Colorado Republicans Can’t Get A Little Bit Militia

United American Defense Force (UADF).

Colorado GOP chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown.

Erik Maulbetch of the Colorado Times Recorder reported earlier this week about a presentation by Colorado Republican Party vice-chairwoman Priscilla Rahn to the infamous local far-right organizing group FEC United–founded by election conspiracy theorist Joe Oltmann and featuring its own armed militia wing calling itself the United American Defense Force (UADF). The full story is here and worth reading, but we wanted to take a moment to focus on the response by vice-chair Rahn when questioned about her decision to present on any subject before the state’s leading armed militia group:

“Being new to this position, I’m trying to build relationships with people and groups- I talk to everybody, or at least I try to,” said Rahn. “As a woman of color who’s a full-time teacher, I’ve been asked to talk often about schools and CRT by many different groups. I go where I’m invited. So it hurt me to be associated with something some people consider negative.” [Pols emphasis]

The thing is, if Priscilla Rahn wanted to know why FEC United and UADF are “considered negative” before she decided to speak at their event about the horrors of teaching children that racism is a thing, she didn’t have to go far. Last month, court documents revealed that Rahn’s boss and Colorado Republican Party chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown was herself the President of FEC United during its formative period. Burton issued a nervous statement the next morning to the Colorado Sun stating the “only priorities” she shared with FEC despite serving as president of the organization are “choice in schools and helping Colorado small businesses to reopen.” We assume this means “no” on the question of UADF starting a civil war over the 2020 elections, but KBB was not specific.

In short, the vice-chair of the Colorado Republican Party just re-legitimized an armed militia group the chair of the same party was obliged to disavow a few weeks previously. Either there’s a serious lack of discipline in the Colorado GOP’s senior leadership, or it’s time to accept FEC United/UADF at their current face value: as the beating heart of today’s Republican Party.

If that’s wrong, it’s necessary for all the party’s leadership to say so. Together.

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  1. MichaelBowman says:

    Speaking of militia, Rittenhouse’s own attorneys are asking for a mistrial now? Doesn’t this mean it’ll be heard again by another judge (who, ideally, isn’t clinically insane)?

    • Early Worm says:

      The defense requested mistrial with prejudice. If granted, the charged could not be brought again. If the judge were to grant a mistrial without prejudice, which no one has requested, the case would still be before the same judge.

      My guess is he does not grant the mistrial while the jury is deliberating. If they come back not guilty, mistrial is moot. If the jury is hung, he can grant a mistrial (or not). If there are guilty verdicts that he disagrees with, and he hasn't ruled yet, he could grant the mistrial and toss the verdicts. It is unusual, but it does happen.


      • Highlands Ranch says:

        Yeah.  That is spot on.  But they also asked for another mistrial (without prejudice) for not being provided the enhanced drone video that the jury requested to see again (which apparently showed Rittenhouse pointing his weapon at Rosenbaum before the video catching Rosenbaum chasing Rittenhouse).  That could really change the dynamics on his self-defense claim.  Apparently the prosecution didn't receive it until the trial started and immediately sent it to the defense, but it was inadvertently compressed in transmission so the resolution was not as good for the defense.  Think that one will have less traction than the other one which was based on the prosecution alluding to Rittenhouse's 5th Amendment right to remain silent, which every judge would have a fit about.  But since Rittenhouse took the stand, I would think it would be far less of an issue.

    • Diogenesdemar says:

      “I’m helping.”

      “I’m a militia.”

      . . . Is it Ralph Wiggum or is it Kyle Rittenhouse?

  2. COgator95 says:

    In that picture all I see is a group of white domestic terrorists.

    Every governor should start cracking down on these illegal private militias before they get too far out of hand.

  3. unnamed says:

    Where is Moderanus in that picture?

  4. JohnInDenver says:

    The spam article de jour made me wonder …. was it a continuation of comment on the manly men in the photo with all their "enhancements"?

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    by: britneylind2

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