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June 24, 2008 08:12 PM UTC

The HBA Weighs in on Crank-Rayburn Poll Controversy

  • by: gopstudent

( – promoted by Haners)

For Immediate Release                                         Contact:  Sarah Brittain Jack 719-213-9681

June 24, 2008                                                                      

Local Housing and Building Association Stands By Endorsements

Colorado Springs – The local Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs (HBA) today answered questions regarding their endorsements in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District race.

Kevin Walker, Chair of the HBA Political Action Committee stated “I would like to put to rest any speculation about our endorsement or non endorsement of Candidates in this race.  It is our greatest desire that this community should be represented in Washington DC by a person of character and a person that believes in the same values as those the Members of our Association share.  Those values include the thoughtful dissertation of the facts, a pro business’s, free market stance on the issues, and the ability to work with everyone in the community.  It was our belief from the beginning that both Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn fit those criteria.”  

Noting also the questions about a public opinion survey and an agreement between the candidates conducted by the HBA Walker said “we cooperated with both campaigns to develop a framework where a single candidate could emerge to face the incumbent.  Unfortunately, the implementation and the process for this effort were flawed so we agreed that the results of our efforts and the problems in its implementation invalidated any agreement that had previously been in place.”

“The HBA will be pleased to have either Mr. Rayburn or Mr. Crank in Washington DC representing the Pikes Peak Region.  Our Country is facing many challenges and we need strong and committed leadership from and for our community” Walker said.

They also announced that contrary to recent reporting the National Association has made no endorsements in this race.

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8 thoughts on “The HBA Weighs in on Crank-Rayburn Poll Controversy

    1. was an absolute hack-job.  It is a shame what passes for honest reporting these days.  It may as well have the ‘Paid for by the Committee to elect Jeff Crank’ box at the bottom.  This press release from the HBA should force Leslie to have to eat most of the garbage reported here.

      1. The only way to say that the story was a hack job would be because it presents the facts and the facts don’t make Rayburn look good.  Sorry, just because it wasn’t written with your side’s version of the facts doesn’t make it a hack job

        1. since it was devoid of the facts it is.  The release from the HBA is pretty clear on what happened.  At this point the only camp claiming otherwise is the Crank camp (big surprise).

          The Gazette and Politicker CO have both put out good blurbs on this.  Both of which are more trustworthy sources than the Statesman.  I just think that it is humorous that you Crank people take the Statesman as gospel, against the facts.

          1. I don’t think the Gazette is a trustworthy source, they are very pro-Doug (Lamborn or Bruce, take your pick).  So if you think they’re fair, you’re mistaken.

            I really don’t have an opinion on Politicker CO.

            However, your assertion that the Statesman was devoid of facts is ridiculous.  You either didn’t read it or you’re not happy with the facts presented.

            Lastly, you have unfairly characterized all Crank supporters based on my comments-even before you knew what my opinion of the article was other then me saying that I disagreed with your opinion.  Since you seem to care so much about “facts”, I would assume that you would want them before you characterize others.  Am I correct in that assumption?

            Or does your dislike for Crank cloud how you see things?

        2.  Haners, in most cases, you earn my respect for being fair and objective, despite the fact that you support a different candidate than I.  But you must admit that the Statesman was much more an editorial than an “article”.  You said yourself, “just because it wasn’t written with your side’s version of the facts…” that is exactly why I have a problem with it.  It was written with Philp’s version, not Rayburn’s, not the HBA’s, but was solely based on Team Crank’s, which is different than the corroborated version of both the HBA and General Rayburn.  

          1. I guess the reason why I don’t see it in that light is because I don’t think it was all that pro-Crank.  If anything, I felt that the article made Crank and Rayburn look like bickering babies while Lamborn got to sit back on his 51% (or 46%, depending on the stage of questioning).  So when GOPstudent says that is a hack job against Rayburn and for Crank, but it makes Lamborn look good, I have a hard time understanding that argument.

            I hope that by me saying that “just because it wasn’t written with your side’s version of the facts…” didn’t give off the impression that I thought it was written with my side’s version of the facts.

            1. In Wally Edge’s “Loser” Column

              The Colorado Statesman

              It’s hard to imagine a newspaper getting a story more wrong than the Statesman’s treatment of the Crank-Rayburn fiasco. That’s what happens when you print yesterday’s news next week

              Also mentioned among the “Losers”

              Jeff Crank

              Crank also came up loser this week when the Springs HBA issues a press release that essentially calls his version on the polling issue factually incorrect.

              To be completely fair, Crank also made it into both the winners column

              Jeff Crank

              Everyone knows Crank is Hefley’s guy and so this week Hefley announces it. Again. A winner, just barely…see below

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