Irony Eludes George Brauchler in Silly Teaser Video

Screenshot image from George Brauchler’s “teaser” video on Facebook.

Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler has been hinting and hemming and hawing about making a run for higher office in Colorado for literally years now. Brauchler now appears to be close to actually running for statewide office in 2018…but he’s still going to screw around with the possibility for a few more weeks/months.

It has been widely assumed in Colorado political circles that Brauchler will seek the Republican nomination for Governor in 2018. Today, Brauchler posted a video on Facebook that appears to be a teaser for such a campaign. Enter, irony:

“Here in Colorado…we’re frustrated with weak elected officials that continue to dodge difficult decisions.”

Yes, that’s correct. The guy who can’t decide whether or not he will actually run for higher office is on a rampage about elected officials who “dodge difficult decisions.” The absurdity of Brauchler’s video was not lost on local political reporters:

For much of 2015, Colorado Republicans waited on Brauchler to announce that he would seek the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate in 2016. Brauchler spun himself in circles before  anticlimactically announcing that he was going to pass on the 2016 race, which made him look like a putz — even moreso than he already looked ridiculous — and set Colorado Republicans scrambling to find someone to challenge incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet.

Brauchler was certainly not the GOP’s top choice to run for Senate in 2016, but by the time he finally announced his decision, he was about the best option left for Republicans. Here’s what Brauchler had to say in late September 2015 after waffling for months over the idea of a Senate bid:

“I got pretty far down the field. I just couldn’t do it to my family.”

Now, let’s fast forward to November 2016. Less than 24 hours after Election Day, Brauchler took pains to suggest a potential bid for governor during an interview with a local radio station. Since that time, Brauchler has been trying to attract attention through some dunderheaded social media diatribes while refusing to actually say if he will or won’t run for governor. According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, Brauchler’s “George for DA” campaign committee was terminated on February 13, 2017, but as of today there is no filing for a gubernatorial campaign for Brauchler.

So, anyway, if you’re looking for a gubernatorial candidate who is willing to make the tough decisions…George Brauchler might eventually be your guy. If and when he decides to run, of course.

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  1. Voyageur says:

    Well, Heaven knows, no Democrat ever played Hamlet over a run for higher office.   Whai is this, National Slow News Day?

  2. notaskinnycook says:

    Well, this post seems to have kicked his sorry butt off the fence. Front page of the Post this morning: he's running for governor, to no one's surprise. 

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