the Post ran a stunning editorial retracting its 2014 endorsement of Republican Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate after Gardner’s indefensible flip-flop in support of President Trump’s “emergency declaration” for wall-building money. The Gazette took that idea from the Post and used it to form a poorly-worded retraction of its own endorsement of Lee last October. Let’s take a look, shall we?

The Gazette is apoplectic about Lee’s votes on a whole host of issues, from National Popular Vote legislation to Senate Bill 181, which it breathlessly proclaims will shuttle in the end of times in Colorado:

The measure threatens hundreds of thousands of good jobs and will almost certainly cause a long-term statewide recession.

“Almost certainly cause a long-term statewide recession.” That’s a bit much.

The Gazette also joins conservative Republicans who have completely lost their minds over a bill about sex education in Colorado:

Lee voted for a comprehensive statewide sex education bill that removes local control from decisions about sex education curricula. According to Lee, localities should hobble oil and gas production but have no say over their children’s education.

Um, yeah…that’s not what the sex ed bill does, but that was a neat segue!

The Gazette is predictably irritated about the passage of so-called “red flag” legislation, which generated this paragraph about how the newspaper can prove it is nevertheless not supportive of a recall election for Lee because another lawmaker read its editorial this one time:

One of our editorials against the bill reminded readers how District 11 voters recalled former Senate President John Morse for supporting unpopular gun laws. Lee responded by deliberately misrepresenting our editorial in a speech on the Senate floor. Though we have publicly — in writing — opposed recalls built on mere policy conflicts, Lee falsely accused us of “threatening” him with a recall. The written record shows we did no such thing. State Sen. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs, proved Lee’s misrepresentation by reading our editorial into the record.

The Gazette is here attempting to defend its March 19 editorial opposing the “red flag” legislation, which included this ominous language:

Today, Democratic Sen. Pete Lee represents District 11. The Gazette’s editorial board endorsed him, respecting his wisdom. We suspect he will use that wisdom to oppose Senate Bill 1177, avoiding a recall, [Pols emphasis] protecting his political future, and keeping District 11 a Democratic seat.

You really don’t need to read between the lines here.

In its un-endorsement of Lee on Monday, the Gazette also made sure to inexplicably attack media partner 9News once again. In discussing Lee’s initial support for House Bill 1030, the newspaper writes:

Democrat-friendly Channel 9 news anchor Kyle Clark texted confusion and surprise.

Even faux Democrat journalist Kyle Clark was baffled; that’s how you know it’s bad!

Let’s wrap this up and get to the Gazette’s conclusion, which is of course gramatically incorrect.

We cannot take it any more. The Gazette takes endorsements seriously, spending countless hours assessing the qualities of candidates, trying to make useful and informed recommendations. A large and growing body of evidence tells us we were wrong about Pete Lee.

“We cannot take it anymore.” One word, not two. The correct way to write this would be as follows:

We cannot take the Gazette editorial board seriously anymore. And neither should you.


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  1. PodestaEmails says:

    Pete Lee is fucked just like John Morse.

  2. gertie97 says:

    The Gazette has some take-no-bullshit reporters. It's a shame the editorial side is so screwed up.

  3. Curmudgeon says:

    You know, if the Gazette teamed up with the Daily Sentinel, they could start a media empire of spineless, sycophantic pseudo-journalism. 

    • gertie97 says:

      Actually, Curmy, given how few reporters the Sentinel still employs, it's not a bad paper. There's a new city editor and a new managing editor. I hope they can provide better leadership and kick reporters' asses when they need to. A couple of reporters have done some good work: exposing the school superintendent and clueless school board for an idiotic reorganization that did nothing beside raise executive payroll comes to mind.

  4. JohnInDenverJohnInDenver says:

    The Post's endorsement of Gardner was based on his appearance as a bipartisan leader, someone willing to stand against the extremes of a partisan caucus.  He hasn't. They

    So, if Pete Lee represented himself in the editorial meeting as opposing some bills and then wound up voting for them, or promised to vote against purely partisan legislation and then didn't, I think the paper might have room to reverse its support.  But I don't read anything here indicating he's changed.


  5. Genghis says:

    The Colorado Springs Gazette editorial board? The clowns who originally wet themselves with joy over Amendment 74 cuz "muh propitee rights"? THAT Colorado Spring Gazette editorial board?


  6. Also, they imply he's protecting child predators- in the #copolitics world that's called, "Pulling a Szabo."

    "Committee hearings are held to improve wording — not to kill bills that would protect children from sexual predation. This leaves us to wonder what special interests Lee was serving with his opposition to the bill."

  7. 2Jung2Die2Jung2Die says:

    It would be interesting to see how many times pearls of wisdom from the Gazette's editorial pages have been used as pull-out quotes in political ads and mailers.

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