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January 18, 2022 12:45 PM UTC

Down The Rabbit Hole With Rep. Ron Hanks

  • by: Colorado Pols

UPDATE: Ron Hanks is the center of gravity in the Republican race for U.S. Senate, and it’s not just our opinion:


Today, the Colorado General Assembly is debating and set to eventually pass a joint resolution urging the U.S. Congress to adopt comprehensive voting rights legislation:

WHEREAS, Falsehoods and conspiracies regarding the integrity 23 of the 2020 election have run rampant in our media and public discourse; and

WHEREAS, The months-long, coordinated attempt to interfere with the democratic process following the November 2020 election and prevent the peaceful transfer of power by overturning the legitimate results of the presidential election, which culminated at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, serves as a violent reminder of the fragility of our democracy… [Pols emphasis]

Now wait just a dang minute, says GOP House Minority Leader Hugh McKean in a statement:

In an epic waste of everyone’s time, Colorado Democrats are relitigating the 2020 election – yet again – attempting to bitterly divide the House chamber just days after we celebrated the accomplishments and memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The last election results are settled… [Pols emphasis]

“Settled?” That will come as news to former President Donald Trump, as well as the solid majority of McKean’s fellow Republicans who believe despite a lack of any evidence that the 2020 elections were decided unfairly and are ready to see them overturned even now. Trump’s political machine keeps zealous track of the opinions expressed by Republicans at every level of government and the party apparatus, so we wouldn’t be surprised if McKean finds himself having to explain his views in the woodshed very soon.

And if there was any doubt that McKean does not speak for Republicans on what has become the defining litmus test question of the era for that party, leading Republican U.S. Senate candidate, freshman state representative, and proud January 6th protest participant Ron Hanks blew it up like a misbehaving voting machine.


Who says the last election results are “settled?” Not this guy:

HANKS: The, the systems we have are not secure. The chips are made overseas. They are built with wireless modem connections in them. This is not a gold standard. This is a recipe for disaster, an intrusion by foreign powers. They’re built in China, who do you think it might be in this situation.

We have multiple lines of effort, this is coming from a military officer here again retired, who had 32 years of military intelligence experience, we have multiple lines of effort, from the communist Chinese party, to undercut this nation.

They’re doing it through supply lines. They could very likely be doing it through (pause) weaponized bio-agents. This is the easiest way to turn a country and to take it over. They don’t even have to buy a box of ammunition. [Pols emphasis]

And, truth to tell, that’s a, uh famous famous statement from Sun Tzu, a famous Chinese general from many centuries ago that you’ll just turn a country by the easiest softest means possible. Ladies and gentlemen I think we have a problem, I appreciate uh the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, may I be so bold as to say he might very well say we have a problem too. I ask for your support of Amendment L.005. Thank you.

There you have it, folks! A “unified field theory” of conspiracy that brings all the disparate pieces together: global supply chain and shipping backlogs, Dominion Voting Systems, and the big one–the “weaponized bio agent” the rest of us know as COVID-19–all part of a grand nefarious plot by communist China to destroy (or at least seriously screw with) the U S of A. You might think it’s crazy, but for millions of dogmatic diehard MAGA Republicans it fits perfectly with the narrative they’ve been hearing from the beginning of the pandemic. To watch Rep. Hanks lay it all out succinctly helps us in the reality-based community understand how so many fellow Americans came to believe something so outlandish.

Hugh McKean may not like it, in fact we’re sure he doesn’t–but Ron Hanks, who won the straw poll at a U.S. Senate forum in Monument last weekend, is the candidate who speaks for a majority of Republicans today. If you’re a Republican and that scares you, the only thing we can say is that denial of this reality won’t change it.


6 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole With Rep. Ron Hanks

  1. Hearing Hanks talk worries me. He sound like your crazy relative, but also slowly and plainly. Like it or not, a lot of voters esp. older voters will be receptive to his style.

  2. The House GOP promoted an amendment to HR1022, the “Pass the voting righrs bill already.” The amendment congratulates Loren (Ron) Hanks for being at insurrection Jan 6 and “millions” like him.

    16 Republicans voted for it. Hanks abstained.

    Two-thirds of the Colorado House GOP voted to approve an amendment thanking Rep. Ron Hanks, who was in DC on Jan. 6, and “millions of other Americans” who were there with him.

    — Alex Burness (@alex_burness) January 18, 2022

    1. Folks, if you don't believe the crazies are ready to take up arms against the rest of us, you aren't paying attention. The GOP has quickly moved past trying to minimize the Jan 6th seditious conspiracy (it was just a typical day of tourists), and are now celebrating the attack on the US Capitol and the threats to kill Pence and Pelosi. And do you suppose Loren played more of a role in the conspiracy than he has been willing to talk about? Otherwise, why an amendment thanking him and not any of the other "millions" who were there? You heard it here first: Hanks was following the guidance – or perhaps orders – of one of the seditious groups, or perhaps someone in Trump's circle. He wants to be a member of the US Senate at the time of the next attempt to overthrow our government. 

      1. Just for the record, I said in a post on March 9th, 2015…”this seems like sedition to me”. It was about the time Lindsey Graham said if he were president, he would send the Army to attack congress.

        We didn’t even start talking about Trump until  July, as I recall.

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