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August 22, 2022 01:05 PM UTC

Lauren Boebert: Imeach Everybody!

  • by: Colorado Pols

As most of our readers know, Colorado Republican Congressperson Lauren “Q*Bert” Boebert is not what you would call a particularly serious person.

Boebert spends most of her time Tweeting out juvenile insults and complaints about various Democrats and thirstily trying to get the attention of New York Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

When Boebert speaks on the House Floor, it is usually just to give her thumbs a break so that she can vomit out some other bit of inane nonsense until eventually someone has to cut off her microphone (which actually happened earlier this month).

Boebert has sponsored 39 different bills since first joining the House of Representatives in January 2021, many of them with silly titles such as “Fentanyl is a WMD Act,” the “Please Pay Attention to Me AOC” “Stop AOC Act” and the “We’re Not Paying You to Break Our Laws Act.”

But the one place where Lauren Boebert has REALLY excelled is in calling for the impeachment — and even the “imeachment” — of high-ranking elected or appointed officials. In her latest newsletter to constituents, Boebert brags about how she had the foresight nearly a year ago to suggest the impeachment of Attorney General Merrick Garland:

Attorney General Merrick Garland weaponized the FBI and raided President Trump’s home. This kind of outrageous stunt only happens in banana republics, not in the United States of America.

I was ahead on the issue, and in October, I co-sponsored Freedom Caucus Chairman Scott Perry’s articles of impeachment against Attorney General Merrick Garland for his politicization of the Justice Department. [Pols emphasis] After the FBI raided President Trump’s home, I co-sponsored additional articles of impeachment to finally stop Merrick Garland’s weaponization of the FBI and the Justice Department.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is a national disgrace. After the FBI raided President Trump’s home, he proudly took responsibility for authorizing the raid. He needs to be held accountable and impeached.

Boebert claims that she was a co-sponsor of Rep. Scott Perry’s articles of impeachment against Garland last October, but the Congressional record only lists Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs as a co-sponsor. Perhaps Boebert is mentioning this now because she is sad that her BFF Marjorie Taylor Greene got some recent press for filing her own articles of impeachment against Garland.

Anyway, Boebert’s newsletter got us thinking about just how many different people she has wanted to impeach during her first term in Congress. By our count, the number is at least six and perhaps as many as seven, depending on your definition of “calling for impeachment”:

♦ President Joe Biden

♦ Vice President Kamala Harris

♦ Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Attorney General Merrick Garland

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

♦ White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci

Boebert has also repeatedly called for the removal of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, though she seems to at least understand that Pelosi can’t actually be “impeached” (probably because Boebert has checked out that rule herself).

We’d ask how many times a Member of Congress can call for someone’s impeachment before they are no longer taken seriously, but that ship sailed for Boebert a LONG time ago.


14 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert: Imeach Everybody!

  1. Most of me says "let her try to imeach" because too frequent imeachment proposals will play very poorly in the larger court of public opinion, except among the hardcore OAN devotees. They'd be wastes of time for petty reasons.

    Nevertheless, this is a good reason for Ds and center/left unaffiliateds to fight to keep D control of the House, if only to make sure the votes are definitely not there to send junk imeachments over to the Senate. This means CO CD-8, by the way!

  2. 20 persons impeached by the House in the history of the institution (21 resolutions, since Trump was twice impeached).

    And Boebert believes 6 more ought to be added to the list?

    One more reason to stop Republicans from gaining the majority — it would unleash Lauren "Bim" Boebert. On the other hand, it would allow her to garner even more headlines in preparation for the 2024 election cycle when there could be a serious candidate to primary her AND a well-prepared Democrat for the general election.

    1. He is resigning. After almost 50 years in public service, leading the nation’s response on AIDS and Coronavirus,  and vile threats from followers of Boebert, Dr. Fauci is finally going to take some time off.

      1. Dr. Fauci is a fine man and a true, honorable, American. He deserves extra kudos for his resilience in the face of the truly awful attacks on him by the Orange Horde…none deserved.

        Thanks, Dr. Fauci, for your dedication and hard work.

  3. Oh, and love the photo attached to the piece!

    Fricksy and Fracksy look like they're baying at their keeper to throw them another dead mackerel.

    1. They look to me like their fellas took them on a date to a wrestling match and then climbed into the ring themselves. Tootsie and Empty G are cheering them on. 

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