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October 20, 2016 12:40 PM UTC

Get More Smarter on Thursday (October 20)

  • by: Colorado Pols

Get More SmarterDonald Trump now says that he will accept the election results…so long as he wins the race. It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


Got ballot? Your 2016 ballot may be sitting in your mailbox at this very moment; election officials began mailing out ballots on Monday. For voting information or to check your registration, go to If you would prefer to vote at a polling place rather than via mail balloting, check here for your nearest polling location. Denver7 also includes a good list of election-related information. And one more thing: Don’t take selfies with your ballot, please.


The third and final Presidential debate took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday night and…well…at least it’s over now. You can find a list of debate “Winners and Losers” over at “The Fix,” but there’s really only one relevant story from last night. As the Washington Post reports:

Donald Trump’s defiant assault on the election’s integrity reverberated Thursday among his allies and rivals as the GOP campaign and Hillary Clinton’s inner circle argued over how best to face the outcome after the votes are counted.

Trump on Wednesday amplified one of the most explosive charges of his candidacy: that if he loses the election, he might consider the results illegitimate because the process is “rigged.”

Questioned directly as to whether he would accept the outcome should Democratic nominee Clinton prevail Nov. 8, Trump demurred. “I’ll keep you in suspense,” the Republican nominee said. [Pols emphasis] Clinton called Trump’s answer “horrifying,” saying he was “talking down our democracy.”

The morning after Donald Trump’s unprecedented statement that he may not concede the election, campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was spinning in circles:

In a separate interview on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends,” Conway said Trump has “been reading stories about irregularities. . . . So it’s not without basis.”

In other words, Conway says Trump is being influenced by news reports that the election might be rigged…stories which are almost entirely based on Trump’s OWN bombastic claims that the election might be rigged. Trump must be fascinated to be reading about this other Trump fella who is also running for President.

Just when you think Trump has reached rock bottom, he figures out a way to dig deeper.


The most pivotal debate of the 2016 election in Colorado takes place tonight when Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) and Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll square off for the last time in a 30-minute rhetorical battle on 9News (live at 7:00 pm). Coffman has bombed in the previous two debates between the two candidates, and he’s entering tonight’s contest on the heels of a disastrous interview with Kyle Clark of 9News.

Here’s a preview of tonight’s debate from 9News.


► Democratic Senate candidate Rachel Zenzinger (SD-19, Arvada) has filed a criminal complaint regarding ads that repeatedly claim she took a taxpayer-funded trip to China (this entire attack has been disputed repeatedly over the course of the last two years). We’ve called the so-called “China Girl” attacks “The Most Knowingly False Campaign Advertisement” of 2016, and local media outlets are starting to really push back on these claims. From Denver7:

On July 5, Denver7 PolitiFact checked the facts of a mailer from “Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government” that was sent in opposition of Zenzinger.

That mailer read, “Rachel Zenzinger voted to use taxpayer money on a trip to China…”

“While serving in the city council, Rachel Zenzinger voted to use tax dollars to take a taxpayer funded junket to China,” the mailer said.

Denver7 PolitiFact rated the mailer, “Pants on Fire,” the worst rating because the statement is not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim.

As we noted earlier, the latest mail piece using this attack actually cites Denver7 PolitiFact as a source of information about the “China Girl” attacks. It’s going to be difficult for “Colorado Citizens for Accountable Government” to prove that they didn’t know these attacks were false when they cite a major news outlet’s story that SAYS IT IS FALSE.

A Denver7 story last night confirmed that the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office is indeed looking into Zenzinger’s complaint.


Get even more smarter after the jump…



► Republican Nancy Doty is running against Democratic Rep. Daniel Kagan in one of the most competitive state senate races in the state (SD-26, Cherry Hills). Somewhat understandably, Doty is now trying to hide from the fact that she previously said she planned to vote for Donald Trump for President.


► So, uh, it would appear that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has too much time on his hands:

Cruz has already endorsed Glenn, but that was well before multiple polls showed Glenn losing to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet by at least 18 points.

It is particularly odd that Cruz would be coming to Colorado on Glenn’s behalf given that Glenn’s own campaign has basically stopped, well, campaigning. From John Frank of the Denver Post:

Glenn has no public campaign events listed on his calendar for the final three weeks. A campaign spokeswoman earlier confirmed there are no events to attend in coming days, but now says he is attending three events in three days.

It’s not clear why Glenn isn’t advertising his events or inviting the media to hear him speak — which raises questions about whether he’s even trying at this point given his huge deficit in the polls. Democratic rival Michael Bennet is launching a statewide bus tour Friday that he announced to the public.

Worst. Candidate. Ever.

Kyle Clark of 9News tries to understand what is happening with the Glenn campaign.


► According to a press release from the Hillary Clinton for President campaign, Governor John Hickenlooper dropped off his mail ballot this morning:

Today, Thursday, October 20, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper will drop off his ballot at the Denver Elections Division 24-Hour Ballot Drop Box and officially cast his vote early for Hillary Clinton. Hickenlooper will cast his vote for Clinton because of her commitment to bringing people together and building an economy that works for all Coloradans, not just those at the top — in contrast to Donald Trump, who is temperamentally unfit to hold our nation’s highest office.


Things are not going well for Rep. Mike Coffman. 


► Think your job is tough? Try teaching a high school civics class right now.


► Kudos to Peter Marcus of the Durango Herald for following up on this story about Darryl Glenn’s proposal to meet with Presidential candidate Donald Trump (hint: It ain’t happening).


► Republican Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence was campaigning in Durango on Wednesday. Whatever.


► This story about the “race” for Congress in CD-2 isn’t really all that important, but the headline is great: “Candidates for 2nd congressional seat differ on issues.”


► Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Durango) and Democratic challenger Gail Schwartz will face off in a CD-3 debate tonight. The Pueblo Chieftain has more details.


► The Republican candidate for Congress in CD-7, whose name we aren’t writing because we don’t want to bother checking the spelling, thinks that every ballot should be challenged in Colorado. 




► Donald Trump is proposing the creation of a new “American Desk.” Whatever you say, Your Hairness.

► Donald Trump may not win the race for President, but he’s not going away anytime soon. Get ready for the Trump television network.


► The Chicago Cubs are two games away from playing the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. That was as weird to write as it is to read.


Don’t forget to check out The Get More Smarter Show. You can also Get More Smarter by liking Colorado Pols on Facebook!


4 thoughts on “Get More Smarter on Thursday (October 20)

  1. I received 4 mail pieces against Amendment 72 yesterday alone. The tobacco companies are going all-out to defeat this. They'd prefer that youth keep chewing and smoking, and older folks continue wheezing and hacking up phlegm. As long as they can keep their market share.

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