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February 15, 2023 02:05 PM UTC

The Revolution Probably Won't Start Saturday

  • by: Colorado Pols

But we’re dutybound to advise potential visitors to the Colorado Capitol this coming Saturday at noon that some of the most hardcore of the hardcore nether-right conspiracy set will be out in…well, we can’t say for sure they’ll be out in force, but in some quantity:

As a general rule, when the stated goal of a protest in the United States of America is a “tribunal” you know you’re not dealing with serious individuals. But they are mad as hell about pretty much the entire canon of modern-day conspiracy theories, from COVID-19 to Pizzagate. We don’t speak conspiracy fluently, but we assume that’s what they mean by “bioweapons” and “pedophilia.” Lest you think this is just one-off crackpottery, the event in Denver is set to coincide with protests at noon allegedly set for all 50 states:

Now we have to see if the crowd lives up to the hype, which it usually does not. The usual warnings about mingling with large unvaccinated crowds apply, though if this latest protest follows the trend it will likely consist of half a dozen people complaining to each other about the pitiful turnout.

Just remember patriots, no open carrying in Denver. And when the revolution doesn’t start, go home quietly.


16 thoughts on “The Revolution Probably Won’t Start Saturday

    1. all ya get is a high pitched squeal that sounds like a tucker carlson lie…

      or I may need better tin foil…or a different design…hehehe…just kidding…my magat neighbor has the lauren boebert channel going full blast…

    1. We the people (who don’t get near enough crazzzzzzyfix from binge watching our Tucker Carlson recordings)???

      We the Edwardses???



  1. I never heard; does anyone know who drew the short straw for the SOTU? With things the way they are, I hope it was someone who could competently sweep up the shattered government and set about gluing it back together.

    Found it: It was Marty Walsh, Ssecretary of Labor.

    1. Sorry was busy today so you found it before I saw the question. I knew it was Walsh.

      Funny thing is it was exactly the same set up as the TV show "Designated Survivor": a Labor Secretary (Keifer Sutherland) who was on his way out of the administration was the Designated Survivor.

      On the TV show, the capitol was bombed during the SOTU, with no cabinet, SCOTUS, or Congressional leadership surviving. (a lone surviving congressman turned out not have been in the building at the time as originally thought). 

      A lot of crazy shit happened in the aftermath of the attack, and I thought at the time "that would never happen, the people wouldn't stand still for it." Then Trump got selected (but not elected) and I quickly learned yes, the people will stand still for almost anything.

  2. I got curious but was unable to find anything about the group or their platform or anything.  There's some social media stuff but it is self-referential and only generically promotes events.  They're "worldwide", but apparently have no business registration and no one works there or wants to be available to be contacted.

  3. I expect the FREEDOM RALLY will be outside the Capitol, in full view of security cameras, passing television station news trucks, and the One World satellites tracking those who oppose the globalist regime.

  4. This is the republican party.

    There is no difference between so-called normal and MAGA republicans and the sane Americans need to realize this before it is too damn late.

    The republican party is fascist and has been so for decades and they’re hell bent on turning America into a christian fascist state.

  5. Hmm, the National Governors meeting is today, but no mention of a "Freedom Rally" for D.C.  Fox 5, the local faux news station, showed up in the search (strange).  I did find there might be a truckers convoy – again.  They learned you cannot beat the Beltway.  Ah, these heady times of fools, idiots, and just plain off their rockers getting to do whatever they want. At least until they meet up with the rest of the world wanting to live their lives without hate and acrimony.

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