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August 11, 2022 10:50 AM UTC

Colorado Republicans Telegraph Terror Over Abortion Issue

  • by: Colorado Pols
Former militia leader and current Colorado GOP chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown

The Colorado Republican Party is well aware that the abortion rights issue is going to sink many of its candidates in 2022. Democrats continue to pick up ground in recent polling, in large part because overturning Roe v. Wade has pushed abortion rights to the top of the list of concerns for voters across the country.

Republican candidates up and down the ballot are on the record as being anti-choice, from Hiedi Heidi Ganahl (Governor) and John Kellner (Attorney General) to Congressional hopefuls Erik Aadland (CO-07) and Barbara Kirkmeyer (CO-08). The GOP nominee for U.S. Senate, Joe O’Dea, has been spinning his wheels for months on the issue after acknowledging that “personally, I am very pro-life.” Smart Republicans are doing everything they can to muddy the waters on abortion; just this week, former State GOP Chair Dick Wadhams was falsely telling The Denver Post that Kirkmeyer was not an “activist on abortion” despite her long record of working on anti-choice issues.

Republicans who are not as smart are trying their own dumb spin on the issue. Today the Colorado Republican Party issued a very weird press release about a new endorsement for Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet that demonstrates again just how terrified they are about the abortion issue:

Via the Colorado Republican Party


The Colorado GOP is attacking Bennet’s endorsement from Planned Parenthood Action Fund by claiming that the group is “known for their public statements in support of ‘Defunding the Police.'”

Really? THAT’S what Planned Parenthood is known for?

Republicans are so frightened of the abortion issue that the State Party issued a 300-word press release about Planned Parenthood that literally never mentions the word “abortion” (click here to read the entire press release). Not once.

It’s true that Planned Parenthood Action Fund has supported efforts that were unfortunately labeled as “Defund the Police,” but it’s silly to claim that this is what the group is “known for.” That’s like saying the Colorado GOP is known to support domestic terrorism…no, wait, that’s a bad example.

This is like saying the National Rifle Association is known for its support of school vouchers. We don’t actually know if the NRA has backed school vouchers on a regular basis, but the point is that NOBODY thinks about the NRA as anything but a gun rights organization. Likewise, NOBODY thinks of Planned Parenthood as anything other than a group dedicated to providing reproductive health care and protecting abortion rights.

For some reason, this press release also makes sure to point out that Democrats Jason Crow, Brittany Pettersen, and Yadira Caraveo also have the backing of Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Why Colorado Republicans are helping to spread the word on this is not a question we can adequately answer.

It’s amusing that the Colorado GOP thinks this too clever by half “defund the police” spin is going to work on anyone who isn’t named Dan Caplis. If Republicans don’t want to talk about the fact that a pro-choice organization is backing Democratic candidates, they’d have been better off just not mentioning it altogether.


10 thoughts on “Colorado Republicans Telegraph Terror Over Abortion Issue

  1. The leadership of the Colorado Republican Party is grossly out-of-step with many rank and file Republicans. One need look no further than the results of the four personhood and anti-abortion ballot initiatives occurring in Colorado since 2008. All of those lost by landslide margins, meaning that many Republicans voted against them.

    Kristi Burton Brown and her cronies are all for inserting big government and big religion in our bedrooms.

    1. "One need look no further than the results of the four personhood and anti-abortion ballot initiatives occurring in Colorado since 2008"

      But by their "logic", if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, eventually you get a better result.

      Or at least get to fundraise off it along the way.

    1. Don’t forget the leading anti-cop Squadist, Ilhan Omar, came within 2 points of losing her seat to a moderate Democrat in the primary.  Don’t think you’ll hear much more of that stupidity.

      1. "Don’t think you hear much more of that stupidity."

        Only from Cori Bush. AOC and the other three know it is counter-productive and wisely clammed up about it. Pelosi has reportedly tried to counsel Bush about the folly of taking that position.

    2. No, Cook, they will say that that is different ….

      In MAGA minds, the local police (Bull Connor, Frank Rizzo, and the constitutional sheriffs) are all that in the way of the loss of Merka. But the FBI is part of the Deep State and has been corrupted by the Democrat Party to do its bidding.

      My husband and I are in the boondocks of South Carolina this week for a family reunion. And several of the family members are dyed-in-the-wool MAGA idiots.

      It will be an interesting six days angry

        1. We've seen several Trump flags flying on the back of pickup trucks. We are staying just outside Columbia which is not so bad. 

          What a political legacy this state has:  Andrew Jackson (who wasn't really from here but sort of claimed to be), John C. Calhoun, Strom Thurmond, Fritz Hollings, Mark Sanford, and Lady G.

          It is said that Argentina is proof that evolution runs in both directions. I think the same applies to South Carolina. 

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