Colorado Rallies To Save Obamacare While Cory Gardner Hides

A big protest in Denver was organized at noon today outside Sen. Cory Gardner’s offices on 17th Street, calling on Colorado’s junior Senator to back off his promises to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Photos via the Twitters:

And another healthy (pun intended) crowd at Gardner’s Greeley office:

But based on the response Gardner had for Sarah Kliff of Vox in Washington today:

It appears Sen. Gardner doesn’t know what to say! Like so many in his party struggling with a dogmatic vow to “repeal Obamacare,” regardless of what that would actually mean for their constituents, suddenly the reality of what Republicans have promised is now upon them.

And it makes them want to hide.

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  1. unnamed says:

    Is he hiding out, or in DC giving Jeff Sessions a well-deserved tongue-bath?

  2. ModeratusModeratus says:

    Professional protesters and union thugs. Stand up to them Cory!

    • Conserv. Head Banger says:

      How do you know the demonstrators were professional protestors and union thugs? Were you there to personally interview large numbers of them? Do you have an issue with citizens peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights?

      • unnamed says:

        Moddy and I only believe citizens should exercise First Amendment rights when it has to do with the important stuff.  Like when the Gubmint wants to take our guns away, when we are told by our patriots that we have to pay for other people's free stuff (the unimportant stuff like healthcare and education) and anything else we learn from the only true journalism source:  Fox News. 

        Am I right Moddy?

      • taterheaptom says:

        That's what it says on the sheet of talking points. 

        • taterheaptom says:

          Serious Question: Has Moddy ever posted anything demonstrating it is capable of independent thought? Doesn't it always just toss out some boiler plate reply that is at best tangentially related to the subject? Protest = union thugs; public lands = don't lock it up, Russian energy etc. 

          If it is human it does a damn fine job of flunking the Turning Test each opportunity it gets. 

    • unnamed says:

      I know.  No more free health care.  Cory and Trump need to make that clear.  Make the Government small.  Small enough to fit into our bedrooms!!!!   That's what is really important.  It isn't like there are 65 million Real Muricans that would disagree.

  3. doremi says:

    Comrade Moderatusky,

    Actually, my husband was there and he's a professional — a professional engineer (Colorado certified!).  He was looking comrade Trump, but couldn't find him.



  4. itlduso says:

    Good job!  We'll be doing the same to Coffman in the near future. 

  5. Powerful PearPowerful Pear says:

    Only 12 interruptions. I would have expected many more. Weak effort in support of 1st Amendment rights.

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