Boebert Introduces Articles Of “Imeachment” Against Joe Biden

UPDATE 12:10PM: Fun while it lasted, the “imeachment” crisis has mercifully been ended.

UPDATE 12:05PM: It’s possible that Rep. Lauren Boebert’s staff is arguing right now over whether to delete and “look weak” or…you know, not look like complete idiots. That’s the only explanation we can come up with for why this painfully glaring typo is still live on Boebert’s website.

UPDATE 11:30AM: It’s in the permanent record now, folks. Quality control is dead.

UPDATE 11:25AM: Seriously, is this staff sabotage?

UPDATE 11:20AM: Still up.

UPDATE 11:15AM: Still up.

UPDATE 11:09AM: It’s still up.


As of 11:00am, it’s been up for some time now. No one has told her.

Or maybe “imeachment” is a thing, like “covfefe” or “morans!”

One thing we can say for sure is the solemnity of this moment is…less than exactly.

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  1. dustpuppy says:

    Imeach both!

    Good day ladies and gents..

  2. unnamed says:

    So, do we debate the meaning of "Imeach" like we did with "Covfefe"?

  3. MichaelBowman says:

    She reeks of desperation today. 

  4. RepealAndReplace says:

    Can they revoke her GED for this? 

  5. 2Jung2Die says:

    This might be intentional! From The Urban Dictionary:

    To meach is simply to urinate on someone else's crotch whilst they are asleep.

    "Damn it! Who meached me?"

  6. Moderatus says:

    Let he who has never committed a typo cast the first stone.

    That's not Colorado Pols for sure!

  7. COgator95 says:

    My 17 y/o Labrador is smarter than Q-Bert and it's not even a close call.

  8. itlduso says:

    To quote Brian Williams, “Perhaps you remember your first edible.”

  9. ElliotFladen says:

    This is silly.  She, or her staff, made a typo and didn’t catch it.  Whoop dee do. 

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Perhaps you should stop and consider the possibility that, maybe, you’re just not among the intended audience??? . . .

      And, anyway, it’s a joke, Elliot — rather appropriately befitting of the joke that she is, and the folks she’s surrounded herself with, in her recurring ineptitude, of which she seems so strangely and unbelievably proud, are.

      And, then to have it happen on a matter of such consequences, which she likely doesn’t and can’t even begin to understand any of (. . . the most obvious being, as her intellectual role model might opine, “How’s that ‘President Harris’ thingy workin” out for you, little dear?” . . .) and which undoubtedly she’s been planning for some time to begin announcing, well . . .

      . . . and the real punchline here is, that she is the pew-pew “where” that the GOP has been driving this country towards for over one half century, now!??

      (. . . BTW, if some one know-nothing, so utterly inept and unqualified for her own position, takes yet another way-out-in-left- field wacko stance that someone who isn’t deserves to be imeached, and then botches that glaringly, that seems to be a fairly resounding endorsement that there’s no reason whatsoever that they should?)

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