“Blowhard Brauchler” Gets Called Out

Arapahoe County DA George Brauchler, often mentioned as a possible candidate for governor in 2018 despite a checkered history as a prosecutor, has earned a reputation for firing off half-cocked Tweets on a variety of political issues–often about polarizing subjects that have nothing to do with his job. Over the weekend, Brauchler sounded off about the controversy surrounding the appointment of blogger and Trump confidante Steve Bannon to the National Security Council:

Brauchler was complaining about former national security advisor Susan Rice, who (like a whole lot of folks on both sides of the aisle) is concerned about Bannon’s appointment to the NSC–which sends a signal that Trump’s politics are going to be inserted into life-and-death national security decisions. But Brauchler doesn’t have a substantive criticism here, just a potshot taken at President Obama’s NSC chief over an entirely unrelated (not to mention grossly overplayed) subject.

That attracted the attention of veteran local TV reporter John Ferrugia:

That’s right! Brauchler’s vacuous pontification done got interrupted by the facts of the matter. Which appears to have caught him a little tongue-tied:

But Ferrugia wasn’t buying it:

And with that, DA Brauchler appears to have clammed up!

Obviously, Brauchler doesn’t want to discuss why Bannon, a right-wing blogger with zero foreign policy experience, might be unqualified to serve at the highest level of the National Security Council. It’s much easier to recycle discredited years-old talk radio punchlines about the previous administration than to deal with the uncomfortable facts of what President Trump is, you know, actually doing right now.

But by the end of this exchange, Brauchler doesn’t seem all that qualified for big league politics himself.

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  1. Pseudonymous says:

    Brauchler needs to get a large dog and call Mitch Zelinger over to his house, stat!  He can't start flaming out like this until he's got all the pieces in place.

  2. Moderatus says:

    Benghazi helped Hillary lose. Who cares what some washed up PBS reporter thinks?

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